Tuesday, January 29

- Lessons -

Had sales management yesterday, enjoyed the lesson loads as it is about ethics. There's no right or wrong answers thus there are many issues to debate and make one think depth. Felt that it was interesting. I may get to learn and understand more about it. My facilitator wrote each one of us a card which I find it nice.

Photography bros!

Photography lesson is fun today! Get to have a male model and take pictures of him. He's such a great model because he did not rejected any pose we ask him to. I get to feel like a photographer taking different angles of him. Next, get to take pictures! Enjoyed! Thanks my facilitator for the snacks!

Happy to get an "A" for my UT! =)

Saturday, January 26

- Mum's Birthday Celebration -

When mum was young, she like watching celebrity and CNY performances. Thus, accompanied Mum to Causeway point as she wanted to see the performances from the artistes. However, it turns out more to be introducing the dramas and playing of games. I think she was quite disappointed with it. Mei Xin, Eelyn, Ann, May and Yao Wen Long looks great in person. Jacq looks kinda cute too.

After which, went vivo city to meet my brother. We promise mum to buy a wallet for her. Thus, we walk around browsing different types of wallet with her. Suddenly, she thought of buying bag instead. Brother then suggested we could buy both if she wants which I have no objection. However, mum cannot make a decision and ask for suggesions. Did not help much as we got different taste. She wanted to consider so we would get both on her birthday.

Went chinatown as suggested from mum. She wanted to see if there's any performance there. Indeed there was but it was not a singing performance she wanted to see. We stayed to watch the "wu shu" awhile and left. Nice stunts there but the sound effect was loud man.
Happy Birthday, mum!

Wednesday, January 23

- FYP 2 Completed! -

Acting Dao =p

TEAM B!!! =)

Finally, it's OVER! As a whole, I feel that our presentation was well-design, detailed and organized. I think we did a pretty good job in improving the presentation with our supervisior comments. While presenting, was nervous initially, but get t0o warm up towards the end. Some Q and A questions ask was similiar to FYP 1 thus I think we handle it well.

As a whole, I think we did quite well. Hopefully, our hard work can be seen from what we produce. As compared to FYP 1, I feel that I can express better in terms of explaining my points because it is more towards my specialise module. Took some pictures, would upload once I got it.

I think I would miss the time together staying late in school, meeting almost every wednesday and after lesson to get things completed ASAP. The process is enjoyable though tiring and rushing. Thinking about it, we had ups and downs but we still continue to strive on working towards our goal, producing good work. =)

One entry from Ming:
Sometime I quarrel with the team mates is do it on purposely, because I know that some of them needs to be push or agitates them so that they will do the things. Here I am to say sorry to you guys that I have to make this step because I want to push our work rate to the highest.
My reply: Thanks ah~~ your favourite word to suan people. Anyway, I get your point but you should not use that too often. And I think no one would really blame you for that.

Good luck to those who have not presented!

Tuesday, January 22

- Preparation of FYP slides -

Get to stay back after lesson to improve our slides
Stayed till around 8 plus
Was alright at first
but felt nervous after distributing the slides
FYP Presentation is tomorrow
Hope everything goes smoothly


Time to sleep! =)

Thursday, January 17

- TRCC Advertisment -

Theme: Promote Awareness on TRCC

Submitted our work on monday..

Felt a sense of achievement!

Hope YOU like it!!

Friday, January 11

- Random -

3D animation UT 2 - B+!
FYP 2 - 95% completed!
FYP Presentation 23rd Jan!
Graduating in 3 weeks!

It would be ALL over soon!


Thursday, January 10

- Boy bands -


Previewed 5566, Fei Lun Hai and f4 album.. Initially, looking forward to compare their album to see which one is better.. Have quite a high expectation on 5566.. After previewing their songs, felt that their songs was quite alright.. I thought their long waited album would be something more special.. Among 3 albums, I think 5566 one sounds nicer though not as expected.. FLH have to brush up their chinese and blending of songs.. F4 solo singing was not that bad but I prefer Vanness and Vic songs..

Felt that S.H.E was better than the above mention.. A group which have 3 adorable girls who can sing, dance and blend well together.. That is why they are still so popular..

Tuesday, January 8

- Full-Time FYP II -

Skipped photography lesson today as we decided to stay from morning till evening hoping to get most of the things completed.. Get to do some editing and give ideas whenever I have in mind.. During FYP, Ming attitude started from a good to bad one which cause conflicts once again.. He feels that we were slacking without doing work..

I feel that his attitude can be pretty bad if he's angry.. I cannot stand his attitude certain time but decided not to blow the matter up.. However, the arguement still started between Ming and Gary when Ming gave attitude again.. He also mention that we never do anything which I disagree with it.. I did help out in the editing and give ideas which are pretty useful..

Anyway, I did not really take into heart and blame anyone as it is common to have some conflicts while working together.. Worst situation maybe face in a working environment and I believe I can deal with it better next time..

Next monday would be the handing up of FYP thus it would be over soon...

Sunday, January 6

- Fracture humerous (arm) -

Grandma had a fall at home while missing a step on a curb resulting fracture arm.. Visit her with my mum.. Greet her and she looked very blur and tired.. At the moment, was kind of shock that she react this way which appear to be different from the past.. Stayed over one night to accompany her as she always been alone with maid and brother only.. Next morning, was relieved to know that its the strong medicine which cause her to be like this.. She needs extra attention and care this time as she cannot afford to fall once again.. Thus, mum is required to be there tommorrow and Tuesday to look after her..

Hope grandma have a speedy recovery!

Thursday, January 3

- Random entry -

Loaned laptop cannot be switched on yesterday since it shut off itself.. It's pretty weird.. One moment it's working fine and suddenly, it cannot function at all..

It relates same to life.. You would not know what would happen to you the next moment.. The best is to enjoy every single moment you have.. Think positive and take things easy and I believe life would be much simple.. However, human tend not to have this kind of mindset..

Went NS medical checkup early in the morning just now.. The routine seems to be the same... The MO there did a quick checking as usual which I thought a thorough one should be done.. Think they added one new station to it.. Saw Kah Hao and Akram.. Chatted loads with Akram while waiting for huan & sun..

Lunch & shop with sun and went home to make enquiry for the lappy.. Hopefully, can successfully exchange another one tommorrow without any problem..

Wednesday, January 2


Spent the new year with family.. Went to hougang mall for the countdown celebration but we did not stay long because the stage created there was pretty hard for audience viewing it.. Thus, went back for the countdown.. The next day, went shopping around bugis for clothings.. Through the conversation with him, I get to learned certain issues which I find it interesting.. Glad to spend time with him as he seldom come back..

My new year resolution are:
- World peace
- Healthy & happy - Loved ones and Myself
- Genuine relationships - No jealously, backstab & hatred
- Have a positive mindset
- Having better directional sense