Sunday, May 31

- T-shirt Contest Voting -

Vote for my design:

SMS B7 ( your name) to 81550433
Example: B7 ( your name) -> 81550433

Voting starts today evening!
5pm - 7pm.

Thanks! =D

Saturday, May 30

- Saturday -

Went for rehersals for my
T-shirt design contest.
On my way, Met Rihanna!
Random updates. =D

Anyway, the experience is rather fun.
Though its a short one but I gain certain
knowledge through it.

After which, rot at PS.
Then, meet JX to church.

Service was great nevertheless.
Always let me gain something through it.
Urgency is the KEY.
Repent with immediacy!!
There's really a number I need to.

After which, CG.
Get to know each and everyone better.
It's a great start!

Vote for my design:
SMS B7 ( your name) to 81550433

Example: B7 ( your name) -> 81550433

Voting starts only tommorrow evening!
5pm - 7pm.
- Friday -

After work, went to watch movie - Terminator
with Jon and another Jon grp.

Moodless due to tireness.
Been out from wednesday night.

Before that, went to makan and
walk around the area.
Mingle around with new peeps.
That's really great! =D

The show was not fantastic.
It's a normal show for me.

Ratings: 2.5/5

Friday, May 29

- Thursday -

Recently, felt that I have split
personality at times.
What happen!?
I tend to be NICE yet EVIL at times.
That's not me!

I do not want to be like that.
Why do I tend to complain and
feel unhappiness within me at times?
why do I get to be more
impatience these days?
Which is the real me?
Am I being controlled?
Why do I feel tired to do good at times?
What's stopping me?

Jesus, I know you are always here for me!!
Guide me through.
Change me.
Renew me.
Thinking about the less fortunate one.
I'm so much fortunate.
Have to always keep this in mind.

Just came back home.
Brandon & ME, we actually accompanied
each other to chinatown.
Just so random.
Thanks Brandon. =D

Met my primary friend, Andrew. =)
Heard that he's doing well.

Initially, the outing with Ming
was not a great one.
Due to me started everything.
Wondered why also?!

Why peeps always feel that
my posting is very slack!?
I do feel the workload also u know.
Why cant someone understand?
Everywhere or place u go,
there's certainly pros and cons.
I really do not understand. =(

Anyway, conflict resolved. =)
Had dinner at KFC once again
since he wanted it.
Walk around the area.
Watched Night and the museum 2.
Funny show with normal storyplot.
Lots of laughter in the cinema! =D

The KEY THING to HAPPINESS is to be with your loved ones. =)

Ratings: 3/5

Wednesday, May 27

- Wednesday -

After work, went Bugis to meet Benny!
He's looking freaking different from BMT.
More jovial!

Shop around the area.
Had our dinner at KFC!
Random talking about BMT & working life.
So funny!
Some were really memorable!

Bought myself a bermuda. =D

Enjoyed =)

Tuesday, May 26

- Tuesday -

Working as usual.
Feeling tired. =0

Get to despatch in the afternoon to old PA.
At the same time, went to visit Wei ming.
Random chatting. =)

Most likely, will be going out with
him on thursday! =D

Came home with SIS bros. =)
After which, called to enquire my Unisim App.
Will know the results this week or next.

Wait for my news soon!

Monday, May 25

- Monday -

Working as usual. Went to collect my Most Kissable guy quiz prize. My very handsome working partner Sufian - (He wants me to state it down here) actually accompanied me go collect it. I thought it will be kinda bulky. To my surprised, it was a small bag. After which, had lunchie with my very handsome partner - (he claims to be one again =p).

Had 3 pratas and a fake juice which costs me 10bucks!!! It's quite worth it because it have onions, eggs and cheese in it. The portion is quite reasonable also. Ordered 2 onions, eggs & cheese which was 7 bucks. 1 plain prata 1 buck. 1 cup of fake lime juice. Total damage: $10!! =(

After lunch, Received a call from Hussian. He came here to look at our very own Powel here.
Kinda disappointed as it's not what he actually thought. Then, went to chill at cafe. Treated me drink and he do his talking as usual. Still being playful as before, never grow mature yet. Nice catching up though its a short one!
- Sunday -

Went Jon house for CG!
This time round, Justin and I were task to plan games.
When I was told to do that, I was like huh!?
I do not have any in mind at that very moment.

I get to do research online and see there's any idea coming out.
After which, Something came to my mind.
The game which I have in mind was actually
played in Jacky wu variety show.
Best was that I modified it slightly as mine
was the english version you know.

The day came.
Pretty excited as I'll be the one leading it.
Giving the heros out was really a fun thing to do.
Hope they do not mind the characters i gave them.
While playing, I could sense they are having lotsa fun! (Hopefully)

After which, it was praise and worship!! Wooohooo!! =D
Get to sing along with my CG. =)

Then, it's time for reflections again.
Through that, I know the aim I'm working towards to.
And at the same time, I got to know some of them better. =D

Then, went to meet Gary and PS.
There's a celebrity event there.
Main focus to see was Felicia Chin! Maybe Apple Hong as well?
Initially, was pretty hot and I mean HOT!
First, the weather was so
hot and that so many people squeezing together at
the event makes it even worst!
And worst of all, I was quite far behind because fans sitting infront.
If they stand, I can get closer to the stage, taking better pictures
Within me, I was very very HOT!

After reflecting on myself, I realised
I cannot that hot-temper.
I then cool down and think if I am in their shoes.

After all events, went to makan at
manhattan fish market.
Ordered platter! Woohooo!! Big portions!
Treated Gary as his advance birthday gift.

Random chatting.
Did chatting on my experience
since I joined Hope church. =D

Thanks Gary for the Mua Ji and T-shirt bought
from taiwan trip!

Appreciated! =D

Saturday, May 23

- Saturday -

Hot weather!
Anyway, was not inform to meet CG for lunch.
Thus, rested at home.

Went out at like 2.25pm.
Received a call from Jon.
Poor him waited for us but all PS him.

Waited for bus 60 till Peck Chei.
waited for like 20mins still never come. -_-"
Thus, took bus 21 which made
me walked to mrt station.

Thought I'll be late.
I rushed and walked fast
whenever I can.
Do not wish to miss any part of service.

Am glad that I reach on time. =)

Testimony given was GREAT!
It's talking about fearness which relates to
me when I'm young or at times now.

I tend to think alot.
How people see and view me.
Now, I feel that I can see things
differently and let it go slightly.
Have to change it overtime.

No one is PERFECT.
Even how GOOD, SMART, NICE-LOOKING and etc.
Without god, we are NOTHING.

Remember that, GOD always loves ME!
No matter what happens!

Thanks lord for every talents u've given.

There's nothing to fear about!
Have faith in lord!

Friday, May 22

- Friday -

Working as usual.
Getting tired each day.

It's actually one fine day
where I get to relax.

However, required to help out
at MPO.
Oh well, full of unhappiness.
Still, I went to help out.

There's like a pile of work to do.
Still get it done at the end of the day.
Taught Augestine certain things as well.

Went PS for a concert from I-weekly.
Main to watch were Da mouth.
Thought they will be first but
turned out last.

DA mouth performance the BEST!
High as usual! =)
With dancing and fast pace songs! =D
The others did well too.
Liang Wen Ying is sweet.
Always with that smiling face. =D

Photography skills here is not good
since I'm not really near the stage.
And do not have a super zoom lens. =(

Wanted DSRL so badly.
To get that, must save up. =(

Thursday, May 21

- Thursday -

Working as usual.
Lunch was great!
Had Fish & Co.

Thanks Dio for the treat!
Not to forget our dear Andy.
Always there to feed us.
Appreciated! =)

You may sound evil at times
but I know you do not mean it.
It really test my patience at times.
This shows the real you.

Somethings happen in office
which put blames on us.
Which is not exactly our fault.
Oh nvm! Anyway, we clear our names! =)

Received a call.
Won something from
“Most Kissable Guy” online quiz.
Clinique product hamper worth $100!!
Thanks Channel U.

After which, went to meet my CG!
More peeps joined us this time round!=D
Am really glad to see them.
Had dinner & suggestions for our upcoming CG.
Think everything has been confirmed.

