Saturday, December 29

-Shuttle bus service -

Went giant with parents at tampines.. The waiting time for the shuttle bus was kind of long.. Waited for about 30 mins and it finally came..

After shopping our stuff, decided to make use of the shuttle bus to go back.. This time round, we waited for about an hour plus till the freaking bus came.. Really tested my patience especially when those who came earlier left.. Think they waited damn long for it..

There was intructions board above and I'm wondering why those passenagers queue anywhere they like without following it.. Damn inconsiderate.. Boarded the bus and the uncle say the bunch of us 'gan chiong'.. Was really hot at that moment (considering we waited an hour for the bus) but did not flare it out..

Time wasted just like that..

Wednesday, December 26

- Full-Time FYP -

As usuals, meet up to continue our FYP.. Decided to stay from morning till night hoping to get most of the things completed.. However, there were conflicts which made me kind of stun.. Ling & Ming were pretty upset with certain issues and start a tiff.. From a slight to a big one..

She speaks and say the things she was unhappy about in a go.. Certain points I acknowledge but not all.. She do give attitude at times & I hope to see some changes for that.. Anyway, she seems to be quite alike from me.. I am a person who flares everything out once my limit is over.. Glad to see some changes in Ming in his attitude and the way he work with us.. Hope we could work happily with no quarrels in future..

FYP is driving us crazy.. As mention from gary, it makes us quarrel and unhappy with one another..

This is what we might face in a working environment.. So, is it a good start?

Saturday, December 22

- Romantic Princess -

Get to finish watching this taiwan idol drama in the noon.. Felt that the storyline was nice but kind of draggy.. It tells us that money is evil which lead one without having true friendship and also the importance of kinship.. Nothing can replace it even money.. Certain sections on their (Jin & Xiao Mai) hardship and courtship was quite touching with their actions and sincerity.. Angela & Genie acted well! Overall, it's a pretty decent show..

Wednesday, December 19

- Just another day -

JW & ME!

Ah Boi- Me! - JW

As usuals, filming for FYP today.. Some unhappy things happens however still managed to do our filming.. Ming & Gary kena virus which cause disallow them opening their c/d drive.. Their virus problem settled after visting the IT helpdesk.. It was transfering of movies all over the place in a while.. Never get the chance to do that without my lappy..

After which, went town with the usuals ah boi & ah wei.. Walk in almost every stall to shopping.. Tried on some clothings which looks good on the "model" but not me... Saw a number of celebrities though not popular.. After walking rounds, ah boi decided on the a gift for one of his san ba family.. Guess what?! I realised I kena the virus as well! =(

Clearing it off later...

Monday, December 17

- Awards -

Star awards this year seems to be as exciting for the TOP 10 male/female.. Till the end, you would never know who would be in it! The star award prelude always shows the leading actors/actress and it's quite surprising for some who do not make it to TOP 10.. Those who always not leading such as kym & Gurmit gets to win it.. Kind of weird yea? Anyway, for the other awards, I am glad that Yvonne Lim, Zheng Ge Ping, Pan Shu Qing & Pornsak won the award! They really deserved it! IMO, their hard work can be seen and really paid off..

Can you believe it?! Hady Mirza, the Asian Idol! OMG! He rocks and done Singapore proud.. Though his singing was not the best among all but he certainly has the X-factor and quality to be the Asian Idol! He mention that he wants to be an inspirational singer and I believe he could be the one! Congrats!

Sunday, December 16

- A day out -

Yesterday, went to visit my relative who just had an minor operation to unblock the blockage on her heart.. She looked pale and told me about her process during the operation.. I kind of pity her as she face many many problems.. However, am glad she always have positive thoughts..

After which, decided to see FanFan & Xiao Zhu event.. FanFan was pretty nice and friendly as she always had a sweet smile on her face, she also shake hand and had some chat with her fans during her signature session.. On the other hand, Xiao Zhu was quite proud.. Fans of him was cheering damn loudly for him but he seems to ignore them with a black face.. Felt that he should show some response as the first impression is very important.. I think he left a pretty bad impression for some..

Above are the ratings over 5 based on the events yesterday..

Thursday, December 13

- Studies -

Seems that my grades has not been very well done since the start of this semester.. Daily grades has been quite consistent and I think I still did quite alright.. UT grades were the ones which totally pulled down all my grades! Been getting borderline grades.. Were quite emo about it at times.. =(

Last semester, the ones which pulled me up were my UT grades... It's kind of weird but I feel that UTs seems to be alittle tough as compared to previous semester which are more straight-forward and understandable.. Most of the answers can be found in 6P and all you have to do is to have some understanding and ctrl c + ctrl v.. LOL! Anyway, I did put in the effort answering the questions though the results was not as I expected.. Daily grades? I doubt so..

Time for sweet dreaming.. =)

Tuesday, December 11

- Just another day -

BY JiaMing

BY Gary

Had photography lesson today.. My new shoe became the "model" of the day.. Most of my team mates used it for their shots as of above.. My shots would be updated on MY creation soon! Do visit! Fel & Das came to film yummy campus.. Felicia Chin looks pretty friendly and tall in person.. Many students went to take pictures with her.. I think she became prettier after doing something with her eyes.. Caught in the rain just now which cause me having slight headache now... =(

Thursday, December 6

- Updates! -

Have not been updating my blog.. Alright.. here's a summary from previous weekends till today...

Sat & Sun
Spent my weekends with mum.. Went shopping and to the mega courts concert as well! Rui En looks cool with her attitude personality.. Pretty! =)

Mon & Tues
Damn! Felt that the com is not working as usual.. Has some problem with the date for my UT.. Think it would not affect my grades.. Detected VIRUS on tues class.. Moodless for lesson but still focus during my shots.. Tried to scan and delete it but it still persist even wif help from Ming and Ber.

Wed & Thurs
Decided to reformat my com.. Went IT-helpdesk and guess what?! Self-service for reformatting.. Sounds cool but certain steps was quite confusing.. Stone there an hour plus for the ghosting.. Knew a guy and started chatting to pass time.. Seek help to set up the domain and glad that he helped me out with it.. Filming for the indian dance event should be quite a success.. Nice performance! =)

Get to celebrate WT birthday today.. Though most were busy but still spare time for it.. Nice cake.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WT! =)

Wednesday, November 28

- Interesting language -

It's been like ages since I watch Yu Le Bai Fen Bai.. Get to watch it last two days.. Glad that I'm able to watch the one on monday.. It's interesting because I get to learn from Will "english class" on words such as bounce, tight, crash & chill..

What comes to you on mind seeing the above words? It should be the simple & common meanings we often know and used in our daily life yea.. But in fact, there's other meaning to it..

Bounce - bounced up to the guests and breezily said hello. = Walk quickly & energetically.
Tight - a tight performance by the whole team = Well-done!
Crash - After outing, He felt tired and want to have some crash = Rest/Sleep

So cool! =)

Sunday, November 25

- Pop Songs -

Felt that the songs I enjoyed and preferred most would be those emo and sentimental kind.. The lyrics must be meaningful and leave an impression to me.. I do enjoy fast songs as long as it is catchy, fun and enjoyable!


Was in love with this song (败给你) which was sang by Alan Luo & Elva Hsiao.. Felt that the song was memorable with very catchy tunes! The song 你最近还好吗 from S.H.E has meaningful lyrics and nice chorus!

Recent songs like 彩虹, 路太弯, 月牙湾, inconsolable & 左手边 were nice too! Had the same taste? Go preview the songs listed.. =)

Tuesday, November 20

- What A day?! -

- Fallen tree on express way while going school
- Misplace the school lens cap
- Met ridiculous driver
- Most money spent on cab fare
- Identification card being confiscated
- Moodless during UT
- Not being able to celebrate friend birthday

However, get to feel slightly better when I found the lens cap.. Lucky, I managed to remember and found it which made my mood better.. Glad that Ming accompanied me to look for it.. Had funny and lame conversation throughout the journey and am happy to have him as friend.. For the UT, did not know that the some of the questions was continuous only after the test.. -_-" but I did my best already.. Oh ya.. Happy Birthday Jiewei! =)

Monday, November 19

- Brother Birthday -

Today is my elder bro birthday.. Had his celebration in a restaurant at Novena last wednesday.. Had this chance to chat with him as he's staying with my grandma now.. His Uni life seems to be really busy and pack with loads of assignment.. Nice ambience and food! Time passes fast and we went back in separated ways.. Prefered him to be with us.. However, I think he like to be alone there due to some reasons.. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 16

- Understanding Test -

Had 3D animation UT yesterday.. Felt that it allows me to give some thoughts before answering certain questions.. It really tested my understanding especially when the 6P resource were limited.. However, with my preparation, I think I managed to scrape through quite well.. Hopefully, it could be seen from my grades..

In my views, felt that the standard for UTs has increase as one needs to have sufficient understanding to answer some questions correctly..

All UT 1 grades has been published.. I have to say that I only did fairly well.. Had to have more preparation and spend my time wisely to answer each questions in future test.. I hope to see an improvement for my UT 2!

Sunday, November 11

- Grandma -

Grandma has been staying over my place for 3 weeks.. During her stay, could see that her condition shows slight improvement with more attention.. Though she doze off easily but she seems to enjoy her stay as times goes by..

When asked to go back, she gave silly excuses and unwilling to go home.. She hope that the maid would not come back after visiting her family.. I think she felt the love and warmth we showered her.. With firm tone from my uncle, she then agree and was brought back..

If no maid was employed from some of my relatives, my mum hopes that grandma could continue staying because we knows that elderly wants their love-ones to be with them..

Saturday, November 10

- Memories -

Yesterday, went to have lunch at KFC alone.. While eating, saw groups of secondary students chatting and enjoying their meal.. At that moment, I recalled my secondary mates and the times we had.. There's like nothing to care and think about.. Enjoy was the KEY to our lives.. How I wish if time could turn back to the moment and stay there forever with NO worries! But that is impossible..

As one grew up, there's more you had to know, face and decide.. When I was young, I wish I could become a young working adult soon.. That time, I only see the good side of it.. However, as times goes by, I beg to differ it.. Anyway, life goes on and I will just do whatever I think is right.. Live for myself and not for others!

With God Grace, hope to achieve better results and a change for the better~

Monday, November 5

- Birthday Celebration -

ME pointing the Bday Boy!


ALL of us!

Celebrated Yong Sheng birthday at Essential Brew.. Quite a cool place with nice ambience but just felt that it's kinda cramp.. Enjoyed the food and the company of my ITE mates.. It's like so coincidence to see Hakeem working there as well.. Anyway, Hope the birthday boy had a wonderful and memorable 21st birthday! =D

Friday, November 2

- Lesson Lesson Lesson -

Lesson was less stress yesterday! Guess what?! Kenneth came to faciliate us for 3D animation! He has load to crap and joke man! Thus, I "pei he" him lo.. Make the class laugh seh.. hahaha.. However, I still did do my modeling and animation though it did not go perfectly well.. Heard that he's taking us permanently and everyone seems to be happy.. haha..

UT for the day cause me to make careless mistakes once again.. 6P seems to be kinda useless nowadays compared to last semesters.. Seems that understanding is indeed important to answer most of the questions and score good grades now..

Tuesday, October 30

- Random Thoughts -

Seems that I'm not the only one who lost motivation for school.. My friends felt the same too.. These were some comments quoted from their blog..

I have absolutely ZERO motivation for school.
I dread waking up early and going to school.
I'm losing motivation for school.

Class has been very small since the 5th week of school.. Think most students were sick and tired of it.. Especially when its done through this kind of system.. Students who has prior knowledge will sure to excel better.. And that is not an excuse man...

The lesson which I dread to attend most would be 3D animation.. Hate it loads.. No interest for that at all.. Sometimes seeking help from experts do not even help much.. Thus, I rather just do it by myself.. Just do whatever I can to the idiotic model and submit just to earn a grade..

Anyway, I'm kinda satisfied with my current grades.. Occasionally, just could not stand when friends comparing grades.. Really make my mood swings easily.. If you get good grades, that's good! There is not a need to say out.. And ya.. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, though I'm not so good in maya but I'm certainly better in other areas.. Take note of that..

Sunday, October 28

- Singapore Hits Award -

WooHooo! My favourite group got 6 awards for it! Congrats! =D






-S.H.E- (怎么办)

Monday, October 22

- What a Day?! -

Woke up early.. Wanted to be punctual for lesson.. However, reached school later than before.. All thanks to the traffic and accident on the way to school.. when I stepped into class was like 9.40am? Everyone was happily going to break while I get myself ready andinto the lesson for the day.. -_-" Luckily, it was kinda easy and I got to know the objective for the day..

