Thursday, October 30

Went to IJ's Yummy Punjaby for dinner with LG few months ago. This eatery can be slightly humid thus if possible, wear something light. 

Ordered Starry Nights Tandoori Platter to share along with the naan. Personally, I felt that the dishes tasted good and flavourful. The meat tasted good though the tenderness could be improved. The taste can be rather overwhelming for some thus try finish what you have on your plate before deciding to order more. I have to agree that the naan was nicely done with good texture. 

No.2, Pahang Street
Singapore – 198604

Monday, October 27

College freshman Si-ying has a part-time job at “Café. Waiting. Love” café, owned by a beautiful mysterious woman. There, she befriends Abusi, a tomboyish barista who can make any coffee no matter how ridiculous the customers’ request. She also develops a crush for Zeyu, a popular boy who always sits in the same spot. College senior A-Tuo comes to the cafe with his friends and runs into Abusi, who caused his breakup with his ex-girlfriend. A-Tuo’s friends tease him, but is saved when Si-ying stands up for him. They become fast friends and is introduced to his peers. 

Watched Cafe waiting love 等一個人咖啡 earlier on with Joe. I understand that this film has been screened in cinemas about 2 months and what took me so long to catch it? That is because I have decided to finish reading the novel before watching the film. As I read from somewhere, the story follows closely with the novel but with a slight difference in the plot. 

Personally, I felt the story was good and follows pretty closely to the novel. More characters were introduced in the book but due to time constrain, only some was mentioned. Certain scenes may not appear realistic in the show but its humour element spice up and cover those weaknesses. I was amazed by the story flow that was nicely crafted. To be honest, I was pretty touched in certain scenes as well.

As almost every scenes appeared similar to the novel; there was a twist towards the end which was different. I have to agree that the overall 'feel' was close to the novel. Also, the plot stands out better in the novel as compared. 

每一个人,都在等一个人。 等待一个,能看见妳与众不同的,那一个人。

Ratings: 3.45/5

Saturday, October 25

Finished reading cafe waiting love 等一个人咖啡 novel. Honestly, I never read a novel before but decided to give it a try because of the good reviews. There is also a film for it but I have yet to catch it. I heard the movie follows rather closely though there was some slight differences.

Personally, I felt that this novel was interesting and light-hearted. The story flow was well though certain parts may appear to be slightly draggy. Many characters were being introduced in the book; each has its own character and talent. The main characters were Si-ying, A-Tuo and Zeyu. I adore the character of A-Tuo who is a sociable person that can get along well with almost everyone He met. 

While reading this novel, A-Tuo brought Si-ying to meet his friend from different walk of life. The story behind of him getting to know them was interesting. From there, the story goes on with the different characters being introduced. 

And amazingly, The characters were the ones who hinted Si-ying that in fact all this while, A-Tuo was the one for her. Initially, she was interested in Zeyu but realised that He was not the one for her. The ending was quite predictable but it ended well with everyone finding their true love. 

小小的咖啡店里, 每个人都在等一个人。

Raings: 3.65/5

Friday, October 24

Acclaimed crime novelist Di Shen makes it his mission to expose the evil in humans, as he believes all humans are born depraved. Di Shen is doing a television interview when Agnes manages to escape after being held captive and tortured. As police officers Zhou Jianfeng and Guo Jingcheng fail to get anything out of Agnes, they ask a psychiatrist, Qiu Xueqing, to put Agnes under hypnosis. Agnes reveals the assailant is the strong boxer type and was holding a copy of Di Shen’s novel. She had become acquainted with the assailant online. Jianfeng turns up at Di Shen’s booking-signing event and asks him to assist the police, who believe the assailant was mimicking the culprit in one of Di Shen’s novels. 

Just finished watching Against The Tide 逆潮 on channel 8. Personally, I felt that the story plot was decent and refreshing! The kind of genre that I will sure to catch which kept viewers in suspense. Its been awhile since channel 8 produce such suspense thriller drama and I thought it was rather well crafted.

In each episode, there will be different cases put forth for the police officers to solve. From there, each cases were link to a mysterious group that was formed many years ago. And interestingly, the cases will somewhat lead viewers to find out and discover some uncovered truth. That makes one to start pondering and watched to find out more. 

