Thursday, July 30

Yesterday evening, went AMK area to makan with CG. Only 4 went - Jon, Melvin, JX and ME! Decided to grab something, we never had before. After rounds of walking, I still have no idea what to order. At last, I ordered thai cuisine which I rarely eat than never. Seriously, we have hard time chewing/swallowing the food. At least, we have gone beyond our comfort zones.

Checked my mail today, I won a pair of showcase tickets + Wilber’s album from! To add it up, I won another pair of his showcase tickets from stomp! It will be held at DragonFly, St. James Powerhouse. A place I never been to. Shall be a great experience I suppose.

The winner list from

头5位: 门票一对 + 与拍潘玮柏团体照
Quek Boon Chye
Ong lay ching

接下来10位:门票一对 + 潘玮柏新专辑
Tan Mei Xuan
Ang Hui Ling
Ong Hui Siew
Neo Roland
Tang ZhiZhong Kenny
Michelle Ang Si Min
Chan Wai Jye
Tan Kaili

再接下来15位: 门票一对
Lim Rui Hao
Teo Yee Chuen
Er Boon Pieu
Ronald Lim
Chan Li Fang
Merlissa Tay
Ng Jie Lin
Chen Si Ni
Ben Tan Chong Keng
Lim Khian Peng
Yu Juehui

Thanks & Stomp for putting up such a wonderful contest!

Tuesday, July 28

Let me think. Today, I went many places to hand over dockets. Bedok, Ang Mo Kio, Clementi, OPA and Jurong Div. Wah. Travelling so many places. Almost half a day gone.

Had a good chatting with reservice Chua. LOL! His personal experience in police is interesting. While talking, I knew his passion for cars! Though its not my interest, I still lent my listening ears to him. A nice bro to talk with.

Spent an hour at OPA printing the recall order. I think they should change a new computer. It's so laggy. As compared, the other div look old without lift except for 'J' I think. Seriously, am glad to be at PCC.

Saw Lionel at 'D' div. Think he's doing pretty good there. And yeps! Met nice officer and make a friend! One of the few I made!

What a day!

Happy Birthday Tiffany & Serene!

Sunday, July 26

Yesterday evening church service was great! Indeed, I enjoyed every single moment of it. The sermon is about SHINE! Everyone could shine because of GOD who has already given us! Pastor told us his interesting testimony, am glad he's now a changed person! Certain issues certainly hits and make me think depth about it, to become a better person. In short, no matter how dark it is, we always have within us the light to shine!

Today morning, it was MCG! And we played basketball/football under the hot sun! I chose to play basketball. It's been so long since I play basketball. Anyway, I feel that I shooting skills weaken as before. I used to be better. Anyways, who cares?! It's just a game. Then, makan with church mates. Ate the cafe cartel. Bought the set of 5 and share.

Went Vivo, met mum for random shopping. Interesting events happening at the mall. There were many things to see, for viewing pleasure. Had dinner at LJS.

Back home, Liverpool VS Singapore. 5 - 0. Expected. o.O Watched giant star, realised that time passes fast. Watched crime watch, saw fellow colleagues on acting in it! I was laughing. They looked so funny! Nice acting though.

Friday, July 24

Yesterday night, went out with Gary and Siang. Had dinner at Jack's place. It's my first time to the restaurant. Great ambience. Through the conversation, Gary and Siang were talking about their CD life. Was there eating and listening most of the time. Was rather interesting though I was kinda bored at times. Mixed Grill was normal yet filling.

Then, watched murderer. The storyplot was unexpected though silly yet cute with the acting of the small boy.

Expectedly, great acting by Aaron Kwok!

Janine Chang portrayed herself as a gentle, simple and pretty girl!

Sad and revengeful ending. It's a show which is mysterious and make me think depth even after the show ended. It's a show worth watching if you like investigations/mysterious kind of show. Ratings: 3.5/5

Today evening, met Huan and Sun as usual. Had steamboat at bugis. It was enjoyable where there is common topic to begin with. Crapping and laughing out loud session as usual. Not many variety of food but the price is affortable since there's free flow of drink. Then, walk around the vicinity.

- Met joakim on both thursday and friday as well as Daryl pan.

Wednesday, July 22

- Pulau Ubin -

Went Pulau Ubin today.
Hey! Mind you. Is for work, not for leisure. ='(
Anyways, the journey was really long.

Helping out in carrying stuff to the ferry.
And from the ferry out to pulau ubin.
Helping out in other areas also.

Most of the time travelling from place to place.
Which cause everyone to be tired.
An enriching experience though.

Happy Birthday Ivan Ang Wei Ming! LoL! =p

Tuesday, July 21

Last Sunday, finally managed to watch love matters with mum. Since few months back, always wanted to find time watching with her but there isn't chances. Despite feeling tired, I decided to catch it with mum that day. The show was quite good but not up to my expectation. I have high expectation on Jack's film always. It surrounds mostly about sex issues. -_-". The cast chosen was normal. Nothing special about them. On the other hand, there were certain funny scenes which make me LOL. It enlighten guys not to play around with girls too. I admired Jack Neo films which always could reach and relate so close to the audience heart.

Ratings: 3/5

Managed to catch Harry Potter today. I heard bad reviews on the show, turning me off from wanting to watch from cinema. Thus, I decided to catch it online. Ridiculously, I continued watching despite it was the chinese version. Initially, it was weird. Just think about it? Watching harry potter speaking in mandarin. Then, I thought that maybe I could understand better because their english might be too profound for me. Overall, it's quite ok for me. I think the first hour was dull. As it goes on, the flow of the storyline gets slightly better. It's something new where it focus more on relationships.

Ratings: 3/5

Sunday, July 19

This will be a long entry because I'll be writing my full fruitful saturday! =)

As usual, it was great. JX actually took effort making it interesting, showing articles. I like the examples state from HY, it was clear and direct which enhance my understanding. While teaming up with Bruce, I'm glad he's trying his best stating examples to draw better picture. However, I feel that maybe it's a little too much for me to digest at that point.

After which, had quick lunchie at LJS! Then, rush our way for church service!

Discovering GOD'S Will:
It was something which we ought to apply to our daily lives but as a christians, we tend to overlook the importance of it. In fact, I feel that the pastor kept on reminding us about it while he preach. The more familiar and obedience you are, the more we will know HIS will.

Then, had dinner! However, I did not order any stuff since I ate lunch like about 3pm.

East Prayer's Meeting:
Before we started, played a game. YS planned it. It was pretty fun as we got to mingle around. And guess what?! Our group lost!
Forfeit was a dance but Tim seems to be the one who got it! It was hilarious!!
We did our forfeit too. Hope video will not uploaded! o.O

And yeps. We did our worship and prayers.
It was a good one as we prayed for upcoming events.
Besides that, we prayed for camps in SG.
And my 3 bro who is transferring to the the west.

Then it was supper! Ate cheese prata!
Then, JX ask their memorable experience in our CG!

Shawn mentioned about church camp! I am glad he enjoyed the company with me, where our friendship actually grew.
And the game section, indeed was fun! =D

Linus mentioned about his birthday celebration & JX.
He was touched by the celebration and how JX actions touched him.

Darren mentioned about his birthday celebration as well.
He was touched by the cake given to him!

I believe their journey to west will be a fruitful one.

Initially, was pretty disappointing.
Many left back home.
Leaving us with 5 people.
Was actually looking forward to it.
Especially when I knew Linus, Darren & Shawn will be in our CG last time.
To my surprise, 1 of 3 went for the stayover. Glad the Linus went!
But like what Jon say, it's the company that matters.

After a while, HY called. He came to join us!
Watched Guess show awhile, been a long time since I watched.
It's still crappy and funny!

Then, we watched confessions of a shopaholic! Was funny can!
Was laughing most of the time!
The showline was great with good flow.
Expected, nice ending afterall!

Slept at 3.30am. Woke up at about 9.15am.
Then, went for breakfast.

Home sweet home!

Thursday, July 16

Never manage to catch Harry Potter! =(
No suitable time-slot.
Most were fully-booked.
Did not expect it to be that popular.
Most did the booking in advance I suppose.

So transparent!
- Quick-tempered
- Complaining
- Impatience

Must do something about it.

Tuesday, July 14

Went to old PA to help out.
At the same time, collection of my sodagreen album.
It's so near there.
Call to check if the person-in-charge is there.
Another staff picked up instead, she's friendly!
It's like climbing up a hill but way better
than the collection from mediacorp.
Reached there, the person-in-charge was kinda rude.
Which turn me kinda off.
I took out my 11B for notification, better treatment!
How realistic. o.O

Sunday, July 12

CG today was watching a movie - The 5 People we meet in heaven. I feel that the story did not flow that well but I knew what it trying to bring across. Could not understand certain point while they talking, think because of the english slang. Nevertheless, it's quite informative to a certain extent. Anyway, it's the company that matters. LOL.

After which, went for Dennis baptism. Happy for him as he decide to take this step! For stepping out for lord, proclaiming unto others. =D Then, as a CG, we prayed for him. Most seems to fall ill. May GOD bless us!

Saturday, July 11

- Nicholas Teo Signature Session -

Went for Nicholas Teo signature session. Arrived there at about 6.45pm. There were crowd already. Even if you are at the first row, you are still kinda far from the stage. Think it was not very nicely done. You feel that there is quite a distance between you and him. Nevertheless, it still turn out well. He could sing live well. In fact, he gain weight thus looking better.

Friday, July 10

- 说说 -































I think YOU are being miss. ='(
Still missing you. . .

Thursday, July 9

After work, went bugis.

Decided to shop for my shoes.

On the way, there's problem with MRT. =(

Met Carmen & Lena! =)

After deciding, finally, got my pair of canvas shoes.

Back home, check email. Won Sodagreen album!

At the same time, notification to collect my

personalised mug won from NTUC club.

Need to find time collecting both items.

Wednesday, July 8

- Smile -

Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu. A single smile could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile to begin with, don't hesitate and leave it undetected! Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected! =D