UT really put me into a hard time.. Staring on a question, trying hard to understand the long-winded english that wasted my time.. Resulting me over-looked one question which the answers smack right infront of me.. However, it's quite a tricky too.. Thanks to whoever who set it.. Really tested my understanding.. Good luck for my grades..

Thursday, October 18

- Star Awards Nomination lists -

Nomination lists for top 20 male and female artists is out! As usual, Priscelia was in the list.. She's also nominated for Screen Sweetheart! Glad to know that.. Get a copy of I-Weekly or 8 DAYS to vote for Pris [15] for Screen Sweetheart! Hopefully, she has other nominations coming up.. She did not have much show this year except for my sassy neighbour 3 and the current 9pm drama.. I think that would boost her chance getting in top 10! Cast votes for her starting from tonight @ 8:00pm to 16 Dec 9pm! Her number is 1900-112-3037! =D

Saturday, October 13

- Random Entry -

Went to video an art gallery for FYP on wednesday.. It was indeed tiring however the process was fun and I get to gain certain skills.. Glad to have a nice actress which help us in our production.. Was damn tired the next day, having 3D animation.. Was unsure on the concepts, neglects the main objective and did badly for it.. Once again, did not meet the objective for yesterday lesson as well.. =(

Feeling tired almost everyday and kinda lost interest in study.. However, Kept telling myself that its already the last sem to make me feel better.. For now, I just have to attend lesson regularly and most importantly do well for UT and FYP..

That's all.. Don't wish to think so much already..

Saturday, October 6

- Celebrity Marriage -

Today is Pris & Alan big day! They tied the knot today at a beach hotel on the eastern side of the island.. Hope they would always be so loving! Wishing them a lifetime full of happy years, long on laughter, short on tears and most importantly enduring love...

More info here:

Friday, October 5

- Hey! Gorgeous -


The Guys

The Gals!

Host and MiLuBing came to search for babes and hunks in RP.. While meeting sun to have lunch, I saw them.. Fiona looks more cute than the previous time I saw her.. After lessons, went to watch the contestants performance.. However, the mic was damn lousy.. Could hardly hear them speaking..

First to perform was Tricia, her dance was quite good.. Looks sweet and has the package.. The other girls look quite ok.. For the guys, they were normal-looking.. Actually, there's even better choice out there, maybe they never spot them..

Never get to watch the full performance but would watch it on TV..

- Credits to Dasmond for the pictures -

Tuesday, October 2

- Family matters -

Otiglbesttotrrmorhdshcsoseenieuathefbnetllfdjrttvttfthsvhar laiuieutohernnimtnunpeosgdniogpoenuaiidesyiceoeeldahumpsnth faseenclateonsoewitaneieywmhotangecnslenesaoaglalntrlaseoeb hasefmnpoatteottwleiuesahthhayehswfaishiwotisrkeytsdulduhtt yaeanhldmthotysdstkiyeeticphtrenttdeiahasaoeorymhtsyetehota

This is an private entry which I encrypted my message.. Just want to feel better writing it out.. Loads and loads of trouble coming by and it seems never-ending.. Disappointment is what I feel now..

Monday, October 1

- Just A day -

Attended lesson per normal, having a role play for sales management which was similar as previous week.. Feel that the lesson was kind of broad that it became like culture lesson.. Gain lots of inputs but felt that it's too much.. After lesson, felt damn tired and eyes were closing..

Initally, FYP was cancelled among the guys.. However, Ling was so pissed off that everyone in class saw it.. As a team, I felt that anything can be discuss and compromise.. There's no need to be so upset.. Anyway, I looked bored and quiet at times because I am tired and no have the mood to talk.. That's ME! So, do accept and respect me!

Thursday, September 27

- Random Entry -

Till now, Though had 3 classes for this semester, it seems quite alright... Most only mixed around with their friends rather than making new ones.. I think it was like that because of the changing of classes.. Was feeling so tired ever since school started.. Anyway, it's finally the last semester already! Have to endure and attend class regulary to get good results..

FYP 2 seems to goes quite smoothly with our regular meetings and discussion.. Enthu is the word I can use.. Hopefully, the results could be shown in our grades..

Since year 3, I do not trust daily grades.. Think about it, Easy-going faciliator give same grades to all even those who put in effort but strict ones give good grades to the better ones.. Come to think about it, its all about your LUCK! Now, I only trusted UT grades which would test my understanding of the topic..

