Wednesday, December 31

- Last day 2oo8-

Went out with Sun and Huan to makan. Ate pastamania for dinner! While eating, had random chatting with our current lives. Ordered meatballs pasta and passion fruit soda and it tasted reasonably nice! Not to forget my favourite hawaiian pizza! Enjoyed the company with them!

Thursday, December 25


Sending the warmest Christmas wishes to readers out there. May God shower his choicest blessings on you and your family this Christmas.

Finally I'm done with it! It's over!

Saturday, December 20

- Being Nice -

Theoretically, we are taught to treat people around you nice. However, it does not pay doing so at times. When you are nice, people tend to take advantages of your kindness or take things for granted. Most will not appreciate and tend to think that you are weak and easily step down.

Thus, does it pay being nice?

Something I ponder.

Monday, December 8

- 黑糖群侠传
The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries -

Just finished watching it. I feel that this drama was rather humorous and unexpected which make me look forward to each episode. A show which tells me that nothing compares to kinship and friendship. Overall, it's NICE! Though I wish that Jian Ning and Liu Xiang will be together.

It make me realise that having authority do not actually make one feel happy or very great. It applies to us living in this society. Majority wants to have the power and authority which turn out causing harm to their close ones.

For me, I certainly have my own targets and goals in life. However, "contented", "healthy" and "happy" will be on my mind, reminding me to stay on that way.

How good if everyone is contented without jealously/hatred whenever someone managed to achieve better results. How possible is that to happen? I doubt it will because humans are still humans.

Saturday, November 29

- Updates -

Attended Shida's and her hubby wedding last sunday. Went there together with Ivan and Siang. Upon arrival, saw Tiffany and Candice. It's been very long time since we keep ourselves update. Thus, loads of it was going on and on. After which, went TM with Siang and Ivan to looking for certain stuff. Will upload the pics when it's sent to me. Went IT fair with Sun, it was pretty crowded. Got the gadgets we wanted. =)

Finally, got myself a digital camera. =)

Saturday, November 22

God's Will

I met God's Will on a Halloween night
He was dressed as a bag of leaves
It hid the braces on his legs at first

His smile was as bright as the August sun
When he looked at me
As he struggled down the driveway, it almost
Made me hurt

Will don't walk too good
Will don't talk too good
He won't do the things that the other kids do,
In our neighborhood

I've been searchin', wonderin', thinkin'
Lost and lookin' all my life
I've been wounded, jaded, loved and hated
I've wrestled wrong and right
He was a boy without a father
And his mother's miracle
I've been readin', writin', prayin', fightin'
I guess I would be still
Yeah, that was until
I knew God's Will

Will's mom had to work two jobs
We'd watch him when she had to work late
And we'd all laugh like I hadn't laughed
Since I don't know when

Hey Jude was his favorite song
At dinner he'd ask to pray
And then he'd pray for everybody in the world but him


Before they moved to California
His mother said, they didn't think he'd live
And she said each day that I have him, well it's just
another gift
And I never got to tell her, that the boy
Showed me the truth
In crayon red, on notebook paper, he'd written
Me and God love you

I've been searchin', prayin', wounded, jaded
I guess I would be still
Yeah that was until...
I met God's Will on a Halloween night
He was dressed as a bag of leaves

Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. "JESUS SAVES"... God Bless...

Sunday, November 16

- A day out -

Had breakfast with ZhiQiang at long john sliver yesterday. Spent some time to shop around the area. After which, went to find Jw and treated him lunch for his birthday. Saw Keely! and she still looking cute as usual. Did some window shopping after lunch. Offers going on at most stores but the discounted items did not capture my attention.

It's really been a while! I have achieved and received it .

Friday, November 14

-Music Review -

Genie's lastest album is out! Previewed her songs and think its NICE! Most songs were catchy and memorable! A sweet and adorable singer which I feel that have great potential. hmm. I seems to like singers who has lesser popularity. For me, I think it's more about the overall package than being the followers among the crowd.

Ratings: ****

Credits: Youtube, baidu, tudou

Sunday, November 9

- Birthday Celebration -

Had dinner at Wongkok Char Chan Teng to celebrate brother birthday. The food and style is similar to xing wang hongkong cafe. I ordered western hotplate set which includes fruit juice, garlic bread and soup which cost only $13.90. The other food and drinks ordered tasted reasonably nice too. As compared to xing wang hongkong cafe, I will recommend this restaurant on their concepts which will capture customers attention. Hopefully, he enjoyed the company. Happy Advance Birthday!

