Tuesday, December 26

[Media Invite] Tsuta Set to Unveil 2 Ramen Dishes Exclusively Available in Singapore!

Tsuta has launched 2 brand-new ramen offerings:
Kamo Paitan Soba (Soup) and Kamo Abura Soba (Dry)

The chef uses only fresh, premium ingredients in the dishes, and does not add any MSG to them. The Kamo Paitan Soba [$11] features a bowl of slurp-worthy duck broth with a creamy consistency. The broth has been slow cooked for 5 hours at precise temperature control. Another star ingredient is the poached duck breast, which is slow cooked in shoyu sauce for a prolonged duration, so that it retains a tender bite. 

The Kamo Abura Soba [$10] features noodles that are marinated with premium shoyu and duck oil; the latter is made from scratch by the chef. As such, the dish boasts a strong umami aftertaste. In addition, it is accompanied with a light refreshing chicken stock with a tinge of sea salt (shio) to perfectly balance the taste. 

Both the soup and dry duck ramen offerings are exclusively available only in Singapore.

Tsuta Singapore 
9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210