Money is EVIL and it certainly cause unhappiness to my family.. It's not only about money but a person doings as well.. It leads people to harm or burden the family.. How nice if life could be simpler and beautiful!

Created another blog including some of my assignments! Write comments about my creations! =)

Saturday, September 22

- K-ING -

Siang & ME!


Went k-ing with Siang today.. As there were only both of us, we get to sing lots of songs.. Selected so many songs till the song lists gets FULL! The session should end at 7pm but we sang till 8.05pm!

After that, he suggested playing pool and he treated me for it! He's good at aiming and plans things ahead well.. He says that i kinda improved as from the last game and I managed to beat him once!

Siang praises me saying that I could sing well while I praises him that he's good at pool! I feel that every person has its own strengths in certain areas..

Thursday, September 20

- Exploring the Third Dimension -

The heading above was the topic of my module today.. First time using Maya and I certainly have no idea how to start intially.. Was kinda lost.. There was like so many functions and tools in it.. Luckily, there was one who has prior experience.. Thus, seek clarification to understand about the tools and use it.. Was still very new to Maya and need time to be good friend it. Hopefully, I get to know more next lessons..

Felt that I dislike animations, be it 2D or 3D.. Today's one was like only basic and I only managed to absorb that little?! Most likely faciliator expect quite much making me feel kinda stress.. hiz.. Anyway, more would be coming future lessons.. =x

Need to jiayou!

Get to meet Hakeem after class and tell him about previous sem modules as he has not been attending class for certain reasons.. Think he have to buck up this semester..

Wednesday, September 19

- FYP 2 -

Before meeting our supervisor, our team meet up to plan and discuss about project scope and timeline.. Had small arguments but I thought its alright because that proves we did voice out our sugesstions..

Get to meet our supervisor today.. With his guidelines and explanation, get to have clearer ideas on approaching the project..

Till now, had some ideas which everyone kinda agree.. Hopefully, could work effectively in the team for next 15 weeks..

Saturday, September 15

- G302 -

The allocation for it has been published.. Did not get into the first choice our team chosen because lots of team chose that.. However, our selected project would focus more on filming which is almost the same as our preferred choice.. Have to put in more effort for G302 in order to produce better work as results for G301 was only fairly done..

Tuesday, September 11

- New Semester -

Class roster is out.. Glad to be in same class with previous semester friends.. Think we would get to work even better knowing each other strengths and weaknesses.. Hope to work well with new friends too.. =)

Did a personality quiz just now.. Here's my result..

Click to do the test!

Sunday, September 9

- Filming Day II -

Everything seems to be almost the same as yesterday except it was more stricter and organised.. Get to be involve more but still, time was wasted waiting for our turn..

Had the chance to see Fann Wong.. Though she had quite a number of NGs for her dance but everything was worthwhile when she get to see the results everyone wanted.. However, acting as audience there were tired with the clapping and cheering..

Think she was very professional showing a good learning attitude and passion while practicing her dance moves..

Knew a nice chap there, initiated the chat with me.. Talk loads but never ask for each other names.. Nice knowing him.. Hopefully can get the chance to see him in future.. =)

Oh.. And it ends after about an hour later.. -_-"

Saturday, September 8

- Filming Day -

A shot while waiting. . .

Get to have the chance to be an extra, acting in Fann Wong's upcoming movie (Dance of the dragon).. Reached the location at about 8.45am and the filming for us started like about 2 plus?! It's like wasting time there waiting for our turn.. The people there were damn so particular in dressings/hairdo which turns my mum and me off..

The dance floor people such as Vas & Pris and Melvin & Sharon were involved, dancing in the show.. Their dance moves were great but I prefer Vas & Pris moves as it looks more organized and professional.. Almost the end of it, get to see Fann Wong!! But, it was only a glimpse.. Most likely can see her tomorrow I suppose..

Thinking about previous experience, only a glimpse of us could be seen on TV so we think it's not a need to be so particular about it.. Besides that, it would not look good dressing so nice in a so-so ballroom.. The seat was sama like the one in NDP.. -_-" Luckily, the shot lasted not that long.. Tomorrow would be another long day from 7am to about 7pm.. Wonder why to be there so early when started to film our part in the noon.. ?? ?? ??

However, food were provided for breakfast, dinner and tea-break.. There were also some cute girls around for me to see as well which somehow covers up certain bad points listed..

