Wednesday, July 27

Happy 21st Alex! (:

Tuesday, July 26

Last Saturday, helped out for my church event. I realised that sometimes it is not a easy job to do the planning and preparation for it. It takes lots of planning, time-management and people. Though it was just a short one, I guess we still put forth a certain amount of work. Be it preparation for the drinks, food, wrapping or even carrying the items.

Thank God that everything went quite smoothly! I guess its usually the case that, when you do it then you will realised that it is not easy. Nevertheless, I felt the joy while helping out! The event was a good one also and serve as a good reminder for me for my career advancement. Got to mingle around with new people and get to know James better! (:

On Sunday, Met Sundu to have waffle! Initially, was rather excited about the waffle buffet at the waffle factory. However, they no longer having it! To add on to that, no photography is allowed! ):

We decided to try the waffle since we are already there. The experience I had was not a pleasant one. The menu was not updated! I ordered strawberry chocolate waffle but it became strawberry waffle. My peppermint float was good though not fantastic. Sundu then decided to try ordering the same waffle to see if there's any chocolate but it turned out the same in the end. We paid for the price of strawberry chocolate waffle still! -____-" Not recommended unless you want to experience it yourself.

Then, met huan and watched harry potter! The show was great! In a scene, they flashed back some of the previous parts of the show. It made me realised how time flies. I have watched all the series of it! Though not all are fantastic, I will still miss it since its already the end! Overall, it ended well!

Me and Huan decided to chill and have dinner at Xin Wang HK cafe!

Home sweet home!

Had a awesome time with Sundu and Huan! (:

Friday, July 22

Had unit group yesterday evening! The prayer was great and powerful! Felt the strong presence of the lord is in our midst! While praying, I felt peaceful and calm! That's the power of our mighty God! Thanks David for the prayer!

I realise that while praying, we should really stay focus on God and not anything else in the mind. From there, you could feel God's love deeper!

At times, I feel ashamed of myself! The more I wanted to be more like God. The more I drifted away from him. I think it's a rather difficult test for me. I certainly hope to complete the race together with my brothers and sisters. Its not through my own strength but through God that I am able to be who I am today.

I have seen many people around me. Different character, interest, passion and goals. Even in church, I get to see different kind of people. At times, you might get hurt in one way or another. It is not that the bro and sis in church are that bad. It is only that we are still humans and have our own emotions and feelings at times.

Friends around me pondered why I spent time with my church friends and neglect them. The truth is that I tried my best to spend time with my family & friends. I hope they will see the effort but not telling me that I am so into church.

The reason why I continue to attend church despite some of the issues mentioned was because I know that: In my heart, God is good and faithful. Whenever I attend service, I feel the joy in my heart. Also, looking at how we serve God together was amazing!

Really pray that I will continue the walk with God, have faith and trust in him because God is love! (:

Tuesday, July 19


Jesus is the way, the truth and the light! (:

FaithBook! (:

Ne-yo's So Sick Cover by Benjamin Eio & Nat Ho!

Awesome combination!

Sunday, July 17

After service, had dinner with LG! After which, Xin Ying decided to catch the fireworks from the NE performance. Arghh.. Should have planned it earlier so I will bring my DSLR camera for the shoot!!! Oh well, I took some pictures using my handphone. Though the resolution is bad but I think it still look decent ya.

Then, decided to watch water fountain since they are near-by the area! The fireworks were splendid because we found a good spot and had a wonderful view! The water fountain was great too! Feel very calm and peaceful watching it!

Great time with brothers and sisters!

Argh.. Restructuring this coming Thursday! Hopefully, everything will turn out well! Will miss the time I had with this LG! (:

Thursday, July 14

Celebrated Li Ping & Hui Ying birthday at Spageddies! It was my first time dining there! The food there was quite good but costly. Had great time drawing, chatting & praying! (:

Happy birthday Li Ping & Hui Ying!
Hope you had a great evening with the LG!

Heard that next week, there will be a restructuring in the group. It's usually the case that when I got to know my LG better, this news came. It happened in the past also. From friends, we can become a hi-bye friend when we are in the new group.

I believe and put my trust in God that everything will be fine and I really hope to get along well with my brothers and sisters in church.

I really thank God to people whom I came across with. I learned and gained alot from each individual. Thank you God for being so loving! (:

Tuesday, July 12

Watched transformers with Gary! The show was great! Love those sound effects & exciting scenes! I feel that certain scenes were rather draggy, if not, the show will be even better. Not to forget the hot girl, Rosie Huntington! Cute! =P

I am glad to share christ with Gary. I pray that God, you will soften his heart and make him draw one step closer to you. You are one compassionate God who loves us so dearly!
Thank you lord! (:

Enjoyed the company with Gary (:

Saturday, July 9

Went for Rachel Liang showcase at st james power house! Danny asked me along since he has free passes to the concert. The pictures was not sharp because I was at the 2nd level. Did not listen her latest album thus it was a good chance to preview her songs there. I like most of her ballad songs and think her live singing was quite good. One of the song I like was hai zi & qing ren zhi ji! Nice! (:

Thanks Danny for the passes! (:

Dinner was at Kim Gary! Great food and company! (: