Saturday, June 25

[MEDIA INVITE] Satay or Nasi Lemak? Now you can have both at one go at CRAVE, plus Cendol Melaka too!

In conjunction with Hari Raya festive celebration, CRAVE introduces all-time local favourites - Satay Nasi Lemak Set (S$5.90), Cendol Melaka (S$2.50) and Air Limau Selaseh (S$2.50) -for a limited time only.  

 Satay Nasi Lemak Set


The satay is marinated with a medley of spices and drenched in Selera Rasa’s very own satay peanut sauce concoction. Enjoy yummy Satay Nasi Lemak set that comes with sides of ikan bilis, sliced  cucumber and the signature sambal chilli. It is also available à la carte, and goes at six pieces for S$5.90.

 Air Limau Selaseh

Cendol Melaka

Wash the good food down with Rafee’s Corner’s rendition of air limau selaseh. In vibrant colours reminiscent of a tropical sunset, it is bound to invigorate your senses with its tangy note. Another great way to cap off the gratifying meal is the local’s favourite cendol melaka, with its combination of green jelly noodles, fragrant fresh coconut milk and rich taste of gula melaka. 

This special menu is available at all CRAVE outlets islandwide available until 15 July.

Riding on its success, CRAVE has launched its newest outlet at City Square Mall on 24 June 2016. This is the seventh outlet since the brand inception in September 2015.

CRAVE @ City Square Mall
#B2-K2/K3/K4 and K11 Singapore 208539

Sunday, June 19

[Blog collaboration] Product Review: Ted-A-Car Air Fresheners

Ted-A-Car Air Freshener is an up-and-coming air freshener product from Thailand. The air fresheners come in the shape of a teddy bear with a twist. A break-through from traditional air fresheners that are bulky or common in designs.


These adorable freshener can be used in a car, restroom, closet, bedroom, bags and many more indoor places. It can last up to 30 days (sometimes more) depending on the environment it is exposed to. Just like a normal air freshener, it works on the principal of evaporation. The environment’s humidity and area of coverage plays a part in determining the air freshener’s lifetime. 

You may begin by slitting an opening in the plastic cover. Pull out the string and hang it freely to avoid staining of surrounding areas. Kindly avoid leaning on plastic, furniture or painted surfaces. Another way will be to slit a small opening big enough for the string to be pulled out, so that the scent will disseminate into the environment, keeping the plastic cover on as a separator.  

It is durable that it feels like wood, but it is made up of many layers of paper baked dry together. Please avoid washing it or letting it come into contact with water. Some flavors smell so yummy but Ted-A-Car is not edible! Keep out of children and pet’s reach to avoid them mistaking it for food.

It introduces more than 20 unique scents with each scent having its own teddy design. Unfortunately, some are manufactured in certain seasons and most of them are sold out. 

Some examples of flavors are:
Coconut | Pineapple | Popcorn | Hazelnut Macaron | Bubble Gum | Groom | Bride | Aroma Spa | Ocean | Strawberry | Blossom | Vanilla | Cola | Cantaloupe | New Car | Apple Candy | Caramel | Umeshu | Moroccan Candle | Lemon Ice Tea | 

 Snow Fresh Flavour

Mango Flavour

 Lavender Flavour
Cookie Vanilla Flavour

Each design and flavour are carefully designed and chosen to match your identity! I adore the different unique scents they offer with nice packaging. There are more than 20 unique scents for you to choose from. Hence, there will certainly be that few scents you like! 

A good gift ideas for corporate events, friends and loved ones!

Oh ya, with the many different teddy bear design, you may want to buy and collect them all! After the scent had finished, you can use it as a decor for your house, bag or anything you can think off. Bring these Ted-A-Car Air Freshener home today!

You may wish to email: to order or enquire on the products! 

Facebook: Ted A Car
Instagram: Ted A Car

Saturday, June 18

[Media Invitation] Miam Miam Honours the Workforce Heroes in Singapore

Singapore is what she is today thank to the people. Together, the collective efforts of all  Singaporeans, especially the workforces in the private, public  and  government sector have helped  to create the Singapore brand, which is synonymous with efficiency and tenacity. 

French-Japanese casual café kitchen Miam Miam has specially whipped up new offerings to help you fete these workforce heroes and thank them for their hard work.

Superfood Salad 

This nourishing offering is pulled together by a dollop of French sherry vinaigrette, which enlivens with its deeply sweet and complex note.

Chicken Miso Salad 

Hunks of succulent roasted chicken are perched on a bed of crisp salad, and French buttered crotons and sesame seeds serve as garnishing. An enticing miso dressing that hits the right spots of sweet, salty, fruity and earthy is drizzled over the salad for that extra oomph. 

Shogayaki Pork 

The pork loin meat is marinated with Shoyu sauce and fresh ginger for 24 hours. Then, the pork is sliced to consistent thickness before it is pan-fried for exactly one minute. Such short cooking time ensures the meat retains its juiciness.