Wednesday, September 5

- Results OUT -

Computer Animation

- Was not as I expected! Did quite well! =)

Digital Video and Audio

- Was not up to my expectation! But chill.. I am quite cool about it.. ;)

IT Security and Management

- As expected! WooHooooo!! =))

Principles of Digital Media Design

- As expected! But.. but.. With UT 4 grades, I should have better grades!!! =((

Project I

- Er.. Quite neutral about it.. ;)

Overall, I am glad with my results..

Should have done better for PDMD if better grades was given & was not late for his lessons.. Did well for UT 4 but it was kinda useless because was pulled down by daily grades..

Sunday, September 2

- Botanic Garden -


-Huan, Sun, ME-


US =)

As what we planned, went nokia service centre to service Sundram hp first.. After which, to botanic garden.. It's been a while since going there.. Walk around there looking & taking pictures.. By right, visiting the Orchid Garden costs 5 bucks but due to students special, we get to have free admission!

Nice company, swan, squirrel & nature!

After exploring the whole area, get to grab something at the food court.. Chatted and laming throughout the session.. Then, walk about 2 stop taking bus 111, it was drizzling which cause me having flu..

Saturday, September 1

- IT comex fair -

During dinner, met my previous secondary friends Benny and company.. Long time no see them already.. Most of them change loads.. After which, went to IT fair with Gary and JW.. Met Kah Hao and Fred working there.. While browsing, heard familiar voices hosting in one corner and I knew it was YES 933 DJ Zhi Yong.. Get to see my favourite host Pei Fen as well.. haha.. Get to walk around and decided to buy an external hard disk with a reasonable price..

It's not like I'm being selfish
Somethings is done for a reason
Forgive about my selfishness
And I knew you will understand

Results was OUT just now
Checked once again
And its still processing
Hopefully, the finalise one
would be a better grade!

Tuesday, August 28

- Corner with Love -

<3 So sweeeet! <3

Just finished watching this drama few days ago.. Feel that the storyline is quite nice and touching as well.. Though certain scenes was kind of draggy but I could see the purpose there.. It enlightened us that a prince need not to be rich to find his princess.. The most important would be true love.. With that, the rest would not matter to the girl.. Overall, a nice show!

Monday, August 27

- A day out -





What's with me?

Went out with buddies to cineleisure.. Make full use of the neoprint machines to take loads of pictures.. After which, went to have tea-break at a hongkong restaurant.. The food tasted nice and the pricing was quite alright.. Then, went to play pool.. Seems that I have improved in terms of accuracy and shooting.. Thanks Siang for the advice in our previous game.. LoL!

Wanted to meet her but was unsure of her working place.. Smsed her and she replied late and indeed that was the place.. Hope to meet her soon..

Saturday, August 25

- Campus SuperStar 2 -

Woohoo.. Shawn and Keely, the male and female champs were my favourite can.. Love Keely's rendition of her first song and Shawn for his last songs.. IMO, these two songs were the ones which pull their scores up..

Both did pretty well but sad to say that this is a competition so only one can be the winner.. Congrats to Shawn, the talented 13 year old for crowning the overall champs! Keely, the adorable girl did well getting the overall female champs too.. It was certainly not an easy tasks to get that far, I suppose they should be very happy with their achievement!

Was kinda expected with the results because the overall champs for similar competition were mostly the males.. I think that's because girls would really go all the way to vote for the guys.. *-)

Friday, August 24

- Just for laughs -

Due to the large file space, I decided not to post the video of our previous assignment.. It's our funny production which includes NGs..

Catch it here!

The video above is a joke by CSS ZiJie.. It is quite lame but funny after you have some thought of it.. There's english subtitle for the non-chinese..


Tuesday, August 21

- Slack Slack SLACK -

Damn slack during today's lesson, there's like only two teams and most seems not in a working mood.. Chatted lots with my classmates about our results and future.. Called for kfc delivery as Ming has the urge of eating it.. Went to the other classroom to settle our lunch and watch movie.. The english subtitle made us laugh and laugh! Almost every words were direct translation from chinese to english.. I doubt Akram would fully understand it.. haha..

During that time, get to chat with Joy and Sundram.. Both of them always seems to argue with one another.. After lesson, accompany huan to grab some food.. Chatted about different countries funfair and the experience we had while planning for outing.. Sounds pretty cool!

