Sunday, June 29

- Just Another Day -

Went to catch Kenji Wu's singing signature session with Danny! He sang 4 songs live can. Most of it were my favourites! Really admire his talent loads. Most likely, I will buy his next album. Think he's one singer who should earn and gain more supporters. Was damn disappointed with the crowd. Not many people went for it. Certainly, I believe he will be even more popular near future!

Next, we walk around the shopping centre and decided to go K-buffet! Went to kallang leisure park Kbox! It's a renovated shopping centre. Nothing special as it looks similar as the others. The food served were alright. It's something like seoul garden ba. I think it's more worth going K-buffet. It cost around $26 each person as compared to other kbox. You can eat, drink and sing! We sang a few duet song and I really enjoyed that. Both of us praise each other singing when we sang well!

Enjoyed! =)

Credits to MingDaoQiaoQiao4eva

Saturday, June 28


The one I love most from Apple product will be ipod touch! As seen, it is slim and portable which means that I can bring it out anywhere, anytime! The interface is simple and also clear for users to navigate. As long as you are at any wi-fi hot spot, you can easily surf the web! It's just so convenient!

A great combination of gadget where you can listen music, watch movies, surf the web, get directions, and that's not only all!

You just have to bring this product out to cure your boredom and enhance your life. =)

Touch, zoom and scroll!

It's that simple!

Visit Apple store:

Friday, June 27

- A Day Out -

Mum and I went to aunt house looking after my nephew. Decided to bring him out together, meeting another aunt to settle some personal issue. While mum took care of him, I went to tanjong pagar to hand in my time-table sheet. After which, we went to watch the giant star contest 2008. It's a pre-recorded programme.

Waited 2 hours till the event really started -_-". Saw the finalists and I feel that they look quite normal to me. Maybe they won the judges with their talent. Wu Jia Hui live singing was impressive! He's one of the guest star there. Anyway, did not manage to watch everything because it was already late that time. Thus, we went back.

My aunt and her friend mention that I look better than the contestants and encourage me to join next year. It's not easy because they have to undergo trainings. I may have the looks but most likely I will not be as confident as them on stage. Maybe I should try?

Thursday, June 26

- Working -

P.S. Long, boring entry. Read it if you really care. =p

Been working at St. Stephen School. Only knew that I will be taking over a person's place. Did not even tell me what I will be doing there. Just wait to see if there's anything for me to help out. Did not do much last few days. Just take charge of the AVA club, surfing the net and help out in the library. Damn boring. I'm there to wait things to happen so I can stand-by to help. In my mind, I always think that if there's any issues they want me to help, I hope I can help out if not I will feel useless la. Instructions given to me were minor, not clear and accurate at all. And I hate it!

Though I been to control room and function before in secondary school but that's quite long ago can. They expect me to take charge of it. -_-". Felt like an idiot just to stand there to see if everything turns out to be fine. If something BIG happen, I may not even know how to deal with it I suppose. Think I did not gain much respect from the students since I think they felt that I know nuts about anything! But they never realise that I was also new to their system there. It's not like I'm there for ages kind.

Today have chance to do more work. That's good! At least there's something to pass time! However, I do not really enjoy doing that. Checking 40 coms to see if the mouse, keyboard, monitor and etc is faulty and placing ram into it. Hate the placing of ram. So troublesome can. Have to unlock it, unscrew the lock and etc. I managed to place 15 com only since I started doing it at 11 plus.

Got to know some nice peeps there. Without them, I will be damn bored doing my own stuff when I'm in the staff room. Not to forget those who chatted with me on msn. Gain certain life aspect and I find it so damn true. Once again, a great experience for me.

Wednesday, June 25

- Personality Test -

Kenny's personality type:
Quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. Do not like conflict and not likely to do things which may generate conflict. Loyal and faithful. Extremely well-developed senses and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Not interested in leading or controlling others. Flexible and open-minded. Likely to be original and creative. Enjoy the present moment.

Careers that could fit Kenny includes:
Artists, musicians, composers, designers, child care workers, social workers, counselors, teachers, veterinarians, forest rangers, naturalists, bookkeepers, carpenters, personal service workers, clerical supervisors, secretaries, dental and medical staffers, waiters and waitresses, chefs, nurses, mechanics, physical therapists, x-ray technicians.

