Saturday, December 29

-Shuttle bus service -

Went giant with parents at tampines.. The waiting time for the shuttle bus was kind of long.. Waited for about 30 mins and it finally came..

After shopping our stuff, decided to make use of the shuttle bus to go back.. This time round, we waited for about an hour plus till the freaking bus came.. Really tested my patience especially when those who came earlier left.. Think they waited damn long for it..

There was intructions board above and I'm wondering why those passenagers queue anywhere they like without following it.. Damn inconsiderate.. Boarded the bus and the uncle say the bunch of us 'gan chiong'.. Was really hot at that moment (considering we waited an hour for the bus) but did not flare it out..

Time wasted just like that..

Wednesday, December 26

- Full-Time FYP -

As usuals, meet up to continue our FYP.. Decided to stay from morning till night hoping to get most of the things completed.. However, there were conflicts which made me kind of stun.. Ling & Ming were pretty upset with certain issues and start a tiff.. From a slight to a big one..

She speaks and say the things she was unhappy about in a go.. Certain points I acknowledge but not all.. She do give attitude at times & I hope to see some changes for that.. Anyway, she seems to be quite alike from me.. I am a person who flares everything out once my limit is over.. Glad to see some changes in Ming in his attitude and the way he work with us.. Hope we could work happily with no quarrels in future..

FYP is driving us crazy.. As mention from gary, it makes us quarrel and unhappy with one another..

This is what we might face in a working environment.. So, is it a good start?

Saturday, December 22

- Romantic Princess -

Get to finish watching this taiwan idol drama in the noon.. Felt that the storyline was nice but kind of draggy.. It tells us that money is evil which lead one without having true friendship and also the importance of kinship.. Nothing can replace it even money.. Certain sections on their (Jin & Xiao Mai) hardship and courtship was quite touching with their actions and sincerity.. Angela & Genie acted well! Overall, it's a pretty decent show..

Wednesday, December 19

- Just another day -

JW & ME!

Ah Boi- Me! - JW

As usuals, filming for FYP today.. Some unhappy things happens however still managed to do our filming.. Ming & Gary kena virus which cause disallow them opening their c/d drive.. Their virus problem settled after visting the IT helpdesk.. It was transfering of movies all over the place in a while.. Never get the chance to do that without my lappy..

After which, went town with the usuals ah boi & ah wei.. Walk in almost every stall to shopping.. Tried on some clothings which looks good on the "model" but not me... Saw a number of celebrities though not popular.. After walking rounds, ah boi decided on the a gift for one of his san ba family.. Guess what?! I realised I kena the virus as well! =(

Clearing it off later...

Monday, December 17

- Awards -

Star awards this year seems to be as exciting for the TOP 10 male/female.. Till the end, you would never know who would be in it! The star award prelude always shows the leading actors/actress and it's quite surprising for some who do not make it to TOP 10.. Those who always not leading such as kym & Gurmit gets to win it.. Kind of weird yea? Anyway, for the other awards, I am glad that Yvonne Lim, Zheng Ge Ping, Pan Shu Qing & Pornsak won the award! They really deserved it! IMO, their hard work can be seen and really paid off..

Can you believe it?! Hady Mirza, the Asian Idol! OMG! He rocks and done Singapore proud.. Though his singing was not the best among all but he certainly has the X-factor and quality to be the Asian Idol! He mention that he wants to be an inspirational singer and I believe he could be the one! Congrats!

Sunday, December 16

- A day out -

Yesterday, went to visit my relative who just had an minor operation to unblock the blockage on her heart.. She looked pale and told me about her process during the operation.. I kind of pity her as she face many many problems.. However, am glad she always have positive thoughts..

After which, decided to see FanFan & Xiao Zhu event.. FanFan was pretty nice and friendly as she always had a sweet smile on her face, she also shake hand and had some chat with her fans during her signature session.. On the other hand, Xiao Zhu was quite proud.. Fans of him was cheering damn loudly for him but he seems to ignore them with a black face.. Felt that he should show some response as the first impression is very important.. I think he left a pretty bad impression for some..

Above are the ratings over 5 based on the events yesterday..

Thursday, December 13

- Studies -

Seems that my grades has not been very well done since the start of this semester.. Daily grades has been quite consistent and I think I still did quite alright.. UT grades were the ones which totally pulled down all my grades! Been getting borderline grades.. Were quite emo about it at times.. =(

Last semester, the ones which pulled me up were my UT grades... It's kind of weird but I feel that UTs seems to be alittle tough as compared to previous semester which are more straight-forward and understandable.. Most of the answers can be found in 6P and all you have to do is to have some understanding and ctrl c + ctrl v.. LOL! Anyway, I did put in the effort answering the questions though the results was not as I expected.. Daily grades? I doubt so..

Time for sweet dreaming.. =)

Tuesday, December 11

- Just another day -

BY JiaMing

BY Gary

Had photography lesson today.. My new shoe became the "model" of the day.. Most of my team mates used it for their shots as of above.. My shots would be updated on MY creation soon! Do visit! Fel & Das came to film yummy campus.. Felicia Chin looks pretty friendly and tall in person.. Many students went to take pictures with her.. I think she became prettier after doing something with her eyes.. Caught in the rain just now which cause me having slight headache now... =(

Thursday, December 6

- Updates! -

Have not been updating my blog.. Alright.. here's a summary from previous weekends till today...

Sat & Sun
Spent my weekends with mum.. Went shopping and to the mega courts concert as well! Rui En looks cool with her attitude personality.. Pretty! =)

Mon & Tues
Damn! Felt that the com is not working as usual.. Has some problem with the date for my UT.. Think it would not affect my grades.. Detected VIRUS on tues class.. Moodless for lesson but still focus during my shots.. Tried to scan and delete it but it still persist even wif help from Ming and Ber.

Wed & Thurs
Decided to reformat my com.. Went IT-helpdesk and guess what?! Self-service for reformatting.. Sounds cool but certain steps was quite confusing.. Stone there an hour plus for the ghosting.. Knew a guy and started chatting to pass time.. Seek help to set up the domain and glad that he helped me out with it.. Filming for the indian dance event should be quite a success.. Nice performance! =)

Get to celebrate WT birthday today.. Though most were busy but still spare time for it.. Nice cake.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WT! =)