Sunday, June 29

Rookie detective Natsuki Sawara joins the Ginza Police Station as the top student from his class, and finds himself face-to-face with his father Akimura Shimao, a top detective in the same station who left Sawara when he was just a child. Will father and son be able to set aside their bitter past – and different personalities when it comes to dating – and work together?

Finished watching the series of Bitter Blood. Personally, I felt that the plot was pretty good! The story flow well with different cases for the detectives to solve in each episode. I enjoyed watching the process of how the detectives solved the cases not only through evidence but also logical thinking. Also, there were humor elements in this entire series as well.

Both the father and son were put together as partner working on various cases. Though they had family dispute in the past, they were rather cooperative when it comes to work. Through each cases they been through, it strengthen their kinship to another level. Thus, it injected the importance of kinship and kept viewers reminded of that.

Watabe Atsuro, Sato Takeru and Kutsuna Shiori acted well with their given roles. The other characters did good also. As usual, I am impressed by Japanese celebrities expressive acting capabilities.

Bitter Blood theme song - Do you ever shine?

The finale was exciting yet heart-warming. Overall, a well-package drama not to be missed!

Ratings: 4.45/5

Hazel and Gus are two extraordinary teenagers who share an acerbic wit, a disdain for the conventional, and a love that sweeps them - and us - on an unforgettable journey. Their relationship is all the more miraculous, given that they met and fell in love at a cancer support group. THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, based upon the number-one bestselling novel by John Green, explores the funny, thrilling and tragic business of being alive and in love. 

Personally, I felt that the story was good and compact though certain scenes were pretty slow-paced. It has interesting plot in the beginning which went slightly dull after which. The story flow well with some humor elements was injected which lighten this film up. 

This film caught more of my attention towards the end where she found out something that she was not aware of. I felt that was the moment which hit me and I felt touched by the gesture. The gesture which portrayed what true love is about.

I guess the book is better since many said so though I never read it. Overall, I think it is a good romance film. Catch it if you enjoy watching romance show.

Ratings: 3.45/5

Saturday, June 28

At TheCatCafe, they strive to bring you the purrfect coffee in the presence of adorable local feline friends. Like any other cafe, TheCatCafe serves freshly brewed coffee, tea and assorted pastries. Apart from that, TheCatCafe would also be home to about 15-20 furry cats. 

Visited The Cat Cafe with my malay colleagues yesterday evening! Before entering the cafe, the staff brief us about the cat rules that we ought to take note of.

The cafe was not as spacious as I expected. However, it was cosy and a nice place to hang out with loved ones. Honestly, I like the concept and layout design where a partition was created between the cafe and counter area.

The cats look adorable ya? On a side note, you can purchase treats for the cats to feed and get closer to it! Also, cat toys were provided for you to play with the cats! The cats there were cute and approachable! Thus, you will get to have lots of fun there!

I believe there are many muslims cat lovers out there. Please note that the food are not halal certified. However they get their food supplies from halal certified food suppliers. - I got this info from their facebook page

If you are a cat lover, I think you should come visit this cafe. I am sure you will enjoy yourself there! Unlimited minutes, Unlimited purring and stroking of cats!

241B Victoria Street Level 3
Singapore 188030

Operating Hours:
Monday: 3pm to 10pm
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 10pm.
Tel: 63386815

Wednesday, June 25

The film tells the female agent Ameera after a failed mission, private life crisis, conspiracy, and attempt to create organizational struggle Resident Evil dark story found during the processing of personal crisis.

Watched Ameera 特工艾米拉 recently online. Ambrose Hui was the leading actor in the show thus it was one of the reason why I wanted to catch it. And yep, He used to be my favourite actor in Taiwan dramas. It has been awhile since I see him on screen.

Personally, I thought that this film was good though it could have been better. Initially, the story was seems predictable without much climax. However, as it continue on, it gets better with an unexpected twist. Nice fighting scenes which bring this show to another level. 

I felt that certain scenes for the solved mystery ended quite abruptly. It ended with a 'To be continued' so I guessed there will be a sequel for this film?

Ratings: 3/5

Monday, June 23

eSynchrony gives you the best of online dating along with a personal matchmaker! First, do a comprehensive personality quiz that eSynchrony matching system will provide you with matches that is based on a compatible profile and personality pairing.

Rather than spend all your time sending out messages in which you get limited or long drawn responses from, in eSynchrony, you can simply indicate to them which match do you wish to go on date with.

