Tuesday, August 28

- Corner with Love -

<3 So sweeeet! <3

Just finished watching this drama few days ago.. Feel that the storyline is quite nice and touching as well.. Though certain scenes was kind of draggy but I could see the purpose there.. It enlightened us that a prince need not to be rich to find his princess.. The most important would be true love.. With that, the rest would not matter to the girl.. Overall, a nice show!

Monday, August 27

- A day out -





What's with me?

Went out with buddies to cineleisure.. Make full use of the neoprint machines to take loads of pictures.. After which, went to have tea-break at a hongkong restaurant.. The food tasted nice and the pricing was quite alright.. Then, went to play pool.. Seems that I have improved in terms of accuracy and shooting.. Thanks Siang for the advice in our previous game.. LoL!

Wanted to meet her but was unsure of her working place.. Smsed her and she replied late and indeed that was the place.. Hope to meet her soon..

Saturday, August 25

- Campus SuperStar 2 -

Woohoo.. Shawn and Keely, the male and female champs were my favourite can.. Love Keely's rendition of her first song and Shawn for his last songs.. IMO, these two songs were the ones which pull their scores up..

Both did pretty well but sad to say that this is a competition so only one can be the winner.. Congrats to Shawn, the talented 13 year old for crowning the overall champs! Keely, the adorable girl did well getting the overall female champs too.. It was certainly not an easy tasks to get that far, I suppose they should be very happy with their achievement!

Was kinda expected with the results because the overall champs for similar competition were mostly the males.. I think that's because girls would really go all the way to vote for the guys.. *-)

Friday, August 24

- Just for laughs -

Due to the large file space, I decided not to post the video of our previous assignment.. It's our funny production which includes NGs..

Catch it here!

The video above is a joke by CSS ZiJie.. It is quite lame but funny after you have some thought of it.. There's english subtitle for the non-chinese..


Tuesday, August 21

- Slack Slack SLACK -

Damn slack during today's lesson, there's like only two teams and most seems not in a working mood.. Chatted lots with my classmates about our results and future.. Called for kfc delivery as Ming has the urge of eating it.. Went to the other classroom to settle our lunch and watch movie.. The english subtitle made us laugh and laugh! Almost every words were direct translation from chinese to english.. I doubt Akram would fully understand it.. haha..

During that time, get to chat with Joy and Sundram.. Both of them always seems to argue with one another.. After lesson, accompany huan to grab some food.. Chatted about different countries funfair and the experience we had while planning for outing.. Sounds pretty cool!

Thinking about it, I have known huan and Joy since year 1.. Time really files like nobody business..

Sunday, August 19

- Enjoyable Day -

Went out with some friends yesterday.. During our k-ing session, while we had so much fun singing, the system had a sudden jammed which made us -_-".. Thus, we decided to stay there longer.. The session should end at 2.30pm but we sang till 3.30pm.. LoL!


ling & ming
Candid Shot!

After which, went to GWC to walk around and settle our dinner there.. Next, headed to esplanade awaiting for the fireworks.. Jiewei came to meet us later.. Waited for the fireworks for about 3 hours and it only lasted for about 15 mins?! But I think it's quite worth the waiting with the wonderful fireworks!

Went to grab some food and chatted randomly after it ends!

Sunday, August 12

- My 21st birthday -


They brought me out to makan on Wednesday after my FYP.. The food was quite tasty and I enjoyed the company with my family.. Though some unhappy things happened this year, I am glad that they still celebrate my birthday..


ME & Cake


KS, ME and SH

Fun-Time @ Pool!

Yesterday night, My closer pals celebrated the birthday by turning up at Zhen Fa SteamBoat.. Bought me cake and cologne.. Took lotsa pictures! After which, went playing pool.. Thanks for coming guys to make the celebration possible! =)


Today, went k-ing with Jiewei at marina square.. He treated me $10 for it..=) Sing those popular songs and get high there.. Enjoyed!

Thanks! Appreciated loads..

Thanks for the well wishes from the others too!

Happy Birthday to ME! :)

Thursday, August 9

- National Day -


Wednesday, August 8

- FYP 1 Completed -

YEAH! Finally it's OVER!

The presentation was not as bad as I thought.. Was kinda nervious in the beginning but get to warm up towards the end.. It ends at about 50 minutes.. Thus, there was not much questions asked during the Q and A.. As a whole, I think it was quite okay.. Hopefully, all would get good grades..

I think I would miss the time staying late in school, meeting almost every wednesday and the ton night we had together.. The process is enjoyable though tiring and rushing.. Thinking about it, we did our worked and enjoyed crapping and watching movie together..

We would be in different team for FYP 2.. ALL the BEST for our next team! =)

Good luck to those who have not presented!

Tuesday, August 7

- Preparation for FYP -

After UT, get to meet my FYP mates to prepare the slides for tommorrow presentation, complete our uncompleted tasks and
compile it to our slides.. At the same time, distributed and assigned the slides on which to present.. Hopefully, everything runs smoothly and ends successfully tommorrow..