Kudos to Rui En, Christopher Lee and Desmond Tan acting capability in this drama. I thought that they acted well with their given role. The other celebrities such as Paige Chua, Zhang Zhen Huan did rather well too. 

The finale was splendid and exciting even though I could grasp ahead what will happened next before moving on. I think mediacorp should consider producing genre of drama like this more often, and I am sure to catch it!

Ratings: 3.9/5

Wednesday, October 15

Yellow Submarines Classic (Beef) at Yellow Submarines

Ordered this set previously when I patronize this restaurant, I thought it tasted quite decent as a whole. I felt that the marination can be further improvise for better taste. Good to see that generous portion of meat was served. I like the texture of the torpedo fries! It was nicely done and tasted yummy! One of the best cheese fries I have tasted!

Yellow Submarines
Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 310177 

Sunday, October 12

Police officer in the Southern precinct, WU Ying-xiong, has been revered as a hero in the Harbor City ever since he stopped the terrorists on a Boeing 777 airplane and kept the city safe. Unfortunately, the peace is only temporary. The entire city is in panic as a series of bomb explosions happen within hours and this is just the beginning of a conspiracy. Righteous and impulsive, Wu is paired with the intelligent but arrogant loner CHEN Zhen to track down the mastermind behind the bombing incidents. Facing the unprecedented crisis, the two men team of conflicting personalities is the only hope to reverse the situation. Nonetheless, when moral standards are turned upside down, what faith should they keep to maintain the so-called justice?

Watched 痞子英雄:黎明再起 Black And White: The Dawn Of Justice earlier on today. The story plot and flow was decent though it could have been better. Before this, there was a drama and movie for it, 痞子英雄首部曲:全面开战 and 痞子英雄

As compared, I prefer 痞子英雄首部曲:全面开战 over 痞子英雄:黎明再起 . This is not a lousy film but I have a higher expectation as the previous show and drama were good thus the disappointment. I prefer part 1 because of its good plot and suspense element. As for part 2, the story was rather weak even though the action scenes were exciting. Certain scenes may appear draggy but with the humor element injected, it liven up this film slightly. 

As usual, 陈真 reminded me of 陈在天 in 痞子英雄. Both of them are partner of 吴英雄 in the show. Among the 3 partners, I felt that the best 搭档 still goes to Vic Zhou and Mark Chao.

Ratings: 3.3/5

In "Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno / The Legend Ends," Himura faces the burnt and bandaged antagonist Makoto Shishio (Tatsuya Fujiwara) and members of his elite group Juppongatana.

Watched Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends with Joe yesterday night! Personally, I felt that the story plot and flow was well-crafted. It was presented slightly better compared to Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno

With such a splendid film, it kept me engaged throughout the show, wondering what will happen next. I like the turn-around story of how Kenshin and the government managed to get near and fight against Shishio Makoto. I could see the effort put forth in the fighting choreography which made every scenes pleasing to watch! Certain humour was injected which brighten up the show as well.

I thought that Takeru Satoh and Tatsuya Fujiwara acted well with their given role. Both was equally expressive! Overall, it is probably one of the best blockbuster film of the year!

Ratings: 4.7/5

Saturday, October 11

When I was 17-years-old, Maria was a college student and worked as a private tutor. Her student was me. She left a last massage to me, "when you graduate from college and become an adult, can you become my lover?," and then she disappeared. 10 years later, I meet her again. She is now a suspect in a serial murder case and I am a lawyer.

Finished watching Seijo 聖女. Personally, I thought that the story plot was short and direct. I was anticipating this drama to deliver more in terms of its suspense. However, it did not really do much justice in that area. It is a more typical kind of Japanese drama and not a suspense thriller type that I expect. 

There was an unexpected twist towards the end on certain hidden truth. It ended quite abruptly and I felt that the story could have been extended at least 3 more episode to sum up the entire show. 


Saveur is the brainchild of two young and enterprising friends who decided to pursue their dreams. After stints at various fine diners like Guy Savoy, Fifty Three and Tetsuya’s in Sydney, they discovered that there is a need to provide quality French fare at affordable prices. Armed with an entrepreneur rigor and wit, Saveur was set up. 