Sunday, November 2

- Aspect of Humans -

The things I used to enjoy seems nothing to me now. It seems to fade each time I get contact with it. The interest is there without me concentrating. Been thinking loads of things. Wonder and ponder exactly why being a human can be miserable and sad at times.

Things do not always come in your way. However, it might not be this case. There will be ups and downs throughout your journey in life. How nice if everyone can be happy and satisfy with who they are. Contented will be the word to use here.

Is money and fame really that important? I know it is important in one or another aspect but why do some take it so serious that harm family and people out there.

Something I tend to think about. Anyways, it's beyond our control because no matter how great the person is, he is still a human. To conclude, that's human nature.

WooHooo! It's been about a month plus since I won. Finally!

Friday, October 31

- Random Thoughts -

Sometimes, I felt tired.
Really tired.
Nothing I do could please anyone.
Is it possible in the first place?
I doubt so.
A quiet and peace environment
will be really good at this every moment.

In short,
I cannot please every single one out there.
Let it be.
Do it right and be myself.
That's the way to GO!

Saturday, October 18

- Break-Time -

Since I cannot reveal my training and life in HTA.

I have nothing much better to blog about at the moment.

Thus, i'm having a break, enjoying kit kat.

Will keep you guys posted soon!

Take care!

Tuesday, September 30

- Bookout Day! -

Woo! Bookout day! Due to public holiday. As usual, it's a happy day for ALL trainees! Went to see MO today due to my terrible cough. Thus, have one day of LD. Hopefully, I can recover fast from it.

Trainings today was kinda tough. Even though I did not do most of it, I get to feel the shiongness our intake facing. While watching them, I wonder why must we go through all this?! It's not like we did something very wrong.

The sweat, pain and tiredness can be seen from their faces. I bet I look as terrible as them while training. Most trainees suffered from cough and fever, spreading it around. Some who got it did not report because they did not dare to do so. Enough complaining. It's a choiceless thing that a guy need to face.

Sunday, September 28

- Outing -

Went out with Xian for dinner and movie. We had our dinner at xin wang hongkong cafe. Did random chatting about our current lives and get to know more about each other. After which, decided to catch a movie. Initally, we planned to watch Mama mia but the seating was not good for us. Thus, decided to watch Disaster Movie. Lame and funny. Hope I did not make a fool out of myself just now. More catching up to do next time!

Saturday, September 27

- 3rd week in HTA -

I wonder if time passes fast? Think about it, I've been enlisted to HTA 3 weeks. Just another week, it will be a month! 3 months more to POP. Life inside really kinda sucky and sianzation at times. However, there were time we had fun as well.

Last week, time-table was already given, this time round beside our pysical trainings, we got other stuff such as swimming and dojo. 2 swimming instructors are really strict. I have not attend the dojo as I was on LD (1 day) and MC (1 day). Oh my! Strict FI and SI.

You can find each different characteristics in our aquad. And for sure, there will be politics at times which is worst where you find it while working or schooling. Last week, most of us fall ill due to tough trainings resulting loads of MCs and LD. Some who fall ill did not report sick but still continue the training.

Doing push-ups almost everyday. Think it can be up to 200 a day whenever if one makes mistakes. Everyone will start to blame that poor person. For me, I think its okay because, who never make mistakes before. What if you are the one who was told to do drill command? The pressure will sure be there. Need to really spend time learning those drill commands if I kena to be the person.

I always appreciate all my IC(in charge), the things they done for us. Thus, if anything happens, I will not blame them. It's NOT easy to be one. Now, I really get the meaning of "ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE".

For now, I feel that it's getting nowhere better. Hopefully, when the fit squad come in, we can slacken alittle more. There's many more to write but it will be damn long post. Will just stop here....

Sunday, September 21

- Elva Hsiao Events -

Yesterday night, Elva's showcase concert was quite a good but not as I expected. I feel that the one held in taiwan was much better. Her live singing was still up to my expectation. However, she cannot really hit certain high notes. I realised she always give her fans sing when there's high notes for zhui shou xi de mo sheng ren. As a whole, it's great!


Today, before going to her autograph session, I went TTSH for checkup. It took quite long and everything ended around 2 hours. Got 2 days MCs. Will be booking in tomorrow night. At that time, I knew that I'm late for Elva's autograph session.