Thanks Lord! =D

Wednesday, May 20

- Random Feelings -

Frustrations was how I felt.
Unhappiness within me.
Complaining & Grumbling within me.
I believe its human nature right?
I controlled and kept slience.

Thinking of lord helps me calm
down slightly later on.
Not worth being angry on minor
issues you know.
No point compaining/grumbling
because it cannot be solved.

It's not me to judge anyone.
It's not me to get anything back in return.
Most importantly, be sincere.
Do not get influence by negative words.
Follow god words & everything will be fine.
I know HE's mighty!

Thanks kor~ Appreciate it. =D

Monday, May 18

- My OFF day -

Went to collect my prize - A Smell of rain DVD. After which, went back home to watch it. Initially, the show was rather boring. As the story goes by, I get to understand the message. It's telling us that Xiao Qi (Nathaniel Ho), a lonely young man, trapped in his childhood grief of being abandoned. From there, he lost faith on himself resulting him doing things on his own. He neglects the wonderful colours in the world, living at darkness. The only person he can talk with, is only his one childhood friend. Till a girl came in to his life, enlightening him to be a changed person. Through it, I realised that one should never look down on himself. Everyone has its own strength & weaknesses. Thus, be confidence and have faith in yourself.

Sunday, May 17

- Church Camp -

I'm BACK! =D

I really enjoyed it alot.
Though I must admit I felt tired.

Before church camp, I set an objective.
To a certain extent, I met most of it.
I have deeper friendship among my NS ministry.
And also with god.

I felt the special bonding we have
within our ministry which
cannot be seen in others.

The workshops given enlightened me alot.
It actually gave me no reasons for not
obeying the lord.

I also get to mingle around with friends from

Malaysia & HongKong as well.

With that, i knew about

their living cultures as well.

The games activity we have were FUN!

Captian's ball!

Really drew our friendship deeper.

On the last night, we had games activites!

Was crazy, fun and madness.

We certainly gain some values from it.

spent time to encourage one another

individually as well.

It's certainly a fruitful experience.
It's our starting point.
There's still a long long way to go.
I believe with god presence, we will have the
strength to carry on.

Wednesday, May 13

- Breathe >> T-shirt
Design Contest-

My T-shirt Design got shortlisted!
Oh my!
Never did I expect it.
Out of 700 over designs.
Only 8 got into the finalists.
And I'm one of it.

Will be wearing it on finals
to showcase.
If its nice, they will even print
it on tees and sell it!

Win or Lose, it's not important
because I'm already a winner! =D

Monday, May 11

- Monday -

Today is a rather busy day for me.
In short, I'm tired. o.O

Sunday, May 10

-Happy Mother's Day -

Bro and I actually
bought this for mum! =D
It's the oto power tap.

Just now, brought mum to
crystal jade for dinner as well.
The food tasted reasonably good.
Small portion though. =(

And guess what!?
My first time treating
my family!=D
Initially, I felt the pinch.
After thinking,
it's worth paying for this meal.

This amount cannot compare
to the love she gave me
all this while. =)

To mothers out there...
- It's the thought that counts -

Thanks Justin! =D

Saturday, May 9

- Saturday -

It's another weekend!!
Woohooo!! =D
Morning went for CG!
Weather is really hot! I must say..
Played blind mice at at playground.
It really bring back my childhood.. =)
It's fun!
We are like 12 yrs old kid u know..

Then, we actually put our bare hands
into this mysterious box.
Which we totally have no ideas what's inside.
It's exciting.
It's Justin creation.

After which, reflections again.
Through that, I learn alot from it.
It relates to my everyday working life.
Then, to church service.
Helped out for the holy communion.
It's fun like doing some
experiment u know..
I must admit I felt tired.
To the extent, sleeping.
I endured and tried best to listen though.

Then, dinner with CG!
Saw Terence! =D

Next, went to meet my NS pals. =)
While waiting, went to MJ, find ex colleague - Jiawen.

Makan at MOS.

Then, POOL. =D
Enjoyed =P

Thursday, May 7

- Jeanette Aw
Osim Event-

I'm satisfied with my photography here.
I believe there's still room for an improvement.
I felt a sense of achievement after the end product.

Feel free to comments on the pictures.
Be it good or bad.
That's where I'll improve. =D