Monday, February 3

Finished watching this drama 新神探联盟 Detective Alliance! A china production where Taiwan, China and Hong Kong Celebrity working together to make it possible! I have to say this is certainly my kind of show!

Good story plot where you see how the DBI cleverly solved each cases. 包正 was observant and pretty good in analysing the people around him and the stuff he see which I thought was cool! Glad that in each cases, viewers managed to see how the DBI get hold certain evidence in order to solve those cases. It injected certain elements such as romance and humor which brighten the show as well. 

The ending theme song which was sung by 王凯 was nice~ 

Am rather impressed by the 5 cast, I thought each portrayed their roles rather convincing especially 张铎 and 王凯! Both make a great partner in solving each cases! And yep, in order to do that, they have to trust each other! And.. 张俪 look gorgeous!

Towards the end, viewers then realised that previous cases were all linked to the final one. It ended off with a guess for the viewers to decide. Most likely, there will be a sequel and am looking forward to it!

Ratings: 4/5