Lucky, the session started late. Though I did not see her performance on stage; I managed to be almost the last one to chiong up stage to let her sign. Thanks Danny for informing me about the queue, letting me know that I have to really rush.

Phew~ I brought the lastest album including her previous one and she sign every single one I brought. =) She look damn pretty close-up! Friendly!

Credits: chrisljh (clubsnap), Cornflict & ourvoicebox(youtube)

Friday, September 19

- Updates -

Last weekend, went out with Gary & Jing to have pizza hut! Been craving for that after my walk out that day. We ordered Pizza Hawaii couple meal. To my suprise, Jing do not know how to eat pizza. Felt kinda guilty for that. We ordered many food. Eat till damn full! Shiok sia! After which, went buying some stuff for my PA.

Went outing with e35D gang today, chill at breeks cafe. First time been to the restaurant, I find the desert reasonably nice. Had browie ice-cream as I had dinner at home. Random chatting about our current lifes. Felt that everyone is busy doing their own stuff. All the best in everything we do!

2nd week in HTA is quite alright. Think I can adapt to the place there. Cannot stand the push-up thingy during PT at times. FI is damn strict and I find that its something good and bad. I will put other comments in my heart about him. hiz. Did drill for the week as well. Thus far, I roughly knew the drill command. Hope to learn and catch up fast. IPPT next wednesday. I doubt I can pass but I will just compete it.

No time to waste! Outing tommorrow again! WEE!

Friday, September 12

- Life in HTA -

I'm back! Damn lucky! All thanks to the muslim, it was fasting month. Thus, no confinment! These few days were rather tiring, enjoyable and memorable.

Tiring - Hated the pysical training most. Especially doing repeating sets of excerise again and again. That's damn freaking tiring can! The food tasted so badly and still, we only have about 15 mins to eat and get ready to the fall in.

That includes the queue for food and clearing it away. In exact total, we only have 5min - 7mins to eat our food. No time can! Give so many rice and food but only 5 mins. Eat what? shit is it? hahaha. I also kena caught for resting on the bed during training hours. And guess what? Heard that my FI (field instructor) was the strictest among the others. For me, I feel that he's equally same except that he can really shout and I mean SHOUT!

Enjoyable - The one where we were in air-con room. Damn shiok la. Even felt like sleeping there. Besides that, I feel that one of the FI was a better person in the room. He's more strict during PT can. There was so much jokes and laughter throughout the time we had there. Had nice chatting with my squard/barrack mates as well. And ya! Sopri, Riwan and Kelvin - same intake as me.

Monday, September 8

- Random Entry -

Today will be the very last day to enjoy before entering to police academy. Spent the day with Danny and friend. Kbox and arcade really made my day. I believe I will experience lotsa different stuff when I'm inside. The feeling I had currrently - lost, nervous and sad. Hopefully, everything turns out well.

Thanks those who encourage me for my stay in police academy. Appreciated =)

Take care everyone!

Sunday, September 7

- Just another day -

Last min outing with Gary and Ah Jie. As usual, went to grab something at Xing Wang cafe. Seems to be our favourite restaurant. Chatted randomly. After which, went shopping around the area. Think it will be hard to meet up in future because he has a girlfriend while I will be in camp training.

Anyway, went to visit relative new house. Their children all have already grown up while parents ageing. Oh my! Time just goes round and round without us noticing how fast it is. Tomorrow will be last day to enjoy before I enter the next phase of life.

Saturday, September 6

- Feeling -

Just wish that I could have friends who show sincererity.

Am I asking too much?

Not going to elaborate.

BUT . . .

S i a n z a t i o n & D i s a p p o i n t m e n t

the exact feeling while pinning down my thoughts.

Thursday, September 4

- Updates -

Recently, spent some time running, doing pushup, sit up and bought some essential stuff for preparation to PA. Not to forget going out with friends to relax before entering to a choiceless chalet. Time really files like nobody business. Think about it, it was about 3 months since some friends of mine went to serve the nation. 5 days later, it will be my turn to do that. A place which will teach me to be independent, becoming even a better person.

Monday, September 1

- Death Race -

Went to watch it with Ah Wei today. The show was average though the ending was rather unexpected to me. Nice racing and twising of story. It was similar to doomsday. Before that, went arcade to play, aim and shoot from the basketball machine. Was rather tiring yet fun. After which, went to grab food from xing wang hong kong cafe. Then, headed to TM to settle his handphone stuff. Took a long time waiting for his turn. Think they require more staff in order to make things done in a more organize manner.