Saveur prides herself as a restaurant that offers quality yet affordable French cuisine to the masses. Saveur aims to serve her own interpretation of French food, bringing French cuisine to everyone using local products at down-to-earth prices. Thus, bringing a whole new gastronomic experience to all. 

Saveur Pasta

Foie Gras

Beef Bourguignon 

Pork Belly

Duck Confit

Chicken Roulade


Salted Caramel Lava Cake

Creme Brulee

Personally, I felt that the food tasted good with a reasonable price. The restaurant itself have a nice ambiance with creative layout as well. It will be a good chill-out place to catch up with loved ones.

The dishes I would highly recommend will be: 
- Duck Confit
- Saveur Pasta
- Pork Belly

You may wish to know that the portion of the Saveur Pasta is small thus it will most likely be a good appetizer to share among your friend before your main dish arrive. 

As a whole, I thought this is one restaurant you should visit if you have not!

Talib Court
5 Purvis Street

Monday, October 6

Scrambled eggs paired with cheese, tomatoes & 
Serrano ham sit atop toasted Ciabatta.

Had brunch with Jiewei at Hatched few months ago. I ordered Sam's Chetta and thought that this dish tasted good. The Ciabatta was well-toasted with a spread of butter. I adore the scrambled eggs which was light and tasted not too flavourful for my taste bud. As for the Serrano ham, I thought that it was slightly salty for me. However, it goes well with the eggs and bread. 

267 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278989
6463 0012
Closed on Mondays

Sunday, October 5

Went for Channel 8's brandnew evening belt relaunch 狮城有约 + 118 媒体招待会 held in Bedok Mall yesterday at 2.30pm. These were the celebrities who went for the event - Guo Liang, QiQi, Jianwen, Youyi, Chew Chor Meng, Pan Ling Ling, Chong Qing, Yahui, Xu Bin, Somaline Ang, Liu Lingling, Chen Tian Wen, Nick Teo, Carrie Wong, Dawn Yeoh, Charles Lee, Chen Han Wei, Sheila Sim, Cavin Soh, Priscelia Chan, and Sora Ma! 

The place was already filled with crowd when I reached. Rather disappointed that the distance between the stage and audience were quite far apart. Thus, I expected lesser interaction with the celebrities

I managed to watch an exclusively preview a 15-minute live segment of Hello Singapore and a《118》showreel. For the new segment of Hello Singapore, it will be different as what you see as before with its new features and appearance injected. 

As for the 《118》, This drama offers a light-hearted social commentary on current topics. It feature a host of heartland characters such as homemakers and blue-collar workers, and aims to reflect their concerns and sentiments. I thought that it was rather interesting concept as hot topics and current issues can be incorporated into the story-line. 

It was not easy taking photos with the stage arrangement presented. Thus, I did not take all the celebrities who were there despite trying. 

Do take note of Channel 8's new timing starting from 20 October 2014!

Credits: Channel 8 & Todayonline

Friday, October 3

An ex-NYPD cop and recovering alcoholic haunted by regrets, Matt Scudder (Liam Neeson) has a lot to make up for. When a series of kidnappings targeting the wives of drug dealers escalates to grisly murder, Scudder reluctantly agrees to help a heroin trafficker (Dan Stevens) and his brother (Boyd Holbrook) hunt the two men down and bring them to bloody justice. An unlicensed private detective, Matt gets help from his former colleague (Ruth Wilson) and a homeless 17 year-old artist, TJ (Astro.) Operating just outside the law to track down the monsters responsible, Scudder stops just short of becoming one himself.

Watched A Walk Among The Tombstones with Justin in the afternoon. Personally, I felt that it was rather slow paced with a decent plot. The story flow was not good as expected. Nevertheless, it kept me engaged throughout the film. The filming techniques was not as good as the usual ones thus I guess it may be a lower end production?

I thought it was alright to have many conversation since its a detective film however it could have been better if dialogues were doubled. The climax in certain scenes just hit to a certain degree which was not impactful enough I thought. Its a pity as it somewhat pulled down the show slightly. 

Towards the end, the plot was nicely crafted with good climax. You can see the usual Liam Neeson with his cool and smart moves to tackle the kidnappers. Overall, it was a good thriller film. 

Ratings: 3.2/5