How do this dating online site work?

Before eSynchrony matching system could a find compatible matches for your approval, you will have to take a quiz to reveal your personality type first.

eSynchrony matches singles based on an in-depth compatibility profiling and is not just based on a simple check list of likes and dislikes. The eSynchrony matchmaking algorithm and profiling that is also based on 15 areas of compatibility. Some important factors I will look into will be:

- Physical Attributes

- Interests and Passions

- Values and Beliefs

- Money Attitudes

- Admiration

These few attributes are important and is a key to a successful relationship.

Personally, I felt that the quiz questions were thorough and might take time to complete. However, this process will analyze your personality.The matching system will then do the work and find compatible matches for you. Although many questions were pose, most of it were MCQs.

A dating consultant will then call you to explain more about eSynchrony to complete the profiling. I felt that the gesture was thoughtful because it help one to clarify any doubts.

After you have completed the quiz, a profile page will be set up for you. You can then navigate to see your matches as well.

Here are some of the matches for me according to the criteria I have listed. You can click to view your matches profile to find out more about them. 

They will also analyze my character based on the quiz I have done. I can see this report on my matches profile page. On the other hand, they can view it on my page to find out more about me as well.

eSynchrony is launched by the same team that brought us Lunch Actually (Asia’s premier lunch dating agency). Thus, it is reputable and credible.

Hope to find a compatible partner? Why not register yourself to eSynchrony? Who knows you may find your special one soon!

Register here!

Saturday, June 21

Had this chicken java curry sauce pasta at Creative Cafe. The portion of this dish was decent and appetizing. The curry sauce was flavourful and yet not... strong for my taste bud. The sauce goes pretty well with the pasta, mushroom and chicken. 

I thought that this dish was pretty appetizing. This will be the dish that I would recommend if you patronize this eatery. 

Creation Cafe
Shaw Towers
100 Beach Rd
Singapore 189702

Monday, June 16

Along the revitalised Keong Saik road you will find Bread & Hearth with its countryside styled brick wall façade. Handcrafted artisan bread is the bakery café’s signature style, where every bread and pastry is baked using traditional European methods. Be it for a pick-me-up breakfast, hearty lunch or comforting dinner, true pastry aficionados will delight in Bread and Hearth’s range of fluffy croissants, exquisite viennoiseries, and sweet and savoury pies and tarts. Complete your meal with the café’s premium selection of gourmet coffee, tea and beverages

Nice cosy ambiance to hang out with your loved ones! 
Adore the conceptual design and layout of this bakery.

This was my first time inside a bakery kitchen! As you can see, the baker started off with the dough thus it started from everything from scratch. The process was not easy I felt but the satisfaction of the end product will certainly score a achievement. It was an eye opener and rare experience for me to see the heavy duty equipment and certain processes before of an end product of the bread.

The delicious bread that you only get to purchase here!

Bread and Hearth Beverage Menu! 

Basically, these were some of the bread and pastries that I have tasted.  
  1. White Chocolate Bun
  2. Brioche
  3. Raisin Roll
  4. Croissant
  5. Lemon meringue 
  6. Salted Caramel Tarte
I  also tasted their almond pastry and Matcha Orange Bun. Basically, the listed bread and pastries tasted hearty and decent with good texture. Most importantly, it was served warm.

Personally, I prefer the Raisin Roll, Croissant and Salted Caramel Tarte!

Croissant was fluffy with crispy crust! You can just eat this on its own without any spread on it! Salted Caramel Tarte was yummy! It could be quite sweet for some thus it will be better to eat it together with the hazelnut!

My cup of cute latte (:

Bread and Hearth is having a grand opening special. 10% off bakes and drinks! Go visit them today! Promotion ends on 30th June 2014. 

Great to see familiar faces (bloggers) there! Grateful for this opportunity to be invited for this event. Thanks Mapwerkz and Bread and Hearth! (:

18 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089125

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday: 8:00 - 21:30

Sunday, June 15

A murder case took place in a theatre with the lead actor being killed. A detective was tasked to investigate the case. The theatre group is determined to go ahead with the performance as their survival is hinged on it and the detective is trying to find the killer whom he believes is among the theatre group.

Some of the characters acting in this detective series. 

Finished watching 《侦凶》who killed the lead. Personally, the plot was good though I felt that it could have been expanded further. A good suspenseful film which kept viewers to analysis each character as a suspect.