Saturday, August 30

- Just Another Day -

Won in a contest for designing idol wallpaper. My piece was in 2nd position! It based on judges views instead of voting. Went to collect the prizes but it was not attractive! Anyway, I did it for fun thus the prize do not really matter to me.

The one which I won:

Check out the others I designed at:

Thursday, August 28

- Comex IT Fair -

Went to IT fair with Danny and friend. It was so crowded, like weekends to me. Browse through things which interest us. Took some flyers of digital cameras but never pay full attention to it. Still thinking whether to get a normal or professional one. After which, went to grab something and chatted randomly. Their conversation were always so funny which made me laugh.

Anyway, stopped work on tuesday. It's time for me to pack my stuff, and be physically and mentally prepared for NS in PA.

Tuesday, August 26

- 3 Faced Elva
三面夏娃 -

After few months of waiting, Elva CD + DVD edition is finally out! I bought it yesterday and only to realise that the singapore version comes with her showcase concert for the album. -_-". The one I bought was actually the Taiwan version. I will still buy the Singapore version when its out for the sake of her showcase concert!

I think she has been improving tremendously from past albums. Most songs are catchy and memorable! Not only her hit songs are nice. In fact, some felt that other songs were nicer. A singer who has the overall package! Be it slow or fast songs, she's able to cope well with her unique voice. A great dancer as well!

I wonder why she's not damn popular in Singapore as compared to China, HongKong and Taiwan. Anyway, I feel that her talent will be seen by Singaporeans in near future.

Go grab yours! You will not regret it! Get the Singapore edition if you want to go for her showcase concert.

Sunday, August 24

- Music Charts -

This week, Elva did well with two songs in yes933 and ufm - I'll be there and Chong Dong. For yes933 - I'll be there maintain top 5 even having 10 weeks in the chart. Chong Dong just entered the chart this week with 16th position which is commendable.

For ufm - Chong Dong maintain top 3 having 7 weeks in the chart. Last week, the song got 1st!

As compared to the past, I think there's improvement!

Credits: Elva Singapore

Wednesday, August 20

- A Day Out -

Went K-lunch with Dai Nai today. As usual, we were rather high. Most songs we sang were new released. I get to sing my favourite idol new songs! Elva, Wilber and Rynn. Not to forget Genie,Kenji, S.H.E. It's pretty hard to get Dai Nai to praise people because he has high expectation . He said I did very well for Wilber song (Zhuan Ji) =).

I think I did well for Ambrose one as compared to the past. He sang very well for the Li Shen Jie one. After which, we went eating and shopping around the centre. He bought Xiao Zhu DVD concert which he thought was cheap. After walking around, realised that the one he bought was actually the most expensive one. -_-"

Sunday, August 17

- BeiJing Olympic Games 2008 -

Watched the table tennis - women team gold medal contest. It's a match between China and Singapore. It's rare because its 48 years ago since we managed to clinched a medal. A pretty exciting game. China did well in analyzing their opponent weak point to defeat them. Anyway, a small country like singapore who made it so far is already commendable.

Though Singapore did not get the gold medal but they have certainly done us proud.

Credits: Team Singapore

Saturday, August 16

- Concerts -

Recently, had the chance to watch Wilber Pan, Nicholas Teo and Angela Zhang DVD concert.

Nicholas really wow me with his singing but his costume was rather simple and ragged. I still watched it although I went for the one held in singapore. Love most of his sentimental songs. Great compliation!

Wilber one rocks too! His costume suits him pretty well. He's a great rapper and dancer. Still, I love listening to his slow songs. After watching the preparation of the concert, I realised the effort he put forth for it. A few minutes performance required loads of practice.

Angela one was rather normal. Most of her costume do not really suit her well. There's not much of excitement or climax. I think that's because most of my favourite hits were not included in it. However, she did tip tap dance which I find it interesting.

Tuesday, August 12

- My Birthday -

Danny celebrated my birthday yesterday. He treated me pastamania - hawaiian pizza and bubble tea. Zhi Qiang wanted to celebrate with me late tonight but I rejected because I do not want him to rush from of his workplace. I'm happy that he got the heart to do so. Thanks for the well wishes from friends. Appreciated. =)

Mum asked me what in mind I want to eat. I replied saying that I'm fine with this and that. Finally, we decided to order KFC - Super Tuesday. Though its a simple meal but I'm happy with it.

I feel that my age is catching up real fast. Think I need to plan my future well. It's still so unknown ahead. Must be decisive and firm in what I really want to do. Most importantly, do the things I want and not easily influence by others.


Monday, August 11

- Dove Shower Ok! -

My brother and his junior went to join the contest.
They were rather funny in it.

Each person can vote up to 10 votes in total.
Thus, use it ALL to vote for Sixteen!

Register and vote and you could win an Apple ipod Touch!

Sunday, August 10

- Working day -

As usual, when to work today. Ever since I'm back working there, today was one busy day I had experience in past before. Reasons due to a sunday and Jam's Hsiao signature session.

When I reached there, danny went to the toilet (do business) leaving me alone in the store. After awhile, customers came in. Oh my! most of them bought Jam's album till I do price change till sians since its sold at cheaper price. When he's back, he praise me for the good sales and I told him most came to buy Jam's CD. How i wish elva's album can have such performances everyday. =p

In order to boost sales, we keep on repeating his song till the start of the signature session. Most bought the CD + DVD edition leaving the CD version rot there can. For me, I will buy the CD + DVD version for sure. 2 CD and 1 DVD le.

Bought donuts from donut factory for dinner, 12 in a box. shared it with danny. Oh my! I could not finish it. Silly me for eating that. Resulting me to waste one away.

Saturday, August 9

- National Day 2008 -

Nothing special about the celebration because it seems so alike from past years. Having simliar flow of schedule and programmes. However, certain segments were pretty interesting. Beautiful fireworks as usual. The theme song - Shine for Singapore is great but i prefer the chinese version of it.

The theme song I like most is still shine on me!.


Friday, August 8

- LiXian's Birthday Celebration -

Qin & Xian = Bday Girls!

The three BESTIE!

US with bday girl!

A special and rare 21st birthday celebration! - 08/08/08.

Went to visit my relative and shop for shoes at bugis. After which, took bus to the location - island resort. Reached there at 7.30pm. I thought I'm quite late but most friends of mine have not reached yet.

Saw christie and chatted loads with her since she's the person who I know was there early. After awhile, the others came. Loads of random chatting and topics going on. Think I kinda suan Ah boy and Jing just now. Hope they will not take my lameness and joke to heart.

It's also a gathering where we keep each other updated as well. Gary told me about his army life. Pretty tough yet interesting. A month later, it will be my turn. Hopefully, i can handle any difficulty.

Great company and yummy food!


Pictures will be up soon!

Monday, August 4

- 钱不够用 2
Money No Enough 2 -

Finally, made use of the movie voucher which I won at simply gorgeous contests. Watched the show with family, aunt and nephew. Initially, I think it was rather boring. As the story goes on, I was quite into it.

It shows the ugly reality side of singaporeans of how one treats their mother when they are old. I think that's the message Jack Neo is trying to bring across. Telling us to take care and treat your parents well when they are old. It injected family matters which revolves in our lives. Certain scenes were rather touching and funny.

Bring your family to watch it. It's a great show!

P.S. Bring some packs of tissue if you are an emotional person. Acted as a coffee boy role walking to and fro. Catch me if you can. =p

Saturday, August 2

- 新城電台國語力頒獎典禮 -

The award ceremony falls at hongkong few days ago. Was glad to see my idols won awards for it! Elva! S.H.E! Wilber! Danson! Their effort really paid off! Below are the awards they won! Check them out! =D

萧亚轩《I'll Be There》

何韵诗 萧亚轩 蔡健雅

萧亚轩 郑希怡

罗志祥 光良 萧亚轩 潘玮柏 容祖儿

薛凯琪 泳儿 萧敬腾 唐禹哲 林宥嘉


S.H.E 飞轮海《新窝》

蔡卓妍 潘玮柏 陈晓东

S.H.E 潘玮柏


More info:

Wednesday, July 30

- Simple -

SIMPLE greeting.
SIMPLE smile.
SIMPLE thank you.
SIMPLE praise.

When was the last time you did that?

These factors makes others feel happy isn't it?

It's just so simple yet majority do not practice it.

A SIMPLE of everything certainly makes ALL feel happy.

Try it! =)

Be sincere and not say for the sake of saying.

