Thursday, December 31

Time passes so fast! It's the last day of the year once again! I'll do a recap of my 2009!!! It's certainly a year where I get to learn many stuff!

I am glad to be posted to CID! A pretty nice place to work, though at times, I tend to grumble about the workload and people I work with. To be posted in PNS office, I get to mingle around with fellow NSFs and PNSmen. I am happy for that because I like to meet new people and friends!

At the same time, I get to regular a church at HOPE! Thanks Brandon for inviting me there, spreading the joy and love! I gain lots of experience through it with different situation and tasks given to me. I think it enhance me to be a better and mature person in one way or another. I get to be more active, street smart & independent as before.

2010 is coming up soon! I pray for my family, friends and myself! And I believe it will be a great year ahead with lots of challenges. I also pray that I am able to manage my time better, to cater for family and friends! Sorry to those who I have neglected!

HAPPY 2010!

Wednesday, December 30

Alright.. Was involved for the preparation of my church countdown party. Few days ago, did research on the helium balloons and stuff. I pray that everything go smoothly as planned. Will be going to have dinner with my church friends than to the countdown party event with my poly friends. And we submitted our particulars to lush! Hopefully, we can be in the guest lists. Free food and drinks! :) Checked the email and we are in the guest lists! She actually called! She sound sweet and friendly! :)

And yeps. Were chatting in msn with Agnes the other day. Realised she's going UNIsim as well. Got to activate for my student portal and mail already.

Won a appreciation of token from a contest I joined in CID. It's a cushion. Though did not win the voucher but its the thought that counts! :)

Sunday, December 27

Just now, went to Expo for a event host by Pei Fen & Jia Fa. Went to see Pei Fen! She's one of my favourite DJ in YES 933! And yeps, get to take picture of/with her!!

After which, went to meet church pals for some sharing.. =)

Friday, December 25

Hillsong United - In Your Hands

I'm so secure, You're here with me
You stay the same, Your love remains here in my heart

So close I believe, You're holding me now
In Your Hands I belong, You'll never let me go
So close I believe You're holding me now
In Your Hands I belong, You'll never let me go

You gave your life
In Your endless love
You set me free
And showed the way
Now I am found

All along, You were beside me
Even when I could'nt tell
Through the years, You showed me more of You, more of You

Thursday, December 24

Went to HOPE church Christmas combine service!! It was rather a happening one! I get to see fantastic song / drama performances. The drama presented was a true person story! It tell us that with jesus, there is always HOPE!

Through it, I realise that it apply to my working environment where one do not accept Christ as yet. At the same time, experience the love from god, for he who give his people HOPE!

I am glad my mum went for the service. I always wanted her to come our service. Though I did not get a very positive response but least she knew that I am serving God with my fellow brother / sister which is good enough. I sincerely pray that I can influence more people to know God. No one beats the love he first gave.

Thanks JX, Justin, Bruce & Brandon for the Christmas cards and also maybe to my other brother I've yet to receive from!!! Thank God for you!!!

Random lightings and Christmas decoration I took recently!

Tuesday, December 22

Went for Jay Chou and Lin Zhi Lin meet and greet session. To my surprise, the crowd there were already alot when I arrived at 6pm. It supposed to start at 7pm but they only came out at 7.40pm. Did not manage to capture good shots since I was quite far behind. I have to say that Jay fans were kinda crazy.

Sunday, December 20

Yesterday evening special service was COOL! Get to sing christmas songs and listen to testimony of my brother and sister. And yeps, SongJun did a great job in his song composition. Had a wonderful time praising and worshiping lord. Hopefully, our visitor get to enjoy and know the real purpose of what christmas is all about!! =)

Today, went to a old folks home near CCK. You can imagine the trip from my place to that area. Woke up 6.30am because we must reached there at 8.30am.

Initially, I was only the helper cum camera-man, but I turn out to be the assistant host instead. It was just so random but I still try my best to speak the dialect correctly. Thus, I did not take any picture.

The number game and hokkien singing session turn out quite bad. However, the drawing / guessing game have better respond. I feel that we should put in more effort into it. We had karaoke session where we get to sing to the old folks there. They were rather passive and the response from them were pretty bad.

Anyways, we did our part and sincerely hope that we bring them joy and hope during the festive seasons!

Friday, December 18

What a long day during my leave!!

Collected my prize from passion!

Went for celebrities event!

Took photos!! =D

Tuesday, December 15

Still not feeling well. Pray that I will get well soon! And yeps completed my pre-ord shoot today. Though not a marksman as before but at least I passed!!

Sunday, December 13

Had gain lots from today CG. It kept me reminded of the things that I ought to do. Seriously, I think it somehow make me think depth and reminded myself not to be distracted but to follow his words. By putting trust and faith in him, every problem can be as tiny as it is. God is our lord who is almighty! Our prayer meet was a great one where we get to pray for current and upcoming issues in our CG. Though we are small, but we are strong!

Then, went for 8 days roadshow.
Felicia & Joanne. =P
At the same time, snap my favourite 8 days cover which was
nicely put up at the roadshow!