Tuesday, July 30

Tendon Kohaku x Man Man Unagi New Collaborative Dining Concept

Tendon specialist Tendon Kohaku and unagi specialist Man Man Unagi are set to open a brand-new collaborative dining concept at Clarke Quay Central on 31 July! Fans can now tuck into tendons and unagi just side by side at the 2 new restaurants with 40-seaters each. 

Kaisen Tendon by Kohaku and Teppei 

Kaisen Tendon by Kohaku and Teppei follows the kaisen don recipe by Chef Teppei Yamashita, who helms Teppei Japanese restaurant and Man Man Unagi. Diners can also enjoy the crispy unagi dragon roll, a combination of tempura prawn, tempura crabstick and avocado are draped across vinegared Japanese rice.

Kaisen x Hitsumabushi by Teppei and Man Man [$32.50++]

The perfectly grilled eel, which has a wonderful smoky aroma, is paired with Nanatsuboshi white rice and fresh wasabi. There are 3 ways to enjoy hitsumabushi: on its own; with a mix of condiments, wasabi and green onions; and with soup added to the aforementioned mix. The unagi is served alongside an exquisite kaisen don with a secret-recipe sauce from Teppei Japanese restaurant. 

Tendon Kohaku x Man Man Unagi New Collaborative Dining Concept
Clarke Quay Central
#B1-52 and #B1-53
Singapore 059817

Sunday, July 28

[Japanese Drama Review] Zero: The Bravest Money Game

Zero Ukai (Shigeaki Kato) teaches middle school students at a private institute. In reality, he is a hero who saves the weak that suffers. Zero Ukai participates in a survival game. The game takes place at an amusement park that is under construction. The participants of the game must risk their lives, but the winner will receive 100 billion yen. The participants help each other and strike up friendships.

After a hiatus of the drama Zero: The Bravest Money Game, I have finally completed it as the english subtitles are all finally available online! This drama is based on manga series "Tobaku Haoden Zero" by Nobuyuki Fukumoto.

This drama reminded me of the movie - Animal World 动物世界. Personally, I thought that the drama had a focused story-line. The progression in each scenes led me to ponder and followed them closely. I like the show pretty much for its suspense and smart plot! Also, the different interesting games that was introduced in the show. 

It also educated me to think critically and persevere in difficult situation. Honestly, a world full of greed and selfishness; it was indeed heart-warming that humanity still exists in mankind. 

If given a choice, would you choose money over humanity?

Ratings: 4 /5 

Saturday, July 27

[Movie Review] The Lion King

Disney’s “The Lion King”, directed by Jon Favreau, journeys to the African savanna where a future king is born. Simba idolizes his father, King Mufasa, and takes to heart his own royal destiny. But not everyone in the kingdom celebrates the new cub’s arrival. Scar, Mufasa’s brother—and former heir to the throne—has plans of his own. The battle for Pride Rock is ravaged with betrayal, tragedy and drama, ultimately resulting in Simba’s exile. With help from a curious pair of newfound friends, Simba will have to figure out how to grow up and take back what is rightfully his. The all-star cast includes Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter as Nala, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa and Billy Eichner as Timon. Utilizing pioneering filmmaking techniques to bring treasured characters to life in a whole new way, Disney’s “The Lion King” roars into theaters on 18 July, 2019. 

Recently, watched The Lion King with Justin at Gold Class Express, Funan.

Personally, I felt that the film had a focused story-line but somewhat, predictable. Though a slow-paced film,  the progression was nicely-curated. The impressive visual amazed me and it looked real to me even though it was created in CGI. 

It bring back those childhood memories with those heart-warming musical. Honestly, the cartoon version seems better in terms of its overall appeal. It also reminded me about the importance of kinship and to cherish the people around me.

A classic movie for the old and young. If you are a Disney fan, you would most probably enjoy it more! 

Ratings: 3 / 5

Thursday, July 25

First-Of-Its-Kind Korean-Owned Bistro Serving 100% Authentic Korean Burgers, Burger+

Burger+ presents an authentic Korean gourmet burger experience that is unlike any other – irresistible burgers from top-quality ingredients, self-brewed beers, exceptional service – all lovingly brought to you by an excellent team of enthusiastic burger aficionados. All these are served atop hot, fluffy burger buns made in-house using potato flour daily. A special formulated B+ sauce brings all the ingredients together for the ultimate gourmet burger. 

There is something for everyone here at Burger+. 

Diners can sink and try the Korean Bulgogi Burger, Fish Burger with Avocado and Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger. 

Complete the meal with these authentic Korean Fried Chicken. You can get the Yangnyeom Fried Chicken that is sweet, tangy and tasty. Another option you can get would be the spicy hot Yangnyeom Chicken. Wash the food down with some creamy milkshakes such as the luscious Avocado Honey Milkshake and aromatic Hazelnut Milkshake.

Get yourself a free Wooyu Jollypong ice-cream with every purchase of a burger or signature fried chicken set at Burger+! 

Valid till 31st July 2019.

Wisma Atria Shopping Centre
Singapore 238877 

Wednesday, July 24

Gram, Japan’s Fluffiest Pancakes, Now in VivoCity

Hailing from Osaka, Japan, the most famous soufflé pancakes specialist, Gram Café & Pancakes has shops throughout Japan and overseas in Thailand and Singapore. The brand is famous for its signature Premium Pancakes, a wobbly tower of the melt-in-the-mouth soft fluffy soufflé pancakes served with melt-in-the-mouth Gram original butter, home-made whipped cream and sweet maple syrup.

Pancakes at Gram Café & Pancakes are slow-cooked on low heat and whipped full of air, resulting in a fluffy texture befitting of a cloud or cotton candy. They are delicious in their simplicity, depending only on premium ingredients, masterful technique, and a bit of butter and syrup to make the pancakes shine.

Premium Pancakes 

This creation is soft, airy, fluffy and just melt in your mouth! The Gram original butter, home-made whipped cream and sweet maple syrup made it complete.

Chili Beans Pancakes

Think of that classic pancakes topped with chili beans sauce and melted cheddar cheese, and served with a side of sausage, potato and luscious salad greens.

Rich Tiramisu Pancakes

A creamy dessert of espresso-soaked pancakes layered generously with rich mascarpone tiramisu cream and dusted with cocoa powder. Tiramisu lovers, don't miss this!

These Premium Pancakes are professionally prepared upon receipt of order, and sales are limited to 3 times a day with 30 servings each time at 11am, 3pm and 6pm. Each person is limited to 1 token and 1 token entitles 1 Premium Pancakes. 

Gram Café & Pancakes
Singapore 098585

Tuesday, July 23

HANS IM GLÜCK launches local delights this National day!

This August, Singaporeans can gather with their loved ones and look forward to a series of local delicacies specially launched at HANS IM GLÜCK to celebrate the Nation’s birthday!

 Beef Rendang Burger

Beef lovers can expect an un-beef-lievable taste of beef rendang burger at HANS IM GLÜCK as part of the National Day special. Packed within the tender burger is the thick and juicy grass-fed beef patty, sliced tomatoes and crunchy lettuces, topped with sweet caramelised onions and its signature, aromatic Rendang sauce.

Krabbe Burger 

Indulge in spicy crab goodness without the mess of cracking the pincers. Burger enthusiasts can expect krabbe burger, a fusion between HANS IM GLÜCK’s signature burgergrill and soft shell crab, drizzled with the fragrant spicy chilli sauce. 

The local delights will be available from 1 July to 31 August 2019 across all four outlets in Singapore.

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585

Monday, July 22

Sample Store X Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

I was invited to The Taste of Joy from Taiwan event organised by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). It was insightful and to my surprise some of the Taiwan fresh produce and processed food are already available in Singapore. These products can be found in Fairprice, Prime supermarket and Sheng Siong, do check them out! There are also many other healthy and delicious items are not here yet!

If you have not already heard, edamame is called “Taiwan's green gold” because it creates nearly 76 million US dollars 1 year in the export market of Taiwan. It is mainly exported to Japan, and also exported to other 24 countries such as the United States and Canada. 

Edamame is a kind of vegetable soybean which contains twice the amount of protein of meat, four times that of eggs and 12 times that of milk. Best of all, it is rich in minerals, viamins and dietary fibers. In order to help the farmers and promote the nutritious value of the edamame, the Sinshih Farmers’ Association creates a variety of edamame related products by combining the edamame with other ingredients. 

The products have won the honor of “Top 100 premium Agricultural products of Farmers’ & Fishermen’s Association  in Taiwan” continuously. This shows the high-quality edamame comes from Taiwan and the high-quality edamame of Taiwan is from Sinshih.

Personally, I have tasted the Edamame pastry. It is made of "tea bean" which is a breed of edamame full of taro flavour. Each box of edamame pastry has 16 small packets. They are rich in flavour with good taste and it actually complement well with coffee or tea.

Nan Shing rice noodles is made with 100% Taiwanese Indica Rice, using cold grinding technology to preserve the great taste. Nan Shing is made from traditional skills, as well as the use of modern equipment to manufacture the rice noodles. The packaging itself was attractive with their own cute mascot. Definitely, a good gift idea. 

I have tasted the rice noodles from Hsinchu City Farmers' Association and actually adore the texture of it. The broth itself was light and not too oily as well. If you prefer it to be more flavourful, you can also add some condiments to enhance the taste. 

The black bean square cookies are made of Taiwan black beans and they are hand-made. It is a vegan product with no egg-white added. A nutritious and healthy snack and can be ate as a snack during tea-time.

I have tasted it and I totally enjoyed the crunchiness of this snack. It was light and not overly rich in flavour. I can just have it anytime of the day. It's really that good! 

This Sui-Beauty Black Bean Vinegar is rich in organic acids, anthocyanins, vitamins, minerals. It's nutritional value is extremely high. It helps to reduce fatigue and digestion function.

In the early days, it was one of the 4 major clubs of the Syrah Yaping Puppet, Ma Dou. At that time, there was a lagoon in the north of Madou. It was said to be shaped like an eye. "Mattau" was originally known as the eye in the Pingpu language, so the Pingpu people called it the place.

The pomelo flower is harvested when the flowers bloom in the spring. The ancients used the pomelo steamed sesame oil as the facial fat and applied it to the face to make the skin fair and smooth. The Compendium of the Compendium also records: "Pomelo is cold, non-toxic, long-haired and moist." According to the legend In the Qing Dynasty, the court royal doctor sent people to collect pomelo flowers, and refined the essence to make beauty oil for use in makeup.

Wendan fruit is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, namely pomelo, dietary fiber, pectin, organic acids, minerals and so on. The Wendan pectin is extracted and  made into "Wendan honey citron tea". Taiwan's local Madou Wendan production group trademark certification and the "Jiyuan 圃 safe fruit and vegetable label", "field sweetness test" strict selection procedures. The three guarantees are no added: no added fructose, no added high fructose, corn syrup, no added preservatives.

By attending this event, I realised that these products from Taiwan are healthy and beneficial to our health. We should take note of our well-being and the importance of it. Hence, I would encourage you to try out the range of items introduced. I'm so glad to have discovered some really awesome products!

Monday, July 15

Emma - Singapore’s First-ever Okinawa Brown Sugar Boba Japanese Soft Serve in Wafer Shell

Established in May 2018 in Japan, Emma is a soft serve and speciality tea shop. In just 10 months, its soaring popularity led the brand to open 4 more outlets in Japan. 

Living up to its name, they have recently just lauched their 1st-ever Okinawa Brown Sugar Boba Japanese Soft Serve in Wafer Shell in Singapore! The unique flavour of Charcoal Cheese will also be introduced for the first time in Singapore! 

The brand’s secret recipe for success is its insistence on using high-quality, authentic Japanese ingredients. To create its signature soft serve that is known for its richness and thick texture, Emma uses premium Japanese milk. The soft serve uses quality ingredients and is so firm that you can even hold the ice cream upside down and it will not fall out!

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

Saturday, July 13

Beauty in The Pot Collaborates with Le Shrimp Ramen to Offer Specialty Shrimp Broth

Beauty in The Pot has finally opened a new outlet in the west at The Star Vista. In conjunction with this opening, the brand will collaborate with sister company Le Shrimp Ramen to offer a specialty shrimp broth at the new outlet for only a limited time.

The broth is a signature offering of Le Shrimp Ramen. Fresh big prawns are baked at 180°C for 45 minutes, hand-grinded to a fine texture, then simmered for more than 8 hours with premium conpoy for an umami note. Also added to the luscious stock is a blend of spices such as star anise, cinnamon, clove and white peppercorn, giving the broth a piquant oomph. With the addition of fresh clams, the rich and flavourful broth is enhanced with natural sweetness of the ocean.

The brand has been well known for its nourishing and tasty broths as well as a wide selection of fresh and premium ingredients such as Signature Homemade Fish Tofu, Ebiko Prawn Paste, Fried Beancurd Skin and Soft Bone Pork Meatballs. 

Beauty in The Pot
The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617

Friday, July 12

[Taiwan Movie Review] 我的青春都是你 Love The Way You Are

Two next door neighbours Lin-lin Chou and Yu-ke Fang, enemies in high school due to their differences supposes that they are finally going to say goodbye to each other after high school graduation. However, they got accepted by the same department of study. The department of animal husbandry, which is the most unpopular department in the most popular university. Lin-lin finds herself gradually falling for Yu-ke. What should Lin-lin do with her feelings? What is actually going on in Yu-ke’s mind? 

Recently, watched 我的青春都是你 Love The Way You Are.

This romance and comedy film reminds me of the movie  一吻定情 Fall In Love At First Kiss. Also, it bring back those nostalgic memories during high school where it journey viewers through youthful ambition, friendships and first love.

The show focuses on two next door neighbours Lin-lin Chou and Yu-ke Fang. One who detest studying, not knowing the importance while the other enjoys it. However, they got accepted by the same department of study. Through the film, it  also made me realised that inner beauty can be an asset and attractive in its own way. It could create team-work and bonding within a team.

Though the plot depicted was weak, it still had a good finale as it heightened the entire story-line. Honestly, I was touched by the Yu-ke Fang gesture of love towards Lin-lin Chou. Fans of Vivian Sung and Song Weilong, don't miss this!

Ratings: 3 / 5 

Thursday, July 11

Sushi Tei Celebrates Its 25th Silver Jubilee with a Host of Exciting Festivities

Sushi Tei is proud to be celebrating its 25th Silver Jubilee this year. 25 years is an impressive milestone and a testament to the exemplary quality of the restaurant's gastronomical offerings and customer service Sushi Tei has delivered to its patrons year-after-year.

To commemorate this special occasion, 25 nostalgic classics make a special menu comeback at Sushi Tei. From sashimi to meats, Sushi Tei uses only quality ingredients to whip up these dishes. Diners can expect an impressive repertoire of authentic Japanese delights.

Truffle Chawanmushi 

Crispy Salmon Mentaiyaki 

Sashimi Moriawase “Churippo”(4 kinds) 

Look forward to an indulgent tetralogy of semi-fatty tuna belly, salmon, 
bluefin tuna and sweet shrimp.

Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Steak

The meat is smooth, superbly soft and the even marbling of fats culminates to give 
the Wagyu a particularly rich mouth feel.

Spicy Mentai Spider Roll

Think of the soft shell crab sushi roll topped with mentai mayo and flying fish roe!

Chasyu Don

Uni Pasta with Ikura

Savour this oceanic dish which shines spotlight on the sea urchin, a Japanese delicacy known for its sweet and
fresh nuances, creamy texture as well as unmistakable umami note.

290 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238859