Tuesday, October 23

Watched Liar Game - The Final Stage & Reborn! The final stage was a continuation of the Liar Game series. Nice to see how the story flow and strategies in order to be that ultimate winner. It really test my ability to think further and ahead on what could actually happen next. Nice! 

Reborn was more of an extended restart version whereby Nao was replaced by Yu. She was selected to play this game and seek help from Akiyama. Similarly, she was as soft-hearted just like Nao. Thus, Akiyama decided to play enter the liar game once again. 

The final stage was a game - Garden Of Eden & Reborn was a game of Musical Chair. Both had similar concept. To win, one has to coo-operate to have a win-win situation. 

As compared, I feel that Garden Of Eden has a better plot on the strategies and keep viewers in suspense, thinking who is the person who sabotage the entire game. Also, the methods to find out who is the one was nicely done.

Musical chair was good though I feel that the plot is not as strong and the ending is rather predictable. To add on, it is like a new film and characters in it and sadly, Nao is not acting in Reborn. Still, nice brainstorming and strategies to win the game.  

Ultimately, this film educates me a lot about humans nature. Sometimes, we should just have faith and trust one another in order to have a win-win situation. 

Ratings: The Final Stage: 3.75/5
               Reborn: 2.95/5