Friday, November 30

Met up with 4-ourz yesterday evening! Had our dinner at Holiday Inn - Melting Pot. The place is cosy with nice ambiance. The isn't many variety of choices for the food. 

The dishes I will recommend will be the prawns, salmon, cakes, mutton soup & satay! The ice-cream comes only with 2 flavours which I felt was pretty limited. Other dishes tasted normal.

Had lots of fun catching up with 4-ourz! Had a well spent evening! 

Ambiance: 3.25/5
Service: 3.2/5
Price: 3/5
Food: 2.8/5

Melting Pot Cafe (Holiday Inn)
Outram Road  Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore 169075
Tel: 6731 7172
Daily: 12pm to 2.30pm (Lunch)
            6.30pm to 10pm (Dinner)

Tuesday, November 27

Watched Cold War  寒戰  and the story started off well with introduction of various cast. The story goes on from there. While watching, it started to get rather draggy with the investigation to crack the mystery case which revolves about people. Nice strategy plot and intense scene though I expected more. 

Towards the end, the answer to the mystery was being highlighted and explained abruptly. I think this area can be improved. On the other hand, it make me want to find out more what exactly will happen next. And yup, that will be shown in the sequel for this film.

This is a rather face-paced introductory film. And yup, more will be revealed.

Ratings: 3.15/5

Photo: Congrats to Wai Tong & Xueyi! Lovely & Blissful Marriage! (:

Went for poly-mate Wai Tong's Wedding yesterday evening! It was held at Park Royal Hotel! Was my first time attending a friend wedding. This means I'm getting old. Oh well!

Anyway, nice food and ambiance with the company of wedding photos and stage speech and performance! Am happy for his him! It was also a great catch up with E35D girls! 

Had a wonderful and great company! (=

Sunday, November 25

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

After 1st visit with my church mates to this eatery, we find it good and frequent the place quite often after service! Besides Pork Chop, there are choices of fish fillet, Fish w Chips, Chicken Cutlet & Chicken Chop! 

The Pork Chop tasted reasonably good! The meat is marinated evenly and its crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Also, they are flexible on the sides where you get to choose from the above or noodle, bun, fries, bake beans or coleslaw. You can choose to add sunshine egg or hard boil egg too!

It is quite affordable as well! A plate of Pork Chop Rice cost $4. With an additional egg, it cost you $4.50.

Tried the Chicken Chop with noodles and it is average for me. The noodle is slightly over-cooked and I find that the gravy for the Chicken Chop should be thicker to taste better.

Ambiance: 2.5/5
Service: 2.9/5
Price: 3.8/5
Food: 3.5/5

Supreme Pork Chop Rice (Bulkhaul House
67 Beach Road 189688
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday - 1130am - 9pm
                            Closed on Sunday & PH

Thursday, November 22

Watched the preview screening of Stolen with Joe earlier this evening. I feel that the story started off fast and goes straight to the point. Nice action, fighting & intense scenes which caught my attention. Humorous scenes as well. 

Besides that, it also injected something close to the heart which is kinship. Though the story is rather predictable, I like how the Father actually did his best to rescue his daughter. 

It made one realised that money is the root of evil. Overall, its one good fast-paced action film.

Thank you Incinemas! (=

Ratings: 3/5

Wednesday, November 21

"LOVE GAME" revolves around a secret game in which the participants can win 100 million yen if they succeed at a love-related task. However, no one has ever succeeded in the game before. Sae Himuro (Yumiko Shaku) is the beautiful but mysterious "dealer" of the game. The challenges she presents to the contestants, who are constantly monitored, include tasks such as "get your wife to sign divorce papers within 8 hours" and "steal your friend's boyfriend within 3 days. -

Each episode, you get to see different personality players being invited to the game. And from there, the story begins. It educate me about a personality of man, woman and relationship in reality. The plot is good with a twist in most episode. Most importantly, it is straight to the point. 

Also, not to only see things on its surface. Many a times, there are more depth to it. In love, one should learn to have the attitude to be grateful, smart and be courageous. On the other hand, learn not to envy, let go and accept not only the strength but weaknesses as well.

Ratings: 3.45/5

Tuesday, November 13

Initially, did not watch this drama - Game Plan 千方百计 when it was shown on television. However, decided to catch this since most of my colleagues are discussing about the story. Gary roughly told me that it is about cheating and lying. When I heard that, it reminds me of this show -  Liar Game. Liar Game is the genre of show that I like!

The story started quite similar to Liar Game. The character of Xin Tong, Hao Ren & Mo Yan are similar to the character of Nao, Akiyama & Katsuragi. Only those who watched both the show will truly understand what I meant. 

The story flow quite well with smart strategy plan and plot. There is a twist as the story moves on which capture the viewers attention, making it a little more exciting. However, towards the finale, I feel that it is rather draggy. Certain scenes are redundant. 

Kudos to Jessica Liu & Christopher Lee. They have been acting together as the lead since secrets for sale 拍卖. Think they had wonderful chemistry. However, I think should give other actor/actress a chance to act in good shows, they acted before. The other cast like Shaun Chen & Chris Tong acted reasonably well too!

Overall, it is a good drama.

Ratings: 3.45/5

Happy Birthday Sher! (:

Monday, November 12

Watched ah boys to men with Sher yesterday. I think the story-line is good and flows pretty good! It is one good show for the old and young! For those who gone through National Service, it bring back many bitter, fun and epic memories. For those who have not, it will be a good eye-opener for them! For loved ones who need not be enlisted, it let them know more about the life-style there. 

Kudos to the various cast! I think they acted pretty good! Nice! Awaiting for Part 2!

Ratings: 3.25/5

Saturday, November 3






Whenever I see variety programs, I always wanted to had a 'feel' playing it too! And yup, thanks to Desmond who decided to play Running Man and planned it! It is the recent korean game variety program where you see different teams challenging in order to win! And yup, as you can see, I was in the blue team!

Only managed to have pictures on the first activity that we played! It is easy to play football without any obstacles. However, now with those cups, it is certainly a challenge! Nevertheless, FUN! Only I got the ball in the goal post surprisingly! Woo!

Then, we had other fun activity that was played in running man too. Oh ya, suffered minor injury at my neck area during one of the game because I guess I really go all the way! Drinking of lemonade sugar mixture really made my stomach go haywire too.

Then, the last game was the ultimate which was pulling out each team name tag! The winner will be determine when all other team name tag are being taken off! My team decided to work with red team to counter the yellow one. And yup, indeed, the 2 standing one was Red and Blue! Ultimately, Red won!

Was a fun experience but it will be even a good one if I did not injured at all.

Thursday, November 1

Finished watching this drama - 幽灵. Was introduced by my colleagues that this is a mysterious thriller show, which was my type of genre! Thus, decided to catch it! 

The plot was good because it keep viewers in suspense to think and figure out on the issues encountered - be it people or evidence. It flows well with clear flash back scenes to fix the mystery with the present one. It started off with betray, hatred and revenge. Sad ending at the last episode when the truth is revealed.

Since this is a cyber investigation drama, it reminded one how powerful technologies can be. To the extent, do not good to one another just by a click. It shows the everyday life of a policemen and tell us to live it up as a good cop if you are one!

Great acting from the 2 main cast! Lee Yeon Hee & So Ji Sub! I think the other cast did a great job too!

If you are into police investigation mystery thriller, this is a good drama I will recommend you!

Ratings: 3.8/5