Sunday, October 29

- 6th Global Chinese Music Award -

The music award was held in Singapore yesterday night! My favourite group S.H.E won a number of award:

Best group (Taiwan Region)
Best Duet Song(Du Chang Qing Ge)
Top 20 songs(Bu Xiang Zhang Da)

Others like Fish Leong, Lee Hom, Rainie Yang and May Day grab a number of awards as well...

S.H.E has a signature session today at 3pm tampines mall.. Oh right, I did not go because I heard that need a pass for admission? Anyway, I went for their autograph session twice before and that's good enough.. I got their signature on Bu Xiang Zhang Da album.. Thinking about it, Selina was pretty, Hebe was adorable and Ella was friendly that time.. Ella shook hand with every fan! =)

Tuesday, October 24

- Star award roadshow! -

Today, I went to bugis junction for the SA roadshow.. My main focus was on.. Ahem.. I think those who knows me better should know... PRISCELIA CHAN!! haha.. She still look as pretty and friendly since the last time I see her.. I always wondering why such friendly and pretty artist do not have lots of acting chances.. MCS wake up! She's one rare talented actress who can act ok.. Give her more major roles to shine!! Anyway, I took some lovely pictures of her.. As a whole, I feel that she has potential and has the overall package... People out there VOTE for Priscelia Chan 1900-112-2229!

Monday, October 23

- Understanding Test 1 -

Phew.. Finally, I have completed all my UT 1.. But.. UT 2 is coming real soon.. If I not wrong, it should be next week? =\ Sians.. So fast... Must really learn to reference well, think fast and most importantly understand the topics I learnt during lesson.. Anyway, 2 UT 1 grades has been published which are Java and Web application.. Oh well, I think I did quite ok for both of the UTs..

Grades for UT 1
Java - B
Web application - C+

However, I think I would do slightly badly for my OS and S.A.D.. I am not sure but I think I made careless mistakes and never reference properly.. Argh.. If not, I am sure that I know how to answer certain questions correctly... *pray* Hopefully, I can have a good grades for these two modules..

Oh ya! I have completed diner dash 2.. haha.. =p

Sunday, October 15

- Star Awards Nomination lists-

The nomination lists for top 20 male and female artists is out! I was wondering how they have been choosen.. Anyway, I do not really bother much about it. As long as Priscelia Chan is in the lists and that's fine alright! wahaha.. =p

Pris do not have much show this year except for my sassy neighbour 2.. She has upcoming drama coming up on 4th dec.. I think it would boost her chance getting in top 10! *pray*

Remember to cast votes for her from 17 Oct, 8:30pm to 10 Dec 9pm! Her number is 1900-112-2229! haha..

The haze has cause the weather to be pretty bad recently.. If possible, try to stay indoor and drink more water! =)

Wednesday, October 11

- E35D Outing -

Today, I went out from morning to night with my closer E35D gang! I felt that I enjoyed the outing with them! =)

In the morning, I meet Wai Tong at the platform at the mrt.. After which, We meet the others at harbour front mac for breakfast.. haha.. While eating, I get to hear from the girls that they decided to buy a cake for Conray's birthday which was on the 15th this month... By the way, the birthday boy have not reach yet.. The girls left to buy the cake.. After a while, Conray reached. We suprised him with a birthday cake and song! Cool yea.. He was touched by what we have done.. haha.. =)

In the afternoon, we went to sentosa! yippie!! We decided to go to siloso beach.. We started off playing frisbee.. It was fun but I think the wind was quite strong so the girls do not have much strength throwing it far distance.. After that, we played captain's ball.. haha.. It was really fun! Everyone enjoyed and funny incident happen every now and then.. wahaha.. Then, it was cards time.. We played heart attack, police and thief and etc.. haha.. Boon Leng came to meet us and we went playing captain's ball again.. After which, some went swimming while others playing basketball.. haha.. I was the one playing basketball..

Time passes fast and it was dinner time! At first, we thought of having dinner at vivo city food court.. However, it was not open yet.. We walked to harbour front centre thinking of eating at banquek but it was packed.. In the end, we ate at the eating place near the interchange.. haha..

Though everyone look quite tired but I believe everyone have lots of fun today.. =)

Sunday, October 8

- Diner Dash 2 -

Phew! I finally managed to complete level 40 of the game! It was certainly not easy because some of my friends was stuck at level 20 and below.. wahaha.. I was very happy because I thought that I have completed it! Hooray!! To my suprise, there are still a number of level to go till i complete it.. Argh.. Now, I am at level 42.. I believe I would complete the game very soon.. haha.. =p

If it was not one of my long known friend who gave me the crack, I think I would not be able to play the full version.. haha.. Thanks to him! But recently, the way he treated me was different from the past. It is due to his complicated BGR I suppose.. His mood could just turn good at this moment and bad at the other moment.. Since I roughly know the reason behind it so I do not really get angry nor blame him..

Saturday, October 7

- Pictures modified/done by E35D gang! -

Done by me!

Done by Brenda!

Done by Conray!

Done by Carmen!

Wednesday, October 4

- 2 weeks in E25F -

Everything seems to get settled down.. By now, I suppose I get used to my class, facis and peers.. Most of my team mates in each module are easy-going and nice.. Get along and work pretty well with some of them... Week 1 and 2 daily grades were published except the one for OS.. I think I did quite well with 2 As and 5 Bs.. Hopefully, my daily grades could maintain or improve for upcoming weeks.. There would be understanding test tomorrow and friday.. That's pretty fast because this was only the second week of the semester.. I felt that I have to put in effort and try my BEST in order to do well for it...