Tuesday, October 23

Watched Liar Game - The Final Stage & Reborn! The final stage was a continuation of the Liar Game series. Nice to see how the story flow and strategies in order to be that ultimate winner. It really test my ability to think further and ahead on what could actually happen next. Nice! 

Reborn was more of an extended restart version whereby Nao was replaced by Yu. She was selected to play this game and seek help from Akiyama. Similarly, she was as soft-hearted just like Nao. Thus, Akiyama decided to play enter the liar game once again. 

The final stage was a game - Garden Of Eden & Reborn was a game of Musical Chair. Both had similar concept. To win, one has to coo-operate to have a win-win situation. 

As compared, I feel that Garden Of Eden has a better plot on the strategies and keep viewers in suspense, thinking who is the person who sabotage the entire game. Also, the methods to find out who is the one was nicely done.

Musical chair was good though I feel that the plot is not as strong and the ending is rather predictable. To add on, it is like a new film and characters in it and sadly, Nao is not acting in Reborn. Still, nice brainstorming and strategies to win the game.  

Ultimately, this film educates me a lot about humans nature. Sometimes, we should just have faith and trust one another in order to have a win-win situation. 

Ratings: The Final Stage: 3.75/5
               Reborn: 2.95/5

Sunday, October 21

Had dinner with Jeffrey yesterday evening at Bao Today 包今天. Was my first time to the restaurant, and we decided to have dum sum. Nice ambiance with old school tables and chairs. The food tasted reasonably tasty. The 2 dishes that I did like to recommend would be Sesame Bun & Spring Roll Japanese Sweet Potato! Yummy! 


The first bite for this bun, you will feel that it is rather dry. However, after more bites, there will be a layer of thick juicy sesame! 


The Spring Roll Japanese Sweet Potato is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! Nice!

Ambiance: 2.75/5
Service: 3/5
Price: 3/5
Food: 3.5/5

After which, watched Sinister! I feel that this film is direct and keep viewers in suspense. The story plot is average but lack climax. The flow is there though I thought it could be better. It is usually the sound effect which makes it more intense. There isn't subtitle thus initially, I did not really grasp certain parts, only later on of the movie. 

Ratings: 2.75/5

Sunday, October 14

Alright, gonna recommend a dish at Keisuke! This restaurant is situated at Millenia Walk. I like the ambiance which comes along with dim lights to enhance the atmosphere. 

Image courtesy from: rubbisheatrubbishgrow

Oh ya. Something unique about this place is that you get to Make Your Own Ramen! Look at the menu above! There are different options for to suit your taste bud! One plus point there! Also, you can write your initials on the top left corner and your name will be called upon being served. (:

The dish I did like to recommend will be Crab Stock Ramen! I like the thick crab soup based! It blends well together with the char siew and egg! Look at the nicely done egg! It will be better if the char siew is more tender. Oh ya, FREE flow of beansprouts served! 

Only till today, I know that the long queue Japanese restaurant at Tanjong Pagar is Keisuke! Means there are 2 outlets! Nice!

Food: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3.75/5
Value for Price: 3/5

Friday, October 12

Watched Taken 2 with John recently! Been looking forward to this film after watching Taken. I feel that the plot is acceptable though I thought that it could be better. 

First it was the father who rescued the daughter, and now it was the daughter who rescued him. Nice! I like how the father actually instructed her daughter on the methods to find him. Smart move on the father side too. Overall, it is still one good action thriller.

Kudos to the actors and actresses acting! Especially to pretty Maggie Grace! Still looking sweet!

As compared, I think Taken has better focus on the overall story and plot.

Ratings: 3/5

Monday, October 8

Watched imperfect with Jw yesterday afternoon at yishun GV. I feel that the story is not draggy and goes straight to the point. Nice plot though I thought it could be better. It is a typical loyalty gangster show, but this one here injected kinship and certain humor too. This film reminds me of Taiwan titles such as Din Tao & Monga.

Kudos to Edwin Goh, Ian Fang & Patrick Li acting! Think they did a rather good job! Great acting from the various cast too! 

Overall, its a film to educate viewers out there not to be revengeful. Learn to forgive and forget. Also, not to look down but to give ex-offenders a chance to turn a new leaf. 

Ratings: 2.65/5