Sunday, July 27

- E35D Outing -

My baked rice

US in restaurant

Outside cold rock!


Went Holland V, met them to grab something. This time round, I was glad that I actually talk to everyone! An achievement for me! Though I'm not really close with some of them, I still made the effort. Had pineapple and ham baked rice and root beer float. Silly me for ordering the drink from such a restaurant. Had loads of chat with the gang about our current lives. Glad most are doing well. Those who are feeling stress, try to think positive. I believe you will feel happier.

Though we usually meet up, At times, I do not blend well with the guys. I would feel uneasy and do not have much topic to talk. I still went for it mostly because to make them happy. But inside within me, I do not really enjoy but just kept quiet throughout the outings. Satisfy them and make myself upset. I wonder if it is worth doing so.

Was actually quite excited about the outing and I steadily agreed to the outing this time without much consideration. I think it's not really a nice one for me. Certain comments made me quite upset. I'm quite sensitive on certain issues so watch out what you say before i roar.

Wednesday, July 23

- Rolling Love
翻滾吧!蛋炒飯 -

The storyline is rather good with some climax. I focused more on the love triangle among Leng Lie(Danson) , Mi Qi Ling(Jiro) and Xiao Shu(Genie). Felt that both of them had a fair competition to woo Xiao Shu, without motive or being hypocrite. That's very rare.

While watching, I felt touched by the things they have done for her. With that, I do not mind who she will ended up with. Though I wish the one she choose will be Leng Lie. Due to poor ratings, it was being fast-forward. It will be better with another episode.

2 thumbs up for Genie and Danson acting! Their expression and crying scenes are convincing! Jiro and Xiao Xun did pretty well too.

Monday, July 21

- What a Day?! -

Had so many transferred lists today. One comes after another. Had quite a hard time looking for certain CDs. Luckily, Danny came for the rescue. He knew where it was placed. I could find the CDs but took a longer time. Thus, Tiffanie and I did most of the tranferring while he search for CDs. Had slight joke arguement and I was pretty upset initially. After thinking, I thought it was nothing lah. What the for to be upset over such comments. Oh. I kena burnt by the iron while I wrapped the CD packaging. It hurts quite a while. Actually, it's nothing compared to those who suffer from illness.

Sunday, July 20

- Blog site -

Yesterday, spent time to modify and complete my brother shop blog. Designed the banner/website layout accordingly to his satification. Here's a snapshot of the inital and edited one:



End of product =)

Friday, July 18

- Goodies Bag Day -

Went to work for packing of goodies bag today. Instructions given was not clear and I feel that they did not plan and organize well. There were different colours of bag and they knew that the blue ones had 1000 plus while the others at about 600 bags but less helper were doing the blue bags.

Initially, I was helping and doing for the green bag. However, the person-in-charge told me to help out, packing for the blue bags as only one person was doing it. It's like so weird because the lesser bags seems more people doing it. Was glad that those who completed the 600 purple bags helped us out. I did more on the buddling of 10 bags together. It's a non-stop 3 hours thingy doing that. Sweat and thirsty like hell.

After everything were packed, we brought it to their store area. Had some laughter while working as well. There's break interval thus its better. Then, collected pay and shop around TM with Danny.

Thursday, July 17

-Another Working Day -

Working has been pretty fine. I feel that I'm not as proficient as before. Hopefully, I can improve on that as time goes by. Ex-staff (Rico) visited us today. Was pretty surprised. He's damn funny. Kept on crapping with us. Made us laugh like mad.

The one which made me laugh out loud was, when a customer called and ask for cai qin CD. Actually, I did not intend to ask Danny as he was talking to Rico happily. However, Tiffaine ask him while I'm finding it on the system.

And immediately the joker, Rico said: huh? What cai qin? Want cai go to the supermarket and want qin go buy a piano la. Like that got the cai qin liao lo. The funny thing was that he did not know that the customer was on the line. LOL! At that moment, I was laughing like crazy and pass the phone to him but he rejected la. In the end, I told him we do not have it.

Working at another place for the packing of goodie bag with Danny tomorrow. Hopefully, we will enjoy the process.

Wednesday, July 16

- Back to MJ -

Back working there, and I almost forget the stuff which I learn previously. Think I needed time to adapt to it again. Anyway, working has been fine. There was a new staff there. Had same interest so we had great chat together. Sales was pretty bad as compared to previous month. In the past, it was much better. I think due to the internet technology which cause it to happen. As usual, enjoyed the crapping with danny.

