Monday, June 28

Went for my IBM interview in the morning. The interviewer was a nice lady. The questions posed were rather common which relates to my job scope as well. Think I did my best for the interview already. Have to wait for the results now. Then went back home.

After which, went hospital to visit my grandma. It's disheartened to see my grandma on the sick bed. Our family has been taking care of her. To the extent, we also shifted to my grandma place, looking after her despite of having a maid. I ponder if my relatives will understand what we went through. I know my family background was not as great but does that mean we hold a greater responsibility? Sometimes, I just feel that its so unfair. However, I think my mum made a right choice. Its one person responsibility to take care of our parents till a day where one cannot manage. I think the day has arrived. Most likely, I'll be shifting back to SK. I pray that my grandma will have speedy recovery. She's very dear to me.

Back home, checked my results and got a shock of me! I did not expect my photography techniques score such a grade. :( The effort I put forth did not really pay off. The other modules grade I did quite alright. Most importantly, I passed all my modules! That's something that I ought to be happy! Praise God! There's many more assignments/exams/projects to come. I pray that I can cope well and achieve good grades! Thanks God for everything! (:

Sunday, June 27

Church service was great as usual. Though its at a different venue but the presence of God is still there. I like how a sister actually reminded us to stay focus and carry on to worship God, the one who first loved us i.e not to let others influence and stop you from having the relationship with God. I admit at times, its really so hard to obey God words. I tend to fall into a trap where I got myself, becoming hot-tempered, selfish and etc.

Besides that, I felt that the things I did really worth doing. Do people really appreciate it? I ponder why friends around me kept on telling me what a Christian should be like. I mean Christian are still humans. Sometimes, I really hope that I could have some fresh air to breath. I pray for wisdom and also to be a humble person, to become more and more like God.

I believe everyone has their own family issues. Though different background, good or bad, one ought to learn and see things deeper and be independent. Certainly, it will have a certain impact on the person but if you think of it, you are not alone going through everything. You still do have friends and most importantly God who will be always there!

CG was great! DIY lunch was fun! Great fellowship! (:

Initially, planned to buy shoes and some other stuff after CG but failed to do so since I did other stuff there. However, when I think I did it for God. Everything is worth it.

Monday, June 21

After work, went out with KS. Initially was to watch the movie - a nightmare in elm street. However, the time slot is fully booked!? Thus, i decided to give my 2 complimentary passes to him since he wanted to jio his 'friend' for the show. Lol. After which, had our dinner at xin wang cafe. Random chat! Then, to buy some stuff of his. Then, k box! Had great evening hanging out with him though it was something not planned.

Saturday, June 19

Went for interview just now. Nothing special because its a quite normal one where similar questions will be posed. Anyway, I just answer what I feel and think about it. Just have to wait for the results to see if I'm shortlisted.

Then, went to cineleisure to collect my winning movie vouchers. After which, went *scape! Today was their opening. Nothing spectacular but its really a good place for youth to hang out! Went to the teens booth and said the password: rocks! And I got the below soft toy for free! The teens people there were very friendly and approachable! I participated in their lucky draw, hope to win an item! Bought a teens magazine and was given freebies! Thanks teens! (:

To church service!! I certainly learned alot from the sermon. To be a giver and to love everyone despite of their weaknesses. Look upon their strengths and not weaknesses. With trust and faith in God, everything is made possible! Thus, be humble and trust that God is able to give us the strength and confidence in every situation or problem we faced. Praise God! (:

Thursday, June 17

Watched the karate kid with JX! Typical storyline which injected some humor and touching moments. From the story, I understand in everything we do in life can be applicable and be a learning point to success in things to pursue. At the same time, I really admire the kid fighting spirit to move on despite of his injury. Nice and heart warming movie! A 3.5/5 for me.

Have decided to go baptism. Thanks JX for giving more info about it, making me understand more about it. Most importantly, the purpose of water baptism.

Grandma had a fall today. Had fractured her arm. I pray for her speedy recovery!