Salted Egg Soufflé 

The luscious combination of salted egg lava and vanilla is housed in a fluffy and ethereal exterior!

Invite the workforce hero in your company to Miam Miam. Request for a thank you card when you order a workforce hero meal and write a heartfelt message.  Then, take a photo with the card, post  it  on  Miam  Miam  Facebook  page  and  tag  the  recipient.  You  will  get  to  enjoy  a  free  Salted  Egg Soufflé!

Your nominated colleague  can  choose  between  the  Workforce  Hero  Meal  Set  A  and  Set B. Set  A comprises any main (Miam Donburi or pasta), starter salad and a cup of freshly brewed tea (iced or hot) at  only  S$17.90++.  Set B comprises any main course salad, soup of the  day and fruit tea at only S$17.90++.  For  both  sets,  top up just $3.80 to enjoy the Salted Egg  Soufflé. It will be available on weekdays only from 11.30am to 4.30pm and it will be ongoing from 15 June to 13 July 2016.

French Toast

Matcha Soufflé

Black Sesame Soufflé

Miam Miam has also launched a new Relaxing Afternoon Break initiative,  which is one of the best afternoon deals in town with prices starting from just S$4.90++. Need to step out of the office and recharge your batteries after a long morning? Get your fix of tantalising desserts right here. Enjoy Miam Miam classics such as Just Toast; Original Soufflé Pancake; Petit French Toast; and Signature  Soufflé. Each order comes with a complimentary drink of your choice. This promotion is not available on weekends at Waterway Point and Bugis Junction outlets.  

Miam Miam
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Thursday, June 16

[Media Invite] Mookata: Cheesy Thai BBQ Experience At Bugis Junction

In a quest to further tantalise the taste buds of Mookata lovers, the leading and pioneer restaurant chain for traditional Thai BBQ introduces its all-new creation that sets to delight even the toughest of foodies – the Mookata Cheesy Grill sets, available exclusively at the Bugis Junction outlet from 1st June 2016 onwards.

Served in either a set for 2 to 3 persons at $57.90++ or for 3 to 4 persons at $64.90++, Mookata continues to retain its pocket-friendly prices for premium ingredients and seasonings, which also include brand new additions to the menu such as Baby Back Pork Ribs and Purple Scallops.

Loaded with creamy mozzarella and cheddar cheese oozing through the troughs of the traditional Mookata grill, foodies will be able to indulge in an indulgent dining experience second to none with a plethora of food choices from crowd pleasers such as Pork Collar and Chicken Thigh to Pork Ribs, Bacon Enoki Wraps, Bratwurst Sausages, Bak Kwa or even Kernel Corn for that fresh burst of flavour at every bite.

With any order of the Mookata Cheesy Grill set, customers can get a serving of crayfish (4 pieces) at an unbeatable price of $12++ for a limited time only. Expect a burst of flavor as you pair the succulent crayfish flesh with melted cheese to complete the Cheesy Mookata experience.

The Cheesy Grill is also available as an add-on for buffet customers at an additional $3.50++ with a free flow of mozzarella and cheddar cheese to complement menu items from the buffet line.

Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Sunday, June 12

The Angry Birds Movie Review

The movie takes us to an island populated entirely by happy, flightless birds – or almost entirely. In this paradise, Red (Jason Sudeikis, We're the Millers, Horrible Bosses), a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck (Josh Gad in his first animated role since Frozen), and the volatile Bomb (Danny McBride, This is the End, Eastbound and Down) have always been outsiders. But when the island is visited by mysterious green piggies, it’s up to these unlikely outcasts to figure out what the pigs are up to. 

Personally, I feel that the plot is simple and predictable. The introductory scenes could have been improved as it appear dull without a rich content. However, it got more interesting with a good story build up that is commendable. 

The flow is nicely presented with a few humorous scenes. However, some of it appear 'trying too hard' for me. If you once played angry birds before, you will definitely relate better to the entire plot. A light-hearted and fun film to catch but do not put your expectations to high for it. 

Ratings: 2.8 / 5

Thursday, June 9

[Invitation] 313@Somerset – Joy Ride with LINE Friends

313@Somerset is the first shopping mall in Singapore to launch an official account on LINE in June 2015. As part of their relaunch in partnership with LINE, 313@Somerset will be launching a set of eight (8) Carrie & Belle #BFFNoMatterWhat LINE Stickers Vol. 2 that will be made available for free downloads on the LINE Sticker Shop from 7 June 2016. This will be the first set of animated stickers that is of non-LINE characters to be launched in Singapore.

Come on down today to share your Line friends moment at 313 somerset (Level 1, Atrium) from 10 June, Friday! Stand to WIN $100 shopping vouchers! Remember to follow @313somerset & hashtag #313bff on your instagram post!

Thursday, June 2

[Media Invitation] Preview Tasting of the Great Singapore Savour

Perfectly timed with Great Singapore Sale from 3 June 2016, Bay Hotel Singapore’s STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is rolling out Great Singapore Savour where the brand new all-day dining menu is here to impress. Accentuating favourite local street food, with amazing twists and styles, and well-presented in palatable small plates, there is a wallet-friendly, shareworthy selection of about 20 (street-)smart treats priced from $7.90 to $12.90. 

