Friday, April 29

[Media Invite] Official Media Launch of CRAVE, where Adam Road's Nasi Lemak Meets Amoy Street's Teh Tarik

CRAVE is a food establishment that houses the famous Adam Road nasi lemak by  Selera  Rasa and famous Amoy Street teh tarik from Rafee’s  Corner.  Here is where Singaporeans and tourists can
enjoy a comforting combination that pays tribute to the nation’s rich food and beverage heritage. 

Indulge  in  fit-for-royalty  nasi  lemak  and  well-acclaimed  teh tarik at CRAVE’s newest outlet in ION Orchard. Operated by Pezzo Group, the largest pizza kiosk operator in Singapore, CRAVE is an establishment that houses Adam Road nasi lemak by Selera Rasa as well as Amoy Street teh tarik  from  Rafee’s Corner under one roof. Strategically located in ION Orchard, the newly minted fourth outlet offers convenient access for gourmands all over Singapore to enjoy the two classics.

Set A $4.90 - Fish Meal (Nasi Lemak with Kunning Fish and Egg)
Set B $4.90 - Fish Fillet Meal (Nasi Lemak with Fish Fillet & Bergedil)
Set C $5.90 - Full House (Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing and Egg)

Set D $5.90 - Chicken Cutlet Meal (Nasi Lemak with Chicken Cutlet and Egg)
Set E $6.90 - Royal Rumble Meal (Nasi Lemak with Chicken Wing, Bergedil & Fish)
A mouth-watering combination of its four premium staples prepared using Abdul Malik Bin Hassan’s (owner of Selera Rasa) family recipe that has been passed down over generations: Fluffy Basmati Rice; Fragrant Sambal Chilli; Crispy Chicken Wing; and Fresh Otah Otah.

The chefs use the basmati rice to create piping hot bowls of fragrant coconut rice. Teaming with the  rice is the Crispy Chicken Wing: its enticing exterior crackles with every bite and the tender inside provides a great mouth feel. The bergedil also tasted pretty great on its own!

Teh Tarik
The right blend of tea dust decides the richness and taste of teh tarik. And yup, this cup of teh tarik is tasty and a perk-me-up beverage!

Crave @ ION Orchard 
Singapore 238801

Saturday, April 23

[Influencer Invitation] Domino's Cheesy Mozzarella Stix Influencer Campaign

Domino’s Singapore unveiled the latest addition to its menu- the Cheesy Mozzarella Stix. Aimed at offering customers more selection and variety, the new Cheesy Mozzarella Stix is what cheese lovers dream of. Baked to golden perfection and spinkled with Mozzarella Cheese. Each stick is also loaded with 100% Mozzarella Cheese.

Enjoy the new Cheesy Mozzarella Stix – 4pcs at introductory price of $5.80 (Usual price: $7.80)

"TIN65A" for 2 Reg pizza + Cheesy Mozz Stix at $24 (U.P $51.40).
"TIN65B" for 2 Large pizza + Cheesy Mozz Stix at $34.50 (U.P $65.40).
"TIN65C" for 2 Xtra Large + Cheesy Mozz Stix at $45 (U.P $77.40)

Simply use my promo codes to enjoy exclusive pizza deals. Offer is valid for online order, call centre - 6222 6333 and over the counter. 

Promotion period: 20 Apr – 20 May 2016.
Note: Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First class pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade, Half and Half, Extra Toppings, Extra Cheese and Extra Condiments.

Check out my previous Domino's event - Domino's Go Halal and Domino's pizza gold rush party!

Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534710

Thursday, April 21

[Media Invitation] Mo'mor: Contemporary Izakaya that Promises a Spellbinding, Japanese-European-inspired Charm

Mo’mor is a modern izakaya with Japanese-European-inspired elements. Helmed by veteran Chef Martin Woo, it serves delectable tapas and grilled plates in the cosy enclave of Tanglin. It uses only the most premium and freshest ingredients in its dishes, and boasts indoor and alfresco settings for a full dining experience for family and friends alike.
Introducing Mo’mor, a contemporary izakaya concept that boasts a Japanese-European  charm  and  promises  an  exquisite  gourmet  experience.  Nestled  in the  cosy enclave of Tanglin, the restaurant doles out delectable tapas and grills at affordable prices. Exuding a congenial and calm vibe as well as boasting indoor  and  alfresco  settings, Mo’mor  makes  an ideal address for family gatherings.   

