Monday, May 30

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Sunday, May 29

A day out with Jiewei & Gary!

National Museum & Singapore Food Expo! (:

Had a great time time & company! (:

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Tuesday, May 24

《K 歌2击队》 Power Duet
K 歌2击队

One of their BEST performance!

Congrats 双子座 to emerge the champion! One of my favourite group! They did well in the finals! I like the rendition they sang for I believe. Great performance!

One of their BEST performance!

The other group I like was 黑白配. I like their 1st performance in the finals, the 2nd one was good but not up to expectation. I think they tried hard to sing it which did not do justice to the song! If they have picked the right song, it will be a hard fight!!

Anyway, everyone who got into the finals are already a winner!

Sunday, May 22

Finished watching this romantic interactive web-drama on xinmsn! This drama is based on a reality game show and each episode lasted around 3mins! Although it is short, I feel that the storyline is interesting because viewers get to play as director by voting the desired outcome for the next 5 episode.

Below are the cast who are involved in the drama:

Jeffrey Xu & Julie Tan

James Seah & Sora Ma

Huang Jing Lun & Teresa Tseng

Sliver Ang & Romeo Tan

After watching, my 2 favourite couple will be Ian & Xiao Yi, Nic & Belle! One is adorable couple and the other a modern one! Great acting from the various cast! Michelle Chia and Bryan Wong did a good job as well! In the end, the winner did not get the true love but instead those who are eliminated get their true love. Nice ending.

So... Who is your favourite couple?

Have not catch it yet?

Visit the official Let's Play Love microsite at

Saturday, May 21

Wow! Was selected & invited as one of the blogger to cover C.L.I.F. [警徽天职] private screening yesterday evening! The event was held at Sinema Old School!

C.L.I.F. [警徽天职] Poster!

Popcorns and drinks are provided! (:

What is this? Crayon?!

Nah! Its actually an USB mouse!
Thanks Channel 8 for the cool gift! (:

Rebecca Lim fan-club!

Joanne Peh & her fan-club!

Ben Yeo!
The funny & talented host!

Cheer for me pls!? =P

Aileen Tan!

Tay Bing Hui!


Chris Tong!

Rayson Tan!

The casts on stage introducing about this cool drama

警徽天职 (C.L.I.F) - Trailer

Then, it was the screening of C.L.I.F. [警徽天职]!!

As a whole, I feel that this drama was great! It was rather fast-pace and allow viewers to better understand the role of police officers in different branches. There are already cases on their hands and viewers get to watch, how it was being investigated and understand the job scope of a police officer better.

Fantastic acting from the various cast! I feel that they acted well with their cool expression! Seriously, I pondered why the first episode of this drama ended so fast!? Seems that I am engaged and too focus while watching it. Wow!! Can't wait to catch the following episode to know what will happen next?!

Overall, I feel that this drama is cool because you get to experience different cases and also behind-the-scene of a police officer! Nice!! I believe I will continue to watch and follow up this show!

Remember to catch C.L.I.F. [警徽天职] 31 May (Tuesday) 9pm on Channel 8!!警徽天职/

Invited bloggers and fans all out there to take pictures!!!

ME & Huan! (:

Had a great and enjoyable evening!!

It was a great experience to watch together with fans and artistes! Tay Ping Hui was really high and fans were cheering! Think everyone had a fun time! (:

Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening
and drama a successful one!

Thank you CH 8 for giving me the opportunity to be one of the
blogger to cover C.L.I.F. [警徽天职]!

Wednesday, May 18

Watched gantz! The storyplot was unpredictable and great! Certain scenes were humorous as well. In the beginning, the storyline was similar to the incite mill. While watching, there was a twist, making you think and ponder. At certain point, I think that its not realistic, however it feels that you are into it, watching them defeating the aliens. Stage 1 of the alien produces some gore scenes. Stage 2 of the alien was funny! Everyone was laughing like nobody businesses. Stage 3 of the alien seems to be unbeatable. They have to go through till each got 100 points. How will the story continue once they hit it?

I thought Kenichi Matsuyama was the leading character but he's the 2nd lead. His acting here was good as usual. His character is similar to Tatsuya fujiwara where he usually act as the "nice person". However, I think there is more to reveal about him in part 2.

kazunari ninomiya was the lead cast. I was rather impressed by his acting ability. I think his expression was strong enough to attract viewers attention. Think he will be deem as one of the actor to act alongside with Kenichi Matsuyama and Tatsuya fujiwara in future.

What can I say about Natsuna?
She's adorable and I think she acted well with her given role.

Overall, its an awesome movie! Can't wait to catch part 2!

Ratings: 4/5