Tuesday, July 15

- Just another day -

These few days, I have been sick. Not feeling well. Been coughing very badly during my sleep at night. Hopefully, I can recover soon from it. Will be back working at MJ tomorrow onwards. Feeling pretty excited since few days ago. Been thinking if I still remember handling their stuff. After thinking, I thought it should be fine when I start using it again.

My brother ask me to design and set a layout for his DIY website. He gave me his proposal and will pay me to do it. That's cool. I get to learn and gain at the same time. Got a layout from blogskins and have modified the codes. Think he's thinking of setting up his own business with his DIY caps and shirts. Have spent time doing it just now, will continue doing, when he pass me his draft banner.

Friday, July 11

- Random Entry -

Still not feeling good thus mum and I decided going to the clinic, recommended by my aunt. However, the recommended doctor was not there. Still, we went for it despite making our way there. The relief doctor I suppose, ask questions like: Do you need flu medicine and stronger pills than panadols? So weird can. We are the ones who went to consult you but it seems to be the other way round. Hopefully, the medicine works for me and especially mum who visited the clinic the third time.

After which, went to settle some personal issues and shop around the area. Receive a call from Danny, he ask me to return working in MJ. But this time, as a part-timer. I think he preferred me because he keep hinting me, going back to work there at our previous outing. He told me, the new staff there CMI and I could do better. Since I knew that I'll be working with him at only a outlet, and he ask me back directly. I agreed. Most importantly, I could get along with him quite well.

Guess what?! My father went to open the mailbox and I got something in a rather big envelope. I wonder what it was till I saw one tiny issue of teenage book on the top of envelope. I think it was from the teenage! Then, I opened up and indeed it was! I won Kenji Wu's Album from Teenage Online! They should sent it earlier so I could let Kenji sign on the album. Still, I'm happy to receive it! The contest was on april, I thought I did not manage to get it since it's quite some time ago. Anyway, I'm lucky to win it since there's only 5 winners!

Thanks Teenage! =D

Thursday, July 10

- Sick -

Been having headache and sore throat however, I took it lightly and continue eating heaty stuff. I accompanied mum to see doctor as well. Maybe these few factors lead me to illness.

Anyway, I'm officially sick yesterday. Having fever. There was once I got 38.3℃ which was pretty bad. After taking panadol, it gets better. It's kind of on and off as the fever went up and down. After the sore, the cough came to me today. If it persist, most likely, will go to the clinic.

Heard loads of people are sick and down with this type of illness. Most likely due to bad weather.

Peeps out there, remember to drink loads of water and herbal tea!

Monday, July 7

- Random Thoughts -

I believe everyone wants to be the BEST in everything! No one likes losing to others. Who likes to be defeated? Maybe small group of people will take things easy in certain aspects but not all certainly. I can be easily affected by people around me, which means that I tend to think what others think of me at times. I do not think that's good, I tried to overcome that and I think it's getting better and better each time I face similar issues.

Thinking about it, live for yourself and not for others! I believe I will be more happy with that mindset. Easy to say than done. Will try applying it as times goes by.

What Elva say is so true! Having postitive thinking, no comparison and be yourself!

Sunday, July 6

- WeiMing's Birthday Celebration -

Yesterday, met Lixian at bedok then we went marine parade to look and browse for ming's birthday present. Initially, quite indecisive of what to buy for him. Later, we decided to narrow down the things to buy. Wallet, bags and watches. Had random shopping while looking for his gifts. Grab freebies as well! =p Akram came to meet us later and all of us decided on the bag at last.

Then, we walked from marine parade all the way down to the resort island. Though far but I think it's a good form of excerise. A long walk and finally we reached the destination. Spent time talking to friends whom I never meet for some time ago. Random chatting. Was shock that some close friends of him never attend. He must be grateful that I attended his. (I hope)

After that, went to cineleisure with Jack, ah boy, Xian and Akram. The plan was to catch a movie, however, most of it were already sold out. Went to the preview lounge but there's already no seat. Walked to swensens but there's a long queue. Thus, we decided to go home.

Some others and I were not feeling. Most likely due to the bad weather. Take care everyone!


Pictures will be up soon!

