Tuesday, October 30

- Random Thoughts -

Seems that I'm not the only one who lost motivation for school.. My friends felt the same too.. These were some comments quoted from their blog..

I have absolutely ZERO motivation for school.
I dread waking up early and going to school.
I'm losing motivation for school.

Class has been very small since the 5th week of school.. Think most students were sick and tired of it.. Especially when its done through this kind of system.. Students who has prior knowledge will sure to excel better.. And that is not an excuse man...

The lesson which I dread to attend most would be 3D animation.. Hate it loads.. No interest for that at all.. Sometimes seeking help from experts do not even help much.. Thus, I rather just do it by myself.. Just do whatever I can to the idiotic model and submit just to earn a grade..

Anyway, I'm kinda satisfied with my current grades.. Occasionally, just could not stand when friends comparing grades.. Really make my mood swings easily.. If you get good grades, that's good! There is not a need to say out.. And ya.. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, though I'm not so good in maya but I'm certainly better in other areas.. Take note of that..

Sunday, October 28

- Singapore Hits Award -

WooHooo! My favourite group got 6 awards for it! Congrats! =D






-S.H.E- (怎么办)

Monday, October 22

- What a Day?! -

Woke up early.. Wanted to be punctual for lesson.. However, reached school later than before.. All thanks to the traffic and accident on the way to school.. when I stepped into class was like 9.40am? Everyone was happily going to break while I get myself ready andinto the lesson for the day.. -_-" Luckily, it was kinda easy and I got to know the objective for the day..

UT really put me into a hard time.. Staring on a question, trying hard to understand the long-winded english that wasted my time.. Resulting me over-looked one question which the answers smack right infront of me.. However, it's quite a tricky too.. Thanks to whoever who set it.. Really tested my understanding.. Good luck for my grades..

Thursday, October 18

- Star Awards Nomination lists -

Nomination lists for top 20 male and female artists is out! As usual, Priscelia was in the list.. She's also nominated for Screen Sweetheart! Glad to know that.. Get a copy of I-Weekly or 8 DAYS to vote for Pris [15] for Screen Sweetheart! Hopefully, she has other nominations coming up.. She did not have much show this year except for my sassy neighbour 3 and the current 9pm drama.. I think that would boost her chance getting in top 10! Cast votes for her starting from tonight @ 8:00pm to 16 Dec 9pm! Her number is 1900-112-3037! =D

Saturday, October 13

- Random Entry -

Went to video an art gallery for FYP on wednesday.. It was indeed tiring however the process was fun and I get to gain certain skills.. Glad to have a nice actress which help us in our production.. Was damn tired the next day, having 3D animation.. Was unsure on the concepts, neglects the main objective and did badly for it.. Once again, did not meet the objective for yesterday lesson as well.. =(

Feeling tired almost everyday and kinda lost interest in study.. However, Kept telling myself that its already the last sem to make me feel better.. For now, I just have to attend lesson regularly and most importantly do well for UT and FYP..

That's all.. Don't wish to think so much already..

Saturday, October 6

- Celebrity Marriage -

Today is Pris & Alan big day! They tied the knot today at a beach hotel on the eastern side of the island.. Hope they would always be so loving! Wishing them a lifetime full of happy years, long on laughter, short on tears and most importantly enduring love...

More info here:

Friday, October 5

- Hey! Gorgeous -


The Guys

The Gals!

Host and MiLuBing came to search for babes and hunks in RP.. While meeting sun to have lunch, I saw them.. Fiona looks more cute than the previous time I saw her.. After lessons, went to watch the contestants performance.. However, the mic was damn lousy.. Could hardly hear them speaking..

First to perform was Tricia, her dance was quite good.. Looks sweet and has the package.. The other girls look quite ok.. For the guys, they were normal-looking.. Actually, there's even better choice out there, maybe they never spot them..

Never get to watch the full performance but would watch it on TV..

- Credits to Dasmond for the pictures -

Tuesday, October 2

- Family matters -

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This is an private entry which I encrypted my message.. Just want to feel better writing it out.. Loads and loads of trouble coming by and it seems never-ending.. Disappointment is what I feel now..

Monday, October 1

- Just A day -

Attended lesson per normal, having a role play for sales management which was similar as previous week.. Feel that the lesson was kind of broad that it became like culture lesson.. Gain lots of inputs but felt that it's too much.. After lesson, felt damn tired and eyes were closing..

Initally, FYP was cancelled among the guys.. However, Ling was so pissed off that everyone in class saw it.. As a team, I felt that anything can be discuss and compromise.. There's no need to be so upset.. Anyway, I looked bored and quiet at times because I am tired and no have the mood to talk.. That's ME! So, do accept and respect me!