Monday, February 28

I feel most Singaporean when. . .

I participated at National Day Parade 1999!! The experience was great and memorable!! Our segment was fun because we are required to wear props, coordinate and work together as a team. Though the rehearsals can be rather hectic, I reminded myself that it is my honour to perform and celebrate this special day together with everyone in Singapore!

AND. . .

when I celebrated National Day and Chingay with Singapore!! It was nice and heart-warming to see each individual playing and giving their BEST for the performance!! The images below were taken by me during Chingay 2011!! Just love it! (:

AND. . .

also my dearest family & friends!! This was my entry for the recent "HOME" video contest!! Love my family and friends!!! (:

Singapore my home! (:

Sunday, February 27

Just finished watching this amazing film.

This show educates me with different aspects of life:

- Be sure to inform your whereabouts for you do not know what will happen.
- Not to be boastful and take things for granted.
- Never do things alone.
- Never give up easily and strive for your goals.

I cannot imagine myself being stuck there for 127 hours. I am really touched that he actually strive to live on. Watching those flashback actually make me realise how fortunate I am to be so loved. At the same time, it tells me not to take things for granted. Splendid acting from James Franco!

This film is based on real life story and I am glad that Aron ralston is still doing well!

On the way to Thomson CC...

Me warming up before playing!

Lunch & fellowship!

Had great time with CG mates! Really brought back lots of memories!
I enjoyed the company and we had lots of fun!!

Basketball was fun!

Thank you li yi & Ellson for the photos. (:

Friday, February 25

Finally tasted Pokka new strawberry fruit tea!!
Thank you Diana for buying this for me! (:
And yeps, it tasted great!!
Go try it! (:

Thursday, February 24