Thursday, January 27

Our gift for the CNY!

Wrapped by me and colleague.

Had a fun time though work might be rather hectic! ):

Wednesday, January 26

Watched homecoming sneak preview with sundu! Feel that the storyline was average. It's those heart-warmth & funny kinda show to catch it with family! It educate us the importance of having reunion dinner together as a family! At the same time, I was reminded that we are ought to help one another! Overall, its a funny show which is suitable for the Chinese New Year!

Monday, January 24

Get to watch the green hornet premiere just now! Though did not manage to see Jay Chow walking on the red carpet, I get to catch the show first before it started screening in Singapore! The storyline was great and there was quite a number of humorous scenes. Initially, the story was rather dull without much elements in it. However, as the story goes on, I am so into the show and was laughing like nobody businesses! Kudos to the entire team to make this movie possible!

Thank you incinemas & F & N! (=

Ratings: 4/5

Sunday, January 23

Sunday, January 16

Went for the m:idea awards. It was not as fun as expected! :(
However, glad to catch up with poly friends!

Nothing nice to say about events since its not very nicely plan.
The magic show was pretty amazing though.

Then, rush to church service!
Met Jacob and went together! (:

Thursday, January 13

Had fun time at office!
Fun and laughter! (:

Saturday, January 8

Had a fun time back to Republic Poly!
Chatted with some of my facilitators and friends there!
Brought back lotsa fun memories! (:

Enjoyed! (: