Saturday, August 27

[Media Invitation] Miam Miam Pasta & Pancake Creations

Miam Miam is proud to unveil its brand-new luscious Mentaiko King Crab (S$19.80)! This dish features the juicy sweet Alaskan king crab on a bed of squid ink aglio olio pasta, asparagus and chilli.

Not only that, Miam Miam has also unveiled two enticing pancake creations. These pancakes depart from the usual in that they boast a tall height.

 Mont Blanc 

This fluffy pancake topped with French chestnut crème and crunchy almond crumble. 

  Truffle Chocolate Pancake Creations 

This dessert showcases handmade chocolate cream, velvety chocolate sauce and golden choc-chips. A layer of chocolate caramel finishes it.

Since its opening, the French-Japanese casual café kitchen has earned plaudits for its amazing pastas. Not one to rest on its laurels, the brand has constantly sought to enhance its recipes. Some of its existing pasta mainstays now boast new-and-improved presentations and flavours. 

The Lobster Bisque Sauce (S$20.80) will feature three succulent crayfish portions as well as an even more piquant lobster bisque. A potpourri of seafood ingredients such as prawns, squid and mussels is  now added to the Ocean Arrabbiata (S$16.80).

In conjunction with the launch of the new offerings, the French-Japanese casual café kitchen has launched a 45-day Pasta Challenge. Tuck into all nine of Miam Miams pastas within 45 days and stand a chance to win a 2D1N hotel room stay for two in the lavish Resorts World Sentosa. Sure-win prizes for different tiers such as a free Original Pancake and Pancake Creation are up for grabs as well.   

- Complete any three different pastas and get a free Original Pancake (S$8.80++)
- Complete any six different pastas and get a free Pancake Creation (S$13.80++)
- Collect all nine stamps and get a free Pasta ($20.80++) and stand a chance to take part in the Miam Miam Pasta Challenge Lucky Draw to WIN a 2D1N hotel room stay at Resorts World Sentosa!

This contest will be held from 17 August to 30 September 2016. 

Miam Miam
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Sunday, August 21

[Korean Drama Review] Wanted

This drama is about an actress whose her son gets kidnapped, and in order to save him, she has to complete all sorts of tasks during a live broadcast of a reality show. Jung Hye In (Kim Ah Joong) is a top actress in Chungmuro who’s acknowledged for being a box-office guarantee. But she’s described as someone who has to act even in her everyday life. When her son gets taken, she’ll stop at nothing to find him, and follows the kidnapper’s orders to go on a TV show, where she’ll complete missions at the kidnapper’s mercy while the whole country watches.

Finished watching this Korean Drama - Wanted. Personally, I thought that the story had a clever plot which kept me in good suspense. The concept itself was rather interesting too.

The kidnapped of Jung Hye In's child was linked to a incident which happened way back, 7 years ago. This particular case also involved the broadcast team and detectives. They were observant and smart enough to gather those evidence, which slowly lead them to the kidnapper and suspect. It got rather interesting when the investigators themselves, were linked to the cases.

In order to grasp the story well, you got to follow each episode closely. The hidden truth will then be clear.  The drama had an unexpected twist hence you do not know who is the kidnapper and suspect only until the finale. 

Ratings: 3.95 / 5

[Movie Review] Call Of Heroes 危城

In the early Republic of China, the whole country was trodden by incessant civil wars. The new ruling warlord Cao Ying sent his son Cao Shaolun to take over the remote village Pucheng. Cold-blooded and temperamental, Shaolun killed the innocents and orphans. The guardians of Pucheng arrested him and the guardian commander Yang Kenan planned to execute him after the trial. Zhang Yi, a colonel under warlord Cao Ying, learnt of what happened and came to Pucheng demanding the release of Shaolun. Zhang came across Ma Feng, who learnt martial arts from his mentor. Ma witnessed the outrageous behaviour of Shalolun and refused to take Zhang’s side. He was determined to assist Yang to keep Shaolun behind bars. Zhang failed to rescue Shaolun. Cao’s army invaded Pucheng and caused numerous casualties and deaths. The brave heroes swore to fight the battle to protect their homeland.

Watched Call Of Heroes 危城 with my church mentee - Ting Feng on Friday night. Decided to catch this film because the trailer seems rather promising. 

Personally, I feel that the film was good and rather classic on its own. Initially, the story may appear draggy and predictable but somewhat, it got better with the many intense scenes and great martial arts move. 

The plot was weak as it could have developed further. On the other hand, the well-planned strategies for the counter attack was smart. Good that certain humour was injected to lighten this heavy-hearted show.

It reminded me that both law and justice are equally important in a country. Without it strictly implemented, anyone could just break the law. It does not matter who you are, even if you are somewhat up there, one still have to pay for what He had done.

Ratings: 3.4 / 5 

Sunday, August 14

[Media Invitation] More than just pizza! Pezzo Pizza launches new wraps

Pezzo Pizza is introducing four new wraps in anticipation of Olympics! The wraps will join Pezzo’s existing menu of pizzas and lasagna offerings - making it an ideal destination for hearty grab-and-go meals. They will be available at 24 Pezzo outlets islandwide.

Savour these pizza toppings in the form of wraps at only $5.90 each!

The  Hulk - Veggie Wrap

A medley of mushrooms, white onions, green capsicum and juicy pineapple all perfectly wrapped up in a plain tortilla.

Hula Hawaii - Hawaii Wrap

Be whisked away to the island with its tropical interplay of turkey ham, turkey bacon and juicy pineapple.

The Big Bang - Pepperoni Wrap

Generous slices of beef pepperoni loaded with gooey mozzarella cheese, and finished with in-house pizza tomato sauce. 

The  Local - Satay Wrap

A local inspired flavour with tender satay chicken, fresh cucumber and onion drenched in piquant peanut sauce. 

Customers can purchase their limited-edition Coca-Cola® Olympic Gold Aluminium bottles exclusively at most Pezzo outlets.

Alternatively,  you can stand to win the limited-edition Coca-Cola® Olympic Gold Aluminium bottle & goodies in Pezzo’s Scratch & Win campaign by purchasing three slices of Pezzo pizza.

In addition to the Scratch & Win campaign, customers will also get a 2nd chance to win trips to FIJI!

Promotion ends 30th September 2016. 

You may wish to visit for more information.

Friday, August 12

[Movie Review] Erased 只有我不存在的城市

Satoru Fujinuma (Tatsuya Fujiwara 藤原竜也), a struggling manga artist and part-time pizza delivery man, experiences a strange phenomenon “Revival”. When he is about come to harm, he finds himself sent back several minutes in time before the fateful incident actually occurs.

A few days later, Satoru's mother, who witnessed an attempted abduction, is murdered. The police suspects Satoru, but he experiences “Revival” again when he is about to get arrested. This time, he is brought back to his childhood 18 years ago - days before the abduction-murder case of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki. A 29-year-old trