Wednesday, January 28

- Chinese New Year -

On new year eve, reunion dinner was rather simple one. Instead of steamboat, mum cook delicious food for us. =)

Went to visit relative place on the first day of new year. It's very quiet thus it resembles a very normal day to me. As each year goes by, CNY seems to be more quiet and boring. Unlike the times when I was young, I always look forward for it! Red packets! Goodies! Paying visits! All seems to fade when I grew older. After which, went marina square to watch performances and take pictures of beautiful lighting. Enjoy myself with families and relatives!

Went to watch the wedding game with family on 2nd day of new year. Main casts were fann and chris. The movie and story surrounds all about them. Bad and I mean BAD storyline though the story has its own flow. It states comedy but I do not find it humourous. The show is far beyond worst than All's well End's well. Watch this show only if you are fans of chris and Fann. If not you can forget about it. After the show, went asian kitchen to have our dinner.

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Saturday, January 24

- Just another day -

Went out with Gary to watch All's well End's well. The show was not what I expected. Rather disappointing. The storyline is not fantastic though humorous. Unexpectedly, this movie has influence me to pursue my true love and somewhat encourages me to go all the way for it. One of the female cast looks adorable which slightly brings up the show. Certainly not a very nice show but if you have nothing better to do and want to have some good laughter, go for it.

Thursday, January 22

- P.O.P DAY-

The day has finally come for all trainees - 133 intake at foxtrot company! P.O.P OH!! Still remember the very first day enlisted. Thinking that how will I ever pull through the trainings and stuff. There were many crazy and fun moments we had during trainings. Not to forget spending precious resting times studying for our law test. Got to know each other better each day pass. The bonding grew but sad to say that every good thing will come to an end.

Had our squad graduation on Tuesday! It's really fun and enjoyable. The performance put up were great! I never expect that it will be that fantastic. It's well-organised and we had our one and only squad song. Damn touching song which hit many of our hearts.

All the best to US wherever we were posted to.

*Pictures will be up soon!

Sunday, January 18

- Just Another Day -

Went to Genie's Zhuo autograph session yesterday at IMM. Arrived there kinda late at about 2.15pm. There was already a crowd there already. She came out at about 2.30pm. She sang a total of 4 songs which includes were my favourites. Looking friendly, tanned, sweet and adorable. =) As expected, her autograph session did not lasted that long. Here's one of a vid which I took. Enjoy!

After which, went to see RuiEn at Jurong point. There was not many people as I thought.

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Sunday, January 11

- Random Thoughts -

Forever Friends?
I wonder and ponder.
Will there ever be?
I doubt so.

I tried to keep contact
but it seems hard.

Especially after graduation
we went separate ways.
All are so busy with our lives.


It's really hard.

In life, we come across different people and have many wonderful and crazy moments however, it may not last long without any catching up. Really miss those carefree days! How nice if time reverse back so that I will not make the mistakes that I ever had done before.

Thursday, January 1

- HAPPY 2009! -

It's 2009! Remember, Life is short, break the rules, forgive and forget quickly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile. Happy new year! =)