Most pals are in a relationship while me, still being single, a lonely guy. Anyway, its not a bad thing. Single still rules yea. =p

Thursday, July 3

- HUG O' WAR -

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other."
- Audrey Hepburn

Found it at Carmen's blog and decided to share it here. Something I find it pretty meaningful! However, people do not tend to practice it. How nice if everyone practice it. Thus, a win-win situation.

Sunday, June 29

- Just Another Day -

Went to catch Kenji Wu's singing signature session with Danny! He sang 4 songs live can. Most of it were my favourites! Really admire his talent loads. Most likely, I will buy his next album. Think he's one singer who should earn and gain more supporters. Was damn disappointed with the crowd. Not many people went for it. Certainly, I believe he will be even more popular near future!

Next, we walk around the shopping centre and decided to go K-buffet! Went to kallang leisure park Kbox! It's a renovated shopping centre. Nothing special as it looks similar as the others. The food served were alright. It's something like seoul garden ba. I think it's more worth going K-buffet. It cost around $26 each person as compared to other kbox. You can eat, drink and sing! We sang a few duet song and I really enjoyed that. Both of us praise each other singing when we sang well!

Enjoyed! =)

Credits to MingDaoQiaoQiao4eva

Saturday, June 28


The one I love most from Apple product will be ipod touch! As seen, it is slim and portable which means that I can bring it out anywhere, anytime! The interface is simple and also clear for users to navigate. As long as you are at any wi-fi hot spot, you can easily surf the web! It's just so convenient!

A great combination of gadget where you can listen music, watch movies, surf the web, get directions, and that's not only all!

You just have to bring this product out to cure your boredom and enhance your life. =)

Touch, zoom and scroll!

It's that simple!

Visit Apple store:

Friday, June 27

- A Day Out -

Mum and I went to aunt house looking after my nephew. Decided to bring him out together, meeting another aunt to settle some personal issue. While mum took care of him, I went to tanjong pagar to hand in my time-table sheet. After which, we went to watch the giant star contest 2008. It's a pre-recorded programme.

Waited 2 hours till the event really started -_-". Saw the finalists and I feel that they look quite normal to me. Maybe they won the judges with their talent. Wu Jia Hui live singing was impressive! He's one of the guest star there. Anyway, did not manage to watch everything because it was already late that time. Thus, we went back.

My aunt and her friend mention that I look better than the contestants and encourage me to join next year. It's not easy because they have to undergo trainings. I may have the looks but most likely I will not be as confident as them on stage. Maybe I should try?

Thursday, June 26

- Working -

P.S. Long, boring entry. Read it if you really care. =p

Been working at St. Stephen School. Only knew that I will be taking over a person's place. Did not even tell me what I will be doing there. Just wait to see if there's anything for me to help out. Did not do much last few days. Just take charge of the AVA club, surfing the net and help out in the library. Damn boring. I'm there to wait things to happen so I can stand-by to help. In my mind, I always think that if there's any issues they want me to help, I hope I can help out if not I will feel useless la. Instructions given to me were minor, not clear and accurate at all. And I hate it!

Though I been to control room and function before in secondary school but that's quite long ago can. They expect me to take charge of it. -_-". Felt like an idiot just to stand there to see if everything turns out to be fine. If something BIG happen, I may not even know how to deal with it I suppose. Think I did not gain much respect from the students since I think they felt that I know nuts about anything! But they never realise that I was also new to their system there. It's not like I'm there for ages kind.

Today have chance to do more work. That's good! At least there's something to pass time! However, I do not really enjoy doing that. Checking 40 coms to see if the mouse, keyboard, monitor and etc is faulty and placing ram into it. Hate the placing of ram. So troublesome can. Have to unlock it, unscrew the lock and etc. I managed to place 15 com only since I started doing it at 11 plus.

Got to know some nice peeps there. Without them, I will be damn bored doing my own stuff when I'm in the staff room. Not to forget those who chatted with me on msn. Gain certain life aspect and I find it so damn true. Once again, a great experience for me.

Wednesday, June 25

- Personality Test -

Kenny's personality type:
Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Do not like conflict and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoy the present moment.

Careers that could fit Kenny includes:
Artists, musicians, composers, designers, child care workers, social workers, counselors, teachers, veterinarians, forest rangers, naturalists, bookkeepers, carpenters, personal service workers, clerical supervisors, secretaries, dental and medical staffers, waiters and waitresses, chefs, nurses, mechanics, physical therapists, x-ray technicians.