Sunday, June 22

- Updates -

Went St. Stephen School for replacement support. Was appointed to be seated in the staff room. Was kinda lost because I do not know what to do. I ask if there's anything to be done. He just tell me to wait. I just waited and find something to do then. Read the newspaper and compose a song while waiting. Then, I decided to turn on the PC. I dare not used it because there's some work going on there. After that, a girl helped me with the login. Then, I do my stuff. Kinda bored as I was there to assist if there's any help.

This time round, went to Methodist girls school. Freaking far from Bedok Reservoir can. Spent time to see the map and make my way there. On the way to and fro, many things happen. Damn unlucky. As usual, went there to surf net and do my own stuff. Designed wallpaper for my favourite artists for upcoming contest. This time, at least there's slight work for me to do though it's kinda last minute thingy.

Went out to chinatown point. Was suppose to see artistes but end up watching concert and I must say its oldies kind. Damn boring for me can. But it's for charity so it's still ok la. =)

Feeling damn bored and partly to avoid my relative as they are coming. Went out alone to TM. Decided to take a look at Elva's album. Spent most time at arcade watching people playing. The GSS was terrible. Typical singaporeans as alot went to see the puma stuff. Damn crowded. I just browse through and went off. Took pictures as well. Will be at St. Stephen from tomorrow to thurs. -_-"

Someone told me something and I feel uneasy inside me. Maybe I'm thinking too much? Anyway, if it's meant to be yours, it will be yours eventually ba.

Tuesday, June 17

- WeiLing's Birthday -

And the story continues from my 06/06/08 entry.

After which, I went straight to Wei ling's birthday party. On the way there, I discovered that my handphone no battery but i remembered clearly about her blk and level which was stated in my sms.

When I reached there, i ask her neighbour about this friend of mine but they seem quite friendly but actually being more kpo. If you do not know the information, do not ANYHOW give lah. She study at Republic Polytechic and you said Nanyang poly. Freak woman.

I was indeed at the right place and I even ring the bell but no one opened the door. I was quite worried on what to do next. Met some passer-by who help me out.

I really appreciate one nice and friendly lady for lenting her handphone to me, changing the sim card somemore. Not to forget eliz who called for my rescue giving me carmen's number. Without them, I cannot attend ling birthday. I must admit its my fault as I should charge my batt fully.

Enjoyed the food and company. I think we have nothing much to talk about besides the upcoming topic which was enlisting to army and current life. Seriously, I miss the days we had in RP.


I even ring the bell but no one opened the door - that's because her mum was bathing. -_-"

Monday, June 16

- A day out -

Went out with Zhi Qiang today. Met him at TM and decided to catch kungfu panda. Before that, we walked around and he told me many stuff about police academy. Seems that there's lots of things I am required to learn and to be test on. He told me some of his experience as well. The more I ask, the more I will know and the more I know, I tend to think more about it. Sometimes I wonder, is it better not to know anything? I think it's better at certain point. Anyway, the show is very funny with good storyline. Loads of people were laughing throughout the movie.

Ratings: 4 / 5

Sunday, June 15

- 三面夏娃 -

Elva Hsiao lastest album is offically out on stores today! Had previewed her songs! Most of it were catchy and nice! Preview it if you do not believe. Buying her album at a later date as she would be releasing 3 different version of it. Will buy the one which attract me most.

You will not regret buying. Grab a copy of it! =p

Saturday, June 14

- 爱情两好三坏
Full Count -

Finished watching this drama series. Felt that the storyline was quite alright but not what I expected. By watching, It tells me that if you like a particular person, say it out and let her know how you feel. You will never know because she may be interested in you. Once you miss it, you might not have a chance to say it. If there's no in-between of Meng Xue and Xiao Xue. Most likely, Ah Ke and Wen Zi will be together. Overall, it's a happy ending where both found their true love.

"You are the apple of my eyes".

Friday, June 13

- Random Entry -

Had my interview just now. Spent around 40 mins to complete the application form. It includes the usual stuff you can see. However, there's a questionare section where they ask questions about life, goals, cultures and other stuff. That's the reason why I completed it that long.

The interview session was quite alright for me. I do not feel that nervous as before. Weird yea? One reason could be whom you are talking to? If you feel comfortable, you can talk and even joke. I think I never do well for the interview.

The way his facial expression he gave when I answer his questions, I knew that I did not answer well. He kept emphasising about what teaching is about when I always thought its more of guiding. He make me feel quite stress when he said if I could handle those students. Resulting me to think if I have the ability to do that.

At another moment, I showed him my FYP -TRCC ads and one of my flash assignments, he giggled. He even mentioned that my FYP looks simple. I do not feel that happy when he said that as we put in effort in it

I think my chances were low even when he said he may give me a sms or call next week. After much thinking, I will turn down if he call since i do not have much confident teaching and handling students.

