Monday, January 29

- Mum's Birthday -

Today is my mum birthday! My family went Han's to have dinner for celebration yesterday.. Bro and Me bought a bag and necklace for her birthday! Hope she likes it! :D

Happy Birthday Mum! May you be healthy and happy always! =)

Thursday, January 25

- Friend -

He is my best friend since secondary school.. Get along pretty well with him.. Would share and exchange any happy or sorrow events. However, ever since he encountered a break up with his girlfriend, everything changed..

He was rather cold to me.. At first, everything turns out to be fine.. He consult me asking my previous experience in relationship.. I tell him how I felt and tell him to try letting go instead of clinging her tightly but it seems very hard for him doing that.. It shows how much he loves her and how deep the girl has hurt him.. Sometimes, I cannot stand him.. He can be nice now but treat you differently the other moment..

Hope that he can return to his usual self treating me the same as before.. Most likely, I would be working with him in FYP... Hopefully, everything turns out alright.. If he continues to be like that, I wonder if it's possible working well with him..

Saturday, January 20

- Just another day -

Woke up early today. Got to know that my cousin passed away. She was contracted by an illness lupus. It was quite a serious disease which would affect the kidney. She went for operation yesterday to save her life. However, she left us today at 1.35am to be with the lord. Though she departed us but I believe she is rejoicing with the lord now.

Yesterday night, my mum told me that her condition was serious. I replied, it's good if she is strong enough to fight for her life but she would suffer the pain. Isn't it better if she pass away with no suffering to be with the lord? Though everyone be sad but at least she would not be suffering.

Mum caught a flu past few days, it was not getting better hence accompanied her to polyclinic today. After which, we went to have lunch.

Friday, January 19

- Understanding Tests -

The web application UT was quite tough. I spent most of the time looking for the answers instead of doing them. Made careless mistakes again.. Never read the question properly which cause me to lose the marks.. Argh.. I think there's not much time to think and complete though I answered all the questions.. On the other hand, I feel that Java UT was a more reasonable one because there's sufficient time to think and complete. Oh well, I have already tried my best..

Hopefully, at least a C+ for both UTs to confirm a overall B+... =)

Thursday, January 18

- Web Application lesson -

Cool.. Was early in school today.. haha.. Today's lesson was quite relaxing because it was more of installing,uninstalling of software and theory based.. Usually, it was studying and implementing of codes.. The installation takes a very long time! Take so long to load certain programs for installation.. Everyone in the class seems happy and relaxing.. Okay! Back for the installation!

I still have Java UT later.. -_-"

Sunday, January 14

- A day with mum -

Today, I went to ikea and courts with my mum to walk around and also to look for a new sofa set for the living room...

First, we went there to hunt for the sofa set, there was quite a number of sets there... I suggests some ideas for the placing and sofa sets which would suit the living room but my mum do not really like it and she thinks it does not match the house... haha.. I already kinda expected because she is very particular when it comes to furniture placing... She takes note of every angle and position to see if it is suitable.. That's her interest and I think she did it very well... Besides that, we went to shop things that interest us as well..

After some consideration, my mum decided to buy a sofa set at courts.. She asked for my views about the set and I think it looks great, the price was reasonable but the colour was almost the same as the previous one.. haha..

Oh! Have some argument and was quite rude to her just now.. I think I should have more patient with her and change my attitude.. What a terrible temper I had just now.. =(

Saturday, January 13

- Random Post -

Have been late for lessons these days.. For yesterday lesson, I reached class very late at about 9.40am I suppose... Damn bus.. The waiting time for bus 161 was about 20 mins and that was so.. long.. Sign.. Certain time, there was spaces at the back, if passenagers are kind enough to move behind, I think I would be able to board the bus and not be late... Grades have been affected as well.. Should have gotten a better grades... I think I have to do something about it not to be late.. =(

I feel quite tired with PBL sometimes.. I was wondering why.. I think certain concepts we gain were quite minor.. Most of the students wants to only achieve good grades but do we actually learn something out of it?

Maybe what we get to learn more was the skills such as being able to communicate well with others, team work and train us to be more confident because we are presenting every lesson...

I think the understanding test was more of a preparation or reference test.. It does not really test our understanding level... If you are good at referencing, you are sure to get good grades.. Anyway, there's pros and cons in any other poly as well.. Just some thoughts about PBL..

Yesterday was Fred's and Daryl's birthday! Close E35D gangs celebrated with them by singing birthday song and bought a cake.. This was the only class that I get to gather more often because they have loads of program.. :)

Oh ya! New blogskin.. =)

Tuesday, January 9

- Youth Entrepreneurship Forum -

Today, I went for the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum with my two other friends.. The talk starts at 12.15pm.. When we arrived, there was already a crowd.. Huan Yeong friend told us that the theater is already full.. However, we just went to try our luck thinking that we might have the chance to get in... Indeed, we are lucky to attend it..

The forum was quite boring with the talking and answering of question.. However, one of the topic captured my attention.. The one regarding the issues on ITE.. I agreed what the speaker say about it.. One can be successful in future even though if he has just a ITE cert.. The most important is that you have interest and believe in yourself..

I guess Andy do not get it because he say..

Andy: haha.. So funny.. The speaker say ITE can be successful so it is telling the student to pursue at ITE level enough already la..

ME: haha.. Bo la.. It's telling us that even if we stop our education at poly level, we can still be successful in future..

Andy: NoD noD..

ME: =D

Sunday, January 7

- Wedding dinner -

Yesterday, My family and I went to my relative wedding dinner at Sentosa Resort (Beayfort Hotel).

The ambiance in the ballroom was great.. It looks classy and comfortable as well. Since the dinner was thrown at Beayfort Hotel situated around Sentosa Resort, I believe that the overall cost must be costly..

It was interesting to know that the food was served fairly among one table.. However, some lucky ones would have extra food if there's some left.. The two dishes, appetizer and prawns are my favourites among the others.. =)

I did not get to have much talking with my cousins and relatives.. I think that's because we do not get to meet often.. The awkward feeling would naturally come.. Anyway, never mind about that, my brother has done all the talking... haha..

Wishing them a lifetime full of happy years, long on laughter, short on tears and most importantly enduring love...