I have to agree that the story flow well with the clues gathered from each episodes. Each episode is crucial in finding out the killer of the lead. Towards the end, you get to realise how everything was linked to the murderer. However, I guess it was suppose to be another intended killer but circumstances changes everything. 

Personally, I felt that Jessica Liu acted well with her given role. She bring out her character well with expressive emotion. I could see a slight improvement in Elvin Ng's acting though I felt that he could be more expressive and bring forth more emotions to his character. Despite being the new actor, I thought that James Seah acted well even though his given role was small. The other cast did quite good too. 

If you enjoy watching thriller series and have not watch it, you may wish to catch this detective web series here!

Ratings: 3.4/5

Saturday, June 14

Selfish Gene Cafe presents its customers with the perfect setting to be themselves and enjoy themselves – be it having a morning brunch with girls, catching up over a cuppa with buddies or simply some alone time with a book and one’s thoughts. SGC serve up a variety of delicious sandwiches, refreshing salads, espresso- & tea-based beverages, homemade baked goods and more. The menu draws personal influences from Gene's family, travels and training. The cuisine can be described as borderless using French techniques to create simple and unpretentious food.

B R E A K F A S T P L A T E 
scrambled eggs, pork sausage, mushroom, tomato 
confit, toasted brioche, butter and jam

B A G E L & S M O K E D S A L M O N 
toasted bagel with norwegian smoked salmon, cream 
cheese and mixed salad 

B A N A N A C A K E 
mini loaf of banana cake served warm with banana, 
caramel, crumble and peanut butter sauce 

Basically, This cafe has a cosy ambiance which appeal to me pretty much. Went there on a weekend afternoon with a group of friends and I thought it was a good chill-out place. Though the concept and design was simple, I felt that the place seems to be another home.

Personally, I thought that food tasted pretty decent. The appropriate amount of dish served were decent for one. My favourite will be the scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and banana cake! 

Scrambled eggs was nicely done and was appetizing though I felt that the mayonnaise was slightly too much for my taste bud. Smoked salmon was fresh and the seasoning was not too.. salty. Also, they are not stingy with the amount given. 

Banana Cake was served warm! Amazingly, it goes well with the peanut butter sauce which was a creative creation. This will be one of the dish you must have if you visit this cafe! However, this dessert can be pretty sweet for some thus you may wish to share it with another person.

40 craig road
singapore 089678

Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 10am to 5.30pm
                       Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 5pm

Thursday, June 12

Mummified dead bodies of various dignitaries from around the world are being discovered and a mysterious tarot card left beside them at every crime scene. The world is headed towards chaos... Kiyoharu is the young head of the Genpo noble family, owners of a massive toy manufacturing enterprise. He also functions as a secret watchdog for the Queen, a service that his family has provided for generations. The Queen orders Kiyoharu to solve the mummification incidents, and he begins investigation. He is supported by his perfect butler, Sebastian, who is actually a demon.
Kiyoharu has been hiding his true female identity since his parents’ tragic death 10 years earlier. In return for perfect service to his master in public and private, Sebastian will receive his master’s soul after Kiyoharu achieves revenge for the murder of his parents. Who is really behind the serial mummification deaths? Will Kiyoharu finally find out who killed his parents?

Managed to catch Black Butler 黑执事 online. Personally, I felt that the plot was good which kept viewers in great suspense. A genre of film which I adore to watch. However, I thought the flow for certain scenes could have been slightly better. 

Kudos to the amazing action scenes which bring this film to another level. I thought that the investigations and flash-back of tracking the clues were cool. It allow viewers to think and realised how the cases were linked. Towards the end, there was a twist which was unexpected for me. 

Ratings: 3.7/5

Monday, June 9

Trick Eye Museum is finally here in Singapore. Get ready to let your imagination march into a miraculous dimension of original 3D artworks.

Trick Eye is short for ‘Trick of the eye’, which refers to an art technique that turns two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional images through the use of optical illusions. With that, 2D paintings on the museum walls, floors and ceilings appear to pop out of the surface and come to life. Visitors are more than welcome to explore the various themed galleries with their eyes, hands and even cameras. Step inside the paintings to complete a visual narrative with your creative poses, and watch a “tricky” story unfold before your camera. At Trick Eye Museum, you’ll be creating unforgettable memories with friends and family amid fun and laughter, with a dash of educational and cultural enrichment.

I had pretty much fun there! 

Tickets are 50% off from now till 22nd June if you buy the tickets on-site! 
Go visit Trick Eye Museum sooonnn!!