 X.O. Scallop & Prawns Fried Rice

This dish is wok-fried with generous servings of prawns and scallops and masterfully wrapped in thin egg skin! I adore the texture of the fried rice that is nicely prepared. 

Salted Egg Lava Chicken Breast 

A rather classic dish on its own. It is visually beautiful to see salted egg lava trickling down the tender chicken meat roll! 

Claypot Assam Fish Head

Claypot Curry Fish Head 

Assam gravy or Indian curry which harmonizes perfectly with the recommended dishes of the savour-and-share genre. Personally, I prefer the Assam Fish Head for its light and slightly spicy yet sweet gravy which is so good!

Coffee Wings 

Deep-fried chicken mid joints with chef’s homemade hong kong style coffee jam, is believed to be the first in Singapore and only available at STREET 50. The smoky nuances of coffee balances the savoury sweet coating on the chicken wings, is a surprisingly good dish, even for the non-coffee drinkers.

Oyster Char Kway Teow ($12.90)

 Shrimp and Eggplant Sambal 

A zi char delight of brinjals with stir-fried shrimp and spicy sambal. An rather appetising dish to begin with.

Cereal Prawns with Wasabi Dressing 

Crisp exterior and juicy interior with a mild savoury flavour. It tasted pretty good though it could have been better if it is less salty. Definitely, it goes well with the wasabi sauce.

 Soft Shell Crab with Salted Egg Dip 

A deep-fried delight that is just as lip-smackingly great when accompanied with the fragrant, golden-hued salted egg cream. This is one of my favourite dish for the night.

Fresh Coconut Malibu 

Fresh young coconut fruit with parisienne of mixed fruits, topped with coconut ice cream and served with fresh coconut juice!

Dine up to $50 and enjoy complimentary Fresh Coconut Malibu! Stand to WIN during the GSS period from 3 June to 14 August 2016:

1st Prize: 3D2N stay in the newly opened Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh
2nd Prize: 2D1N stay in Bay Hotel Singapore
3rd Prize: $100 dining voucher from STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar 

Bay Hotel Singapore (opposite VivoCity)
50 Telok Blangah Road 
Singapore 098828

Monday, May 30

The Truth Seekers 《真 探》 Drama Review

Veteran police officer, Bai Qing Xiong (Chen Han Wei), forms an agency called CCI which aims to crack unsolved cases. Through this agency, he hopes to give a proper closure to family members of the victims. He is a righteous man who is confident that all criminal will not escape the law. The CCI uses unorthodox methods to search for clues which eventually led them to the truth. 

Just finished watching The Truth Seekers 《真 探》. Personally, I feel that the story was good and kept me in suspense! In this drama, the detectives were observant and had a good analyzing skills in cracking those unsolved cases.

The different crime cases were nicely presented with an unexpected ending, even though some of it may appear somewhat coincidence and predictable. It got rather interesting when the investigators themselves, were linked to the cases as well. The drama had an unexpected twist towards the finale. The hidden truth was revealed when the evidence just fall into the pieces.

Hope to see more similar genre of drama being aired in channel 8! I am sure to watch it! 

Ratings: 3.85 / 5

Cufflinks Singapore: Father's Day Collaboration

Father's Day is around the corner! Are you thinking hard what to gift your dad? Why not get a pair of cufflinks for him?

Cufflinks will make great gifts for dads because they are one of the few pieces of jewellery that are acceptable for men to wear, and bring a new dimension to any outfit. Usually, they are worn to dressy occasions like weddings and ceremonies, or worn by stylish men to look more sophisticated and impressive.


“CUFFLINKS Singapore” is admittedly uninspired, but it represents a great culture - being objective and utilitarian. Instead of using a fanciful name, “CUFFLINKS Singapore” helps you find your best option in a premium pair of cufflinks.
sleek and modern

The mechanical design cufflinks are classy on its own! It incorporate a watch mechanism with real gears that can move when wound.

It depends on the style you wish to create, this cufflinks are for those who prefer detail. If you are one of them, I think you may adore this design as much as I do.

There are also other designs for you to choose from: Classic and Novelty.
Novelty, Parties & Dress-down

Business & Formal, Classic

Finding the ideal design is made easy because they curate their catalogue with only the best designs from each visually distinct theme, instead of stocking thousands of designs at once.

When purchasing, customers enjoy free shipping and can return their purchases within 7 days for a full refund, allowing them to inspect the products before committing - essentially physical shopping in the comfort of your homes!

Use my coupon code KENNYTANG15 to enjoy 15% off! It is valid even for sale items and has no minimum spend. The Loyalty Rewards system gives you back 10% of what you pay in Loyalty Points, that can be used in subsequent purchases as well!

This is a good time to show how much you care for your dad this father's day! Visit Cufflinks Singapore today!