The canape that was served:-
Kani Remoulade
Berico Pork Jowl
Scallop Tartar

Particularly, I enjoyed the scallop tartar for its savoury taste and texture.

Botan Ebi

A dish that stands out on its own. If you are adventure enough, you may consider trying it? Fresh raw prawns for you maybe?


This dish is definitely the highlight for the tasting! The oyster are fresh and it complement well with the citrus jelly! I adore it pretty much.
 Sword Fish Belly

I adore the presentation of this particular dish. 
It was nicely prepared with a relatively good texture. 

Soft Shell Crab

It tasted okay though the exterior could have been more crisp, for a better dining experience.

Hokkiado Scallop
Yet another delicacy not to be missed.
 "Unagi" Japanese Eel

Black Angus Ribeye

Saikyo Miso Chicken

The chicken was nicely grilled. Surprisingly, it complement well with the pumpkin puree!

Hasselback Potato

Melon Gazpacho

If you enjoy a blend between sour and sweet, you will enjoy this dessert! Melon gazpacho + berries salsa + raspberry sorbet = great combination!

And yup, Priscelia Chan is there for the opening as well! It was nice to see her there. A humble and down-to-earth artiste (:

56 Tanglin Rd
Tanglin Post Office (Opposite Tanglin Mall) 
Singapore 247964

Sunday, April 17

2 days 1 Night Batam Trip

Batam trip with 4ourz last weekend! We bought the ferry tickets at Qoo10 for cheaper rates! You may choose among the different ferry - Majestic, Sindo or BatamFast. We then decided on Majestic Fast Ferry. 

The following below is the schedule for Majestic Fast Ferry:

 *Note: Singapore is 1 hour ahead of Batam

We took the ferry at 11.45am. It takes about an hour before we reach Batam island! Upon arrival, we settle our lunch at Mega Mall Batam Centre.

We decided to have A&W because we miss the food! When I was young, I enjoyed their curly fries, waffle ice cream and wings! However, to my disappointment, I did not see any of the familiar fried wings in the menu. Instead, we had the 2 piece chicken meal. Nevertheless, the curly fries still tasted good on its own!

Then, we took a cab to Gideon Hotel! The place that we stayed for the night. We decided on this 3 star hotel at Agoda for its rather good reviews nicely decorated interior.

We requested for a high floor option. However, the receptionist told us that only level 6 or level 2 were available. We took our hotel room cards and proceed to level 6. To Huan and Sundu surprise, the room was being occupied. We then decided to take the rooms at level 2. Honestly, such misconception should be avoided. Other than this, I have nothing negative for my stay there.

The usual amenities are provided so you do not have to worry much about that. The room itself comes with a television and a fridge as well.

Then, we decided to walk around Batam city square mall since it was relatively near to our hotel. It was near to dinner time thus we had a rather hard time deciding what to have. Ultimately, we decided on hawker food.

Bak Kut Teh

Mie Terempa


 Ice kacang

We had our dinner at A2 foodcourt which is beside BCS mall! The food tasted decent and cheap! Particularly, I enjoyed the Mie Terempa and Chendol! It was good! 

Picture courtesy by

After which, we went for massage at Universal Massage & Reflexology Centre! We opted for the traditional massage. Virgin try for massage and it did not appear what I expected. However, it was decent.


 Carrot Cake

 Crispy Squid

Kang Kong

Claypot Tofu

Lemon Chicken
Then, we went for supper! The carrot cakes were super addictive! The claypot tofu was decent as well. Other than that, the rest tasted average. 

The next day, we had our breakfast buffet at the hotel! After which, Me and SK played the darts at the bar corner. Then, we went back to our room to pack and checked out. 

We headed to sing karaoke at K'OK family karaoke for an hour! Though many songs are not updated but it was really affordable. Each person around SGD $1.50 per pax.

After which, we took a cab to Nagoya Hill. One of the biggest mall in the area. Honestly, the mall is somewhat similar to BCS. The only differences - there are more handphone accessories there as compared.

We had our lunch at Za cafe!

The food was affordable and tasted okay. The portion was rather small though.

Some goodies that I got from there! Remember to buy yourself a magnum ice cream! 
It cost only SGD $1.50 each.

If you do not already know, Batam is known for kueh lapis. Get yourself a box of Lamoist maybe? It cost only SGD $10 each! This is one of the popular kueh lapis in Batam! It has buttery and moist texture and tasted not too sweet. 

Tata~ Till then!