Thursday, March 25

Be it working or schooling, I feel that everyday seems to be a same routine to me. That's life! Anyway, feel that time waits for nobody! Its something I should keep in mind. Now, I get to know the importance of planning.

It was been a while since I last updated! I will try to keep the entry moving.

Thursday, March 11

John 1:4-5
The word of life brought light to everyone and shines in the darkness but has never been understood.

The word is the source of life which enlightened us but least did we ever take note it.

Wednesday, March 10

Won preview tickets to kaiji: The ultimate gambler. Went to watch it with my brother. Think this was one of the show, I wanted to watch most as compared to the other preview won previously. Think I wanted to watch it because I've watched death note, L movie and battle royale, with the same actor in it - Tatsuya and Kenichi.

The story plot was great which include certain humorous, touching and exciting scenes. From the show, it makes me learned to think critically, having determination, and not to trust anyone easily. At the same time, it made me realise that no matter what happens, its still better to be a good person who is trust-worthy. Contradicting yea? Anyway, to my surprise, Kenichi was in it as well.

I enjoyed most of the scenes though some were rather not realistic but certain exciting scenes and great acting skills from the Tatsuya brings it up.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Had a great time with my brother. Rarely have the chance spending time or talking with him. (:

Tuesday, March 9

Met up with HY to catch up with lives. This time round, I think I'm more comfortable in sharing my thoughts freely as before. Great catch up! And my eyes was irritated with a tiny winy hair stuck around my eyelid since afternoon. I only get to wipe it out while bathing. Thanks mum for showing the immediate concern when I told her about it. I felt it. (:

John 1:1-3
The word was the same as god who created all things!

Sunday, March 7

Despite having flu, I still went for CG. Never did I expect it was a combine CG. It's been a while I last seen the other group people. Nice to know that they are doing well. This time round, we went for kite flying at Marina Barrage. It was like a continuation from last week where we created our own kites.

Time for our kite flying, while the other group happily enjoying their food, our group tried flying kites. However, it did not work out well! Thanks Dennis, Wee Lic, Ying Han for the help of our kites! Not to forget Wen Wei who modified one of our kite, making it flying high up to the sky. Feel that Justin and JX did were kinda creative in their kite making. Thanks HY for the encouragement prayer as well. Though the kites did not work out well for most of us, I feel that the process was enjoyable. Nice catch up but terrible weather! Sometimes in life, its not only about the result but process isn't it?

Monday, March 1

Finshed watching this taiwan idol drama!! This is another amazing drama I will recommend you to watch! The storyline is great and not draggy! While watching, you get to know that LOVE is all about! Emotions got to me while watching certain scenes. I think the cast choosen really suits their role in the show. 2 thumbs up for Ady An, Vanness Wu and Chris Wu! Not to forget the adorable Xiao Xiao Bin! The song is compose specially for the drama as well! Meaningful lyrics.

Happy ending!

Ratings: 4/5