Sunday, February 23

I like the texture of this Teck Kee Wanton Noodle which was springy but easy to chew. This dish I ordered was named as 招牌面. It includes char siew, chicken meat, wanton and fried wanton. I like the fried wanton because the skin was thin and crispy yet not too... crunchy. The filling of the fried wanton was fish paste which tasted pretty good! 

The soy based sauce was appetizing which make this dish a pretty yummy one. However, the portion was small for me thus it will be better if more meat were given to make my eating experience a better one.

Ratings: 3.85/5

Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-04/05

Saturday, February 22

Was invited as one of the blogger to cover Channel U’s Private Screening for a new youth drama SCRUM! 冲锋 last Thursday. The event was held at Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel, Ballroom 2.

The Host: Y.E.S 933 Jeff

Chris Lee

Felicia Chin

Carrie Wong

Jae Liew

Jeffrey Xu & Allen Chen

Allen Chen shows off his dancing capability

The cast were being interviewed about their roles and experience acting in the drama.

Jeffrey Xu was the one who sang the theme song for this drama.

A bunch of passionate polytechnic rugby players is stuck in a doldrums of failures year after year, no matter how hard they try – they always end up at the last in all competitions. Some started to give up and trade their dreams for greener pastures, while some lost faith and drive in life altogether. They’re known as the hooligans without teeth in the school – the empty vessels. Their only hope is for an experienced coach to bring them back onto the path of victory. Is Huang Zhao Nan the one?

Some of the cast in the drama:

Li Yongchun’s mission is to get to know the contractor’s son in Greenwood polytechnic, try to infiltrate the illegal online gambling network and to find out who are the masterminds. Li Yongchun believed that the same mastermind is at work which injured his partner. For the first time in his life, he is doing something for a purpose.

The only daughter in the Wong family, Zhaonan is good in her brains and brawn. Her passion for rugby is inspired by her rugby  player dad. Huang Guo Nan is an ex-national rugby player whom has bowed out of the game after an unfortunate accident.

Yizhan tried hard to earn spare cash for the family and this ultimately lead him to join the online illegal gambling syndicate. A proud person, Yizhan is a hard nut to crack and he will at times take risk and undertake extreme action. Throughout the route to the tournament, Yizhan went through a character change to become more matured.

Born in a complicated family, Grace’s elder brother “Hei Ge”, her only kin, is a gang head. She is sweet looking but in reality- a fearsome girl. Grace is hurt by her first boyfriend and since then, she’s been in and out of a string of relationships. She is known as the “playgirl”. Grace is initially interested in Yongchun, because of his rich background. Click to view the other cast.

Managed to catch the 1st episode of SCRUM! 冲锋! The story started off by introducing the character of the cast. It happened in a campus thus for me, I felt that it was back then as a student in a polytechnic. Good that it uses rugby to educate viewers on this particular sport which some may not play it before. 

Certain scenes were humorous and I thought that brighten the show pretty much. I guessed Huang Zhaonan will coach the rugby team with her intensive training. This rugby team then will shine from there.

In my opinion, I thought that Felicia Chin, Jeffrey Xu and Lina Ng acted well with their given roles. Nice~ 

Remember to catch this new programmes soon on Channel U!
SCRUM! 冲锋 - Debuts 26 February 2014, every Wednesday - Friday 8pm!

Bloggers with the cast!

Sunday, February 16

回味中泰小廚 was recommended by my church friend - Guo Feng! Been there a few times for dinner after church service. Usually, we will order the following above! "Mei Ren Yu" Eggplant, Thai Style Honey Chicken and Signature Fish Head!

These food tasted pretty good! Personally, I adore the "Mei Ren Yu" Eggplant & Signature Fish Head more

Ever seen any eggplant being sliced into french fries shape and deep fried? You can find it here! If you dislike the mushy taste of a usual eggplant elsewhere then you have to try this! This one here tasted crispy and the sweet sauce coated added makes this dish a even more flavorful one!

The signature fish head was fresh and hot! You could see the steam while it was being served. What makes this a yummy and memorable dish will be the vegetable gravy! It tasted sweet, sour which gave a special twist to your taste bud. It is a must try if you dine there!

Thai Style Honey Chicken: 3.4/5
"Mei Ren Yu" Eggplant: 4.45/5
Signature Fish Head: 4.55/5

Hui Wei Chinese-Thai Cuisine (回味中泰小厨) 
Nearest MRT: Lavender (EW Line)
Blk 802 French Road #01-69

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1045am - 215pm (Lunch)
           430pm - 1030pm (Dinner)

Thursday, February 13

Was invited as one of the blogger to the private screening of Channel U's new Korea reality travel program ‘A Date with K-pop Stars’ 《我和韩星有个约会》. The event was held at Korea Plaza! Glad to see Rui Ying there..

Had this korea-style buffet spread before the screening start! 

MediaCorp artiste Julie Tan visits Korea to experience the Korean culture unknown to the Singapore audience!

A co-production between Singapore and Korea’s CJ E&M, Julie meets up with K-pop stars in Korea to discover the hottest trends and Koreans’ favourite places. Speaking in English, Mandarin and Korean (no dubbing!), viewers will be introduced to K-food hot spots where K-pop stars usually eat out (eg. At Gangnam where idols from SM, YG, JYP and Cube always dine at), where we can enjoy a traditional Korean Spa, where to shop for the latest trends and where we can go for beauty pampering treats. Viewers will also get to witness the real scene of K-pop when Julie joins Dal Shabet for their concert’s dance training.

Managed to catch the 1st episode of this Korea reality travel program! It features Julie Tan with Dal Shabet. The one who brought Julie Tan around was Jiyul. They went to hunt for food and places of interest. 

Raw crab was one of the interesting food that was being introduced! Pretty interesting ya? Julie also educated viewers another way of drinking soju - Soju with Coke.

Then, they also went to the ice gallery which looked pretty fun! You get to see your favourite celebrity photos around in that area too!

After which, Jiyul invited Julie to her place! And guess what? The rest of the Dal Shabet member were there to welcome her into the house. From there, they got to know each other.

Julie then share with them her wishlist on coming to this korea trip. From there, they help her fulfill her wish in episode 2.

Jeffrey Xu
Host of the day!

Julie Tan shared with us about her experience being involved in this travel programme. 

Julie Tan!

Remember to catch 我和韩星有个约会 A Date with K-pop Stars soon on Channel U!
- Debuts 21 Feb 2014, every Friday 9pm!

Thanks Ch U for the invitation! Am blessed to cover for 
我和韩星有个约会 A Date with K-pop Stars! (:

Sunday, February 9

Was invited as one of the blogger to cover private screening of Channel U's brand new reality programme "Find the WASABI" yesterday afternoon! The event was held at Kuishinbo, Great World City!

Host for the day: Ivy Tan from YES 933 FM

Seraph Sun

Seraph Sun was being interviewed about her experience being part of this reality TV series. She shared some of the challenging tasks and games she went through in the series. At the same time, She managed to discover more of its culture and lifestyle in Japan.

Find the WASABI!” is an info-variety, reality-TV Asian co-pro seriesin which 3 Asian celebs with extensive knowledge on Japan compete against each other to find the hidden taste of Japan – further discovering its culture, food, lifestyle and people through challenging tasks and games.

Interwoven throughout the programme are latest news on Japan’s fashion, beauty and culture – making it the most exciting, entertaining, and up-to-date visual travelogue to Japan. 

The following below are the 3 Asian celebs:

Only one hunter can become WASABI Champion! Who will you be rooting for?

After which, it was screening time! Managed to catch 1st and 2nd episode of this competition-based reality TV series. I thought that it was rather refreshing and interesting. Through this competition, it educated viewers on Japanese culture at the same time. Also, you get to watch how these 3 asian celebs battle their way through to be the winner!

The 1st episode was more of a introduction of this programme and the 3 Asian celebs.

3 Asian celebs have come to Japan for a competition to find the “secret spice” of Japan. The 3 WASABI Hunters will live together in the “WASABI House”, and every week, they will face the challenges of various “Japanese Cultural Mission”. Only 1 person will emerge as the ultimate winner and be crowned the prestige title of WASABI CHAMPION. The battle begins on this day of arrival. 

The 2nd episode theme was Ramen. Their mission was to introduce Ramen at the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum. Before that, they were being taught on certain gesture to enhance the food in photography/videography. At the same time, it educated viewers on how to better make you food look more yummy!

I thought 3 of them had their own way of introducing the Ramen! Among the 3, I thought Palm introduce it pretty well and natural. However, Seraph Sun was smart for having a brief introduction of the restaurant and going to the kitchen to check out the process of cooking Ramen. Thus, She was the winner for the day! 

Remember to catch "Find the WASABI" soon on Channel U!
- Debuts 18 Feb 2014, every Tuesday 8pm!

After which, we had our meal at Kuishinbo! (:

Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening a successful one! Am blessed to have the opportunity to cover for Find the WASABI! (:

Friday, February 7

Was invited as one of the blogger to the Media Launch of LOVEWERKZ Official Video and Sneak Preview of Fou-dre Vodka at FullHouse Signature! The restaurant was pretty with nice ambiance! Think it will be a great place to chill and gather with your friends.

FOU-DRÉ is a five-time distilled ultra-premium vodka, featuring a smooth finish and an unmistakable bottle design. Naturally infused with 100% real fruits, the 80-proof (40% alcohol by volume), FOU-DRÉ is made for those who appreciate fine living, extravagance, and who assert themselves with confidence. The trendy, eye catching bottle design begets high-quality ingredients that create a one-of-a-kind product destined to be unlike any other vodka you have tasted before.


One of the first few who tried this FOU-DRE Vodka! I like the fragrance of this vodka though the alcoholic tasted pretty strong initially. However, after few more sips I thought it tasted pretty good. It was rather refreshing and smooth to the throat. 

The product will be out in March! Remember to look out for it at supermarkets! Selling online at as well! 

Media Launch of  LOVEWERKZ Official Video

Date: 14 Feburary 14
Venue: Chameleon Lounge
Address: 22 Demsey 
Time: 6:30pm - late
Price: $30 + 1 Free drink 
(30% of the ticket sales will be donated to Charity)

Get your tickets here: Lovewerkz Party @ Chameleon Lounge!