Thinking about it, I have known huan and Joy since year 1.. Time really files like nobody business..

Sunday, August 19

- Enjoyable Day -

Went out with some friends yesterday.. During our k-ing session, while we had so much fun singing, the system had a sudden jammed which made us -_-".. Thus, we decided to stay there longer.. The session should end at 2.30pm but we sang till 3.30pm.. LoL!


ling & ming
Candid Shot!

After which, went to GWC to walk around and settle our dinner there.. Next, headed to esplanade awaiting for the fireworks.. Jiewei came to meet us later.. Waited for the fireworks for about 3 hours and it only lasted for about 15 mins?! But I think it's quite worth the waiting with the wonderful fireworks!

Went to grab some food and chatted randomly after it ends!

Sunday, August 12

- My 21st birthday -


They brought me out to makan on Wednesday after my FYP.. The food was quite tasty and I enjoyed the company with my family.. Though some unhappy things happened this year, I am glad that they still celebrate my birthday..


ME & Cake


KS, ME and SH

Fun-Time @ Pool!

Yesterday night, My closer pals celebrated the birthday by turning up at Zhen Fa SteamBoat.. Bought me cake and cologne.. Took lotsa pictures! After which, went playing pool.. Thanks for coming guys to make the celebration possible! =)


Today, went k-ing with Jiewei at marina square.. He treated me $10 for it..=) Sing those popular songs and get high there.. Enjoyed!

Thanks! Appreciated loads..

Thanks for the well wishes from the others too!

Happy Birthday to ME! :)

Thursday, August 9

- National Day -


Wednesday, August 8

- FYP 1 Completed -

YEAH! Finally it's OVER!

The presentation was not as bad as I thought.. Was kinda nervious in the beginning but get to warm up towards the end.. It ends at about 50 minutes.. Thus, there was not much questions asked during the Q and A.. As a whole, I think it was quite okay.. Hopefully, all would get good grades..

I think I would miss the time staying late in school, meeting almost every wednesday and the ton night we had together.. The process is enjoyable though tiring and rushing.. Thinking about it, we did our worked and enjoyed crapping and watching movie together..

We would be in different team for FYP 2.. ALL the BEST for our next team! =)

Good luck to those who have not presented!

Tuesday, August 7

- Preparation for FYP -

After UT, get to meet my FYP mates to prepare the slides for tommorrow presentation, complete our uncompleted tasks and
compile it to our slides.. At the same time, distributed and assigned the slides on which to present.. Hopefully, everything runs smoothly and ends successfully tommorrow..

Friday, July 27

- FYP -

Counting 2 days to the submission for our project.. Been trying my BEST to rush and finish as soon as possible.. Our project is more on testing so most of the time we focused on testing, testing and testing! Besides that, have to do some researches, surveys, project specifications, report and etc...

In the past, told others about our project scope, they thought its easy but actually it's not.. In my views, I feel that all are equally the same, only differences would be each scope has its own difficulty..

Meeting my team mates tommorrow to continue fyp-ing and would be staying overnight at his place.. Hope to get things completed fast.. Thus, there would be lesser burden..

Hope it would be over soon!

Thursday, July 26

- Just another day -

Have been coughing these few days.. Thus, never attend class today.. However, went to catch harry potter with Ah wei.. The show was not not up to my expectation but I feel that I understood the storyline better as compared to previous series... The outing was not really a nice one because he seems to be unhappy with me.. I also do not really know the reason but treat him as per normal..

Recently, went his house to watch vacancy as well.. Certain scenes of it were quite nice and thrilling but I feel that more should be injected..

Sunday, July 22

- Tiffany's Birthday Celebration -

Yummy Cake!

Birthday girl!



Gay-ing seh..

Designed by ME!

The celebration falls at king satay club around clarke quay.. The ambience was quite nice and comfortable.. Never really have a great chat with birthday girl and Candice because most of us were busy eating.. However, I feel that I enjoyed the comapany.. Tried drinking red wine and it tasted not as bad as I thought, though the after taste was quite yucky.. Get to chat and crap loads with my closer pals... Totally random chat alright.. Never felt like talking and sharing so much.. Treasure them loads as we knew each other since secondary.. Oh ya! Two thumbs up to the delicious ice-cream cake! =)

Happy birthday Tiffany!