Monday, June 14

Wooohoo!! As usual, won tickets!! This time was to the gala premiere of toy story 3!! Never did i expect to be in the biggest hall in the cathay!! It was rather grand you know. Though we were at the 2nd row but it feel and seems quite okay while watching. Each of us was given popcorn and a bottle of coka cola. And to my surprise, its in 3D!! This time round, I invited Bernard!! Nice catch up with him about random stuff! (:

The storyline is great! Its straight to the point and most importantly it was not draggy! I like the introduction 3D which was entertaining and funny! Through the show, I realise the importance of treasuring my stuff. Team work was one of the factor to success as well. At the same time, I understand that one should learn to move on with life and not leave behind the past. Usually, the bad guys will get their retribution one way or another. So why not be a nice and friendly person? Do good and be good!

Its just like God who forgive our sins! He want us to be more like him to love one another unconditionally without fail.

Saturday, June 12

Church Service was great! I enjoyed it!! Hui Li hosted the praise & worship very well. At the same time, she said that even though we do not always have faith for god but a certain degree of faith actually do good! God is love! Pastor Jeff also mention that a person status does not mean anything. i.e A poor person vs the rich. Most importantly, is to trust and follow the words of god. Everyone is equal in God eyes! Do not dwell into the world, but trust in the lord for he who show us unconditional love, and to become more like him!

Thursday, June 10

Yesterday, did my updates on my resume and completed by CV. Applied the job for IT helpdesk support late just night. Never did I expect to received a call today for interview. Have to get certain things prepared for it. Will be heading down for interview next Saturday. Thanks brother for reviewing my resume and CV. Praise God! (:

Have faith and confidence! (:

Wednesday, June 9

Its just so easy to understand but difficult to follow. But gratefully, I have god who reminds me his words and to obey him. If not, I think I'll make things worst on my own.

Genesis 13:8
So Abram said to Lot, "Let's not have any quarreling between you and me, or between your herdsmen and mine, for we are brothers.

Monday, June 7

Celebrated KS birthday with Gary!! Nice to see Gary joining us!! Had a fun time playing pool!! KS played pool so well!!! Power lea.. Maybe can find a day to teach me play pool liao.. hahahaa.. At the same time, we went arcade to play game too! Nice catch up!!! Glad to know he had a wonderful time!

Happy Birthday KS!!(:

Saturday, June 5

I'm forever yours

I give my all to you
Send me and i will go for you
To the ends of the earth
I'll follow after you
I want the world to know
Your love endures forever

Tell me and i'll obey
This is far greater than sacrifice
Trusting you and not myself
Will always lead to blessing
Lord have your way in me
Not my will, yours be done

Here i stand within your presence
Longing for your touch
A thousand days cannot compare
To one day in your courts

Hold me now
And never ever let me go
My jesus, my precious saviour
I'm forever yours

I will worship you forever
I will worship you

At times, its really not easy to be a christian and I believe most of us get distracted too. To a certain extent, we get disappointed and hurt in one way or another. Instead of looking on the world, we should look upon God. The one who loves us so much that sent his only son to save our sins. Always have to remind myself about that. I believe it will keep me driving on.

If you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name.
-1Peter 4:16

Friday, June 4

I was featured in mypaper today! Totally surprise about that. If you read my previous entry, I actually joined a contest and was interviewed via phone about our friendship. Never I expect that it will be published on papers!! Besides featuring our close friendship, they encouraged people out there with different culture/race to join the contest as well! Hesitate no more to join and show others true friendship can go beyond race, culture and religion.

Thanks peeps who told me that they saw the article and friends who advertise that I'm on paper! Thanks stomp and for featuring us! (:

Read the zoom in article here: - The one on 04 June 2010. (:

Join now and stand to win fantastic prizes! (:


Anyways, had an enjoyable time playing badminton with Jun wei after work. It has been some time while I played. Nice game! Enjoyed! (:

Wednesday, June 2

Tuesday, June 1

Joined the contest - What's your story photo blurb contest few days ago. Never did I expect to receive a call from them today! Was interviewed via phone regarding my friendship with Sundram Naidu and stuff. Was quite surprised to receive the call and I think I did not really bring the message across well. What I told them us was something unprepared and it shows that I am truthful while telling them our friendship. There's many to share about our poly life but the major one would be NS where He got face lots of obstacles. (:

Have friends from different cultures/nationalities. Join now!

Went food fair with Justin. As usual, the food sells similar stuff as before. It's so crowded!!