After which, went out with family and DaDa. Brought him to arcade, see doggie and dinner. Think he enjoyed himself. Mischievous but cute!
- Jobs -

Been sending in my resumes to different companies but not many respond to it. I have sent in my application to BHG, popular, metro, isetan and etc. Popular called, ask some questions and said that she will get back to me. However, she did not call back. Think they do not want temp staff as stated in my resume.

Finally, ACP Computer responsed to my application for the position of training executive. Sounds pretty challenging but I do not know depth about the job scope. The main thing will be teaching a group of students.

Was required to show them my portfolio. I will be showing him some assignments I done in RP. Hopefully, it's up to his standard.

Attending the interview later. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 11

- Gentle Reminder -

You can see me and my brother at 我的守护天使 - Guardian Angel at 9.30pm on Channel U. Repeat telecast will be on 11.30pm tonight. =p

Monday, June 9

- 我们的爱 -




* 我們的愛 會陪伴你左右
希望就在前頭 不要放棄
會陪伴你左右 和你一起




Another song for the recent earthquake at Si Chuan. Hu Yan Bing compose the songs. He requested Elva Hsiao to sing the song! The lyrics is pretty meaningful. Nice song!

Sunday, June 8

- A Day Out -

Yesterday, met up with Gary. First stop, to the arcade at bugis. Then, shop around for clothes. Random chatting while shopping. We had pepper lunch for our dinner. First time eating that, the food tasted so-so but quite filling to me. Like the salmon and “Kuromitsu” ice-cream, it tasted nice. Yummy!

Met Ah wei after his work. Then, decided to catch a movie together. Watched the chronicles of narnia: prince caspian. Felt that the show was average since I never really get to watch previous part. Only completed the game for it. It ended at around 1am and we took bus back. So cool to have the night bus service. Fast and convenient!

Happy Belated Birthday, Siang! =D

Friday, June 6

- Full Day Out -

Woke up in the morning at 6am. When I'm ready, I went out to meet the others who were involved in the filming. Initially, I do not know what is it about. After that, Got to know that it was an advertisement. It seems to be singtel ads.

As usual, need to wait till you are called, if not you will be there wasting time. LoL! It also varies and depends on what you are filming. However, small group of us was called to walk up and down. At least, its better than wasting time waiting for your turn. After walking lots of time, we had some rest. Later, it was lunch time. I was feeling so hungry can! And the walking for us continues.

However, they decided to change the formation. Felt that they did not follow their storyboard and script strictly. I thought they should show more professionalism with their profession. The walking was worst than before. It's like never-ending kind and the weather was hot like shit. Imagine walking up and down under the hot sun. Lucky, there were intervals in between. Drink and went toilet like nobody business.

Got to know from the agent that Felicia Chin, Jessica Liu and Nat Ho were friendly! Fel and Nat. =p The other celebs which were kinda proud, i will not name it here.

After which, went straight to Wei ling's birthday party and the story will be continued . . . . .

It will be written on her actual birthday itself! =p

Wednesday, June 4

- Catch ME on TV -

My Brother and Me will be in 我的守护天使. Our segment will telecast next wednesday, 9.30pm on Channel U! Do remember to catch it. Think my screen time will not be that much. Wonder how I look on TV. Hope I will look presentable.

Tuesday, June 3

- Random Entry -

Went marketing at sheng siong with mum just now. It was my first time there. It's quite similar to the other supermarkets. However, I saw something new. Digital price tag! Pretty cool can. Something where other supermarket not having it.

Received letter and cheque from goody books. Finally, it came. Not much but at least is something.

Though you may not see this. Anyway, Happy Birthday Chiu Yee!

Sunday, June 1

- Nicholas Teo 张栋梁 Singapore Concert -

Went to watch his concert with brother just now. Felt that he can sing live pretty well! His opening song was a good one as I can see him sing and dance. The one which I enjoyed most was, he did crossover using different languages singing his songs. The other performances such as his duet with Faye was good too. Kinda shock that Faye did not sing another song. Was expecting her to sing. The finale where he requested us to sing was rather touching. Glad that he sing some of my favourite songs such as 如果, 北极星的眼泪, 王子, 只因为你 and 错了再错. The song 付出 is very nice can! First time listening to it and I like it!

First time to a ticket concert, I must say that the experience was rather good. I enjoyed it! =D