Sunday, June 15

A murder case took place in a theatre with the lead actor being killed. A detective was tasked to investigate the case. The theatre group is determined to go ahead with the performance as their survival is hinged on it and the detective is trying to find the killer whom he believes is among the theatre group.

Some of the characters acting in this detective series. 

Finished watching 《侦凶》who killed the lead. Personally, the plot was good though I felt that it could have been expanded further. A good suspenseful film which kept viewers to analysis each character as a suspect.

I have to agree that the story flow well with the clues gathered from each episodes. Each episode is crucial in finding out the killer of the lead. Towards the end, you get to realise how everything was linked to the murderer. However, I guess it was suppose to be another intended killer but circumstances changes everything. 

Personally, I felt that Jessica Liu acted well with her given role. She bring out her character well with expressive emotion. I could see a slight improvement in Elvin Ng's acting though I felt that he could be more expressive and bring forth more emotions to his character. Despite being the new actor, I thought that James Seah acted well even though his given role was small. The other cast did quite good too. 

If you enjoy watching thriller series and have not watch it, you may wish to catch this detective web series here!

Ratings: 3.4/5