Thursday, July 14

Celebrated Li Ping & Hui Ying birthday at Spageddies! It was my first time dining there! The food there was quite good but costly. Had great time drawing, chatting & praying! (:

Happy birthday Li Ping & Hui Ying!
Hope you had a great evening with the LG!

Heard that next week, there will be a restructuring in the group. It's usually the case that when I got to know my LG better, this news came. It happened in the past also. From friends, we can become a hi-bye friend when we are in the new group.

I believe and put my trust in God that everything will be fine and I really hope to get along well with my brothers and sisters in church.

I really thank God to people whom I came across with. I learned and gained alot from each individual. Thank you God for being so loving! (: