Thursday, September 28

- NewMan Mag -

Yippie! Priscelia Chan is featured in this month NewMan mag! She look really pretty and sexy! Cool.. I wished to buy but the mag is quite costly so I decided not to buy.. However, a person I knew from mediacorp forum was kind enough to add me and send me her pictures! Due to the BIG file size of pictures and laggy sending through msn in school, I managed to get some of the pictures only. Hopefully, I can have all the pictures soon.. =p

Yesterday, I sent my assignments to one of my good friend.. It is not worth being nice because he do not seems appreciative but gave me attitude every now and then yesterday night.. I was really disappointed and do not know what happen.. Maybe he's in real bad mood? Anyway, I hope everything is alright now.. Movie with Jiewei was also cancelled today.. I really look forward watching the show.. *sians* Anyway, I am sure there would be chance soon..

Sunday, September 24

- Wo Yao De Shi Jie -

I really like this song (Wo Yao De Shi Jie) which was compose by Elva Hsiao. She's my favourite female singer as well.. I think the lyrics are meaningful and it touches me too.. This week the song was ranked number 4 in Yes933 long hu bang which was quite well done as her new album was not out yet.. I have been waiting for her album a long time.. Hopefully, her album would be OUT this year.. Her overall for the Di San Ji Du most popular female singer was ranked number 6, 55 points with only one song which was Wo Yao De Shi Jie. =)

S.H.E, which was my favourite group singer did well in long hu bang too..

Continue to vote for their song in long hu bang yea.. =p

Thursday, September 21

- New class -

Today's new class was quite ok, I can interact quite well with them.. I have to take the initiative to talk to them.. haha.. Hopefully, the class is really ok because today was only the first lesson.. However, it was quite tiring lesson.. Can you imgaine doing 7 questions(with sub questions) writing out the codes individually.. Argh.. So many codes till I want to sleep already.. Besides that, I think many of us dislikes the faci because I heard some team complained that he's pretty strict.. So is this good or bad? I think there's pros and cons.. haha..

All the BEST for me in this class.. =p

Monday, September 18

- School holidays ending-

2 days left before school reopens... As usual, There will be changing of class, peers and faci. Besides that, my previous faci said that this coming semester would be tougher.. OMG! Need to work hard in order to maintain or get better gpa. Hopefully, I get to meet nice, helpful peers and maybe unbias facis in my new class? Though I always thought that it's not easy to grade 25 students in a class. However, at times, I still complained that I should have better grades for certain lessons. LOL! It cannot be blame because no matter what I am still human and that's human nature.. wahaha.. Oh ya! UT 4 grades published, I think I did pretty well.. That's the reason why I did well for my overall grades for each module.. =p

All the BEST for my upcoming semester ba.. Hopefully, I can cope and do well and maybe lesser complains.. =x

Saturday, September 16

- Primary Friends Outing -

Today, I went to TM with my primary school buddies, James and Zhi Qiang to eat, shop and meet up.. It's been a long time since I saw them.. I think Zhi Qiang look more mature, taller and perhaps lame now? LOL! James still look almost the same except that he is slimmer now.

We decided to have our lunch at food court. While eating, we kept talking about our past memories in MXPS. Moreover, we named some friends to see if 3 of us know them. Thinking about it, I realised that time passes real fast. Some others we mentioned has relationship already. After which, we went arcade to play daytona and other stuff. Alright?! Zhi Qiang was really slow in his driving. I even managed to overtake him one lap! wahaha! =p

Then, we went shopping around TM, I think Zhi Qiang can really shop. He entered almost every store in TM which made us feel alittle tired.. LOL! Besides that, we went to challeges and cash converter to shop..

Another outing next sunday?! Zhi Qiang is going to plan it.. Hopefully, there would be more people going for it! =)

Friday, September 15

- Wynn Birthday BBQ! -

ME and birthday gal..

Just came back from Wynn's birthday BBQ at Aloha Loyang resorts. I went there with Joy, Ting^2 and Yan Shan. On the way to take the shutter bus, we chatted quite alot. To my suprise, they said I have changed from a quiet person to a person who is lame and talkative. LOL! They even said my character looks like Bryan.. Oh my gosh! I am not! I am still myself but I do agree I appeared to be more lame and talkative in front of them. haha.. After a while, Sophia and her boyfriend came to meet us as well..

We reached the place and went to her room to chat, lame around and take pictures. I felt that Wynn getting more slimmer. Jia you and continue to slim down to have better figure.. LOL! After which, we decided to take group picture on the bed. As everyone wanted to take the picture, we heard a 'crack' sound. Oh No! One side of the bed was cracked. Poor Ting^2 foot was scratched by it hurt, swollen and in pain. Hopefully, Wynn need not pay for the damages. =x

While we were eating, I started to chat with everyone.. However, Joy and company complained that I was only talking to Yan Shan.. LOL! Yup.. I think only to a certain extent at times. They always liked to make fun of me and her.. So lame sia.. We are only friends.. Good friends! Everyone of us are good friends yea! LOL! =) Sophia kept laughing at small matters which made everyone laughed at her instead of the incident.. LOL!

Everyone enjoyed ourselves yea... =)

Happy Birthday Wynn! May all your wishes come true! =)

Tuesday, September 12

- Results OUT! -

Today, I went in to admin to check whether my CE activity points have been updated. However, it is not updated yet. Then, I decided to see whether the overall grades have been published. To my surprise, it is out. haha.. I think I have done fairly well.. 2 B and 2 B+.. I believe that I could have done even better if I work harder. Overall, I am satisfied with my results! =)

Anyway, Happy birthday Candice! LOL!

Monday, September 11

- Cyber Scholars Gathering -

Today, I went out to eat with my secondary school friends. I felt that this outing was a good one as everyone we asked went. That's great! =)

We walked around bugis and finally decided to eat steamboat (Tian Tian huo guo). In the beginning, we did not really know the charges. However, when the waiter showed us the menu, we realised that it was quite costly. Anyway, we think that it's ok because we meet once in a while.

I felt that everyone enjoyed ourselves and I think most of the credits goes to Ivan (telecredibles) because he really liven up everyone of us with his lame games. Though it was lame but it was very fun! Everyone were laughing non stop. Tiffany was very funny at times with her broken chinese too.. LOL!

After our heavy dinner, we decided to take a walk from bugis area to city hall interchange to take train back home. haha..

I believe we have a great time today! =)

Sunday, September 10

- Shocking news -

I have received a sms yesterday stating that one of my secondary/ITE friend has passed away around mid-night while she was working. She was knocked by a tractor. When I received the sms, I was shocked and wonder if it was a joke because during secondary days she was not popular among the peers. However, it was confirmed when I saw her photo on the obituaries session in today's paper. I felt quite sad that such tragic happened to her. I realised that life is fragile. After this incident, I felt that I ought to treasure it well and live happy everyday.

Saturday, September 9

- SuperStar Concert -

Today went to Toa Payoh HDB Hub with my mum to catch stars from previous four talent searches(SuperBand, Project SuperStar, SuperHost and Campus Superstar). The event starts at 9am.

We reached there quite late at about 1pm. There was such a big crowd. We decided to have our lunch at the foodcourt first. While searching for a place to eat, I heard someone singing thus I went out to take a look and it was brods. I knew that I would missed the performace on SuperBand. After that, we went back to settle our lunch.

After lunch, we went to see the concert. It was the campus superstar gang turn to perform. Dean was the first person to perform. Her popularity was damn good as many fans were cheering and shouting her name. I liked the song she sang which was Hui You Na Me Yi Tian. It was really nice! =) After which, it was Teresa.. Her smile was pretty sweet and her voice was still as smooth as before. Yi Yuan was the only one who did a great job to capture audience attention. He walked left, right and middle of the stage. Besides that, he looked up and waved to the audience on the second story as well. One of the song Zhi Yang sang was Da Cheng Xiao Ai. Oh my gosh! he sang with feeling and bring the song out well. Khim and the others sang well too!

It was Project superstar turn to perform. One of the song Derrick sang was yong qi. He sang it quite well and he is now more fitter due to his training in army I suppose. He was another one who has high popularity. Sin Huey looked more slim and pretty now. She sang one verse of song from her new album which was quite nice. Her album would be out soon, those who like her can support by buying her album. Kelvin sang his songs well too!

Overall, their performace were great! =)

Thursday, September 7

- Previewing of Lastest Album -

I have spent time previewing FIR, David Tao, Energy and Jay Zhou lastest album songs. Overall, I felt that their songs were not that bad. However, I think FIR songs were more catchy and commendable compared to the other albums listed above. Jay's songs were not bad as well. I realised that I actually like 5 songs from each of their album. The songs melody was nice and meaningful..

From Jay album:

Mi Shi Xiang
Dui Hou
Yu Ye
Bai Se Feng Zhe
Qian Li Zhi Wai

From Energy album:

Ai Shi Kong
Ai Qing Feng Xiang Qiu
Zui Hao
Bu Zai Hu You Mei You Yi Hou
Dai Bai

From David Tao album:

Jing Tian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo
Si Cheng Xiang Zhi
Tai Mei Li
Wang Bu Liao
Zi Dao Zi Yan De Bei Ju

From FIR album:

Get High
Ni Hen Ai Ta
Bei Ji Quan
Tian Tian Ye Ye
Yu Ying Hua

Wednesday, September 6

- Eureka.06 Science Symposium -

Today went to Matrix Auditorium, Biopolis from 8.30am - 5pm to attend science talk. I wonder I went there because of interest or CE points? hmm.. Let me think.. I am sure I am there because of the points.. haha.. However, I still tried to pay attention to every speaker during their presentation.. Did I? I hope so.. =P

Can you imagine? Staying there listening to 8-10 speaker presenting their stuff. Oh My Gosh! At first, I was paying quite attentive to the speaker. I realised I got distracted, fidgeting around with the free torchlight given and started chatting happily with my friend. LOL! I shared some past memories I had during my secondary school days.. However, there were great refreshments and long lunch break.. =)

During lunch break, Gary, Jun Liang and Me walked around, hoping to find a place to settle our lunch.. We walked and walked.. In the end, we decided to have our lunch at the kopi tiam.. =/ LOL! Jun Liang mentioned something which made me throw out the sip of soup in my mouth.. haha! So funny! I heard he said that his new handphone had 60 gigabyte of memory space! LOL! Alright.. Actually I hear it wrongly, he said 6 or more megabyte instead of 60 gigabyte! wahaha! We have taken some pictures as well!

Everything went quite smoothly today. I hope that I have gain something from it in order to do the quiz and RJ.. =)

*Pictures Updated!

Sunday, September 3

- Working day -

Today went to Expo distributing flyers again! Initially, the distributing of flyers was quite alright like how we would distribute. However, it was quite a mess later. LOL! One distributor
starts throwing/forcing people to take it. haha. So Funny! Everyone started to follow him and did the same way. I knew that it was not that polite to do that but it was sure entertaining and fun! haha.. Thanks to those who took a pile of flyers from us. Hopefully, they get the things they wanted. = p

Actually, I thought of getting a external harddisk there. However, I turned out buying a bluetooth. I wished to get one harddisk but I think not so soon.

Saturday, September 2

- Bad to good day? -

Yesterday, my uncle called me and asked me to work at his company. I rejected and told him that I promised my friend to work at the IT fair which was located at Singapore Expo. I felt wasted because my uncle would pay me $7 per hour while working at the Singapore Expo would pay me $4 per hour. Oh my gosh! $3 difference! Faint.. What to do? I have promised my friend to work there..

Today went to IT fair with my friend to work distributing flyers. I was feeling quite upset when I got to know that everything was not known such as the booth number and etc. It causes some delay. However, we approached Benson to seek help as he introduced the job to us. Everything was alright in awhile. He ought to be reponsible for it! haha.. =p

The person in charge was pretty friendly which made us feel great! After which, we went to distribute the flyers. Besides that, we also spent some time window shopping stuff that interest us. Hopefully, we would get what we want tomorrow(We would be working there tomorrow again) =)

Although it was quite tiring, I believe we had a great time working! =)