Saturday, June 28

At TheCatCafe, they strive to bring you the purrfect coffee in the presence of adorable local feline friends. Like any other cafe, TheCatCafe serves freshly brewed coffee, tea and assorted pastries. Apart from that, TheCatCafe would also be home to about 15-20 furry cats. 

Visited The Cat Cafe with my malay colleagues yesterday evening! Before entering the cafe, the staff brief us about the cat rules that we ought to take note of.

The cafe was not as spacious as I expected. However, it was cosy and a nice place to hang out with loved ones. Honestly, I like the concept and layout design where a partition was created between the cafe and counter area.

The cats look adorable ya? On a side note, you can purchase treats for the cats to feed and get closer to it! Also, cat toys were provided for you to play with the cats! The cats there were cute and approachable! Thus, you will get to have lots of fun there!

I believe there are many muslims cat lovers out there. Please note that the food are not halal certified. However they get their food supplies from halal certified food suppliers. - I got this info from their facebook page

If you are a cat lover, I think you should come visit this cafe. I am sure you will enjoy yourself there! Unlimited minutes, Unlimited purring and stroking of cats!

241B Victoria Street Level 3
Singapore 188030

Operating Hours:
Monday: 3pm to 10pm
Tuesday – Sunday: 10am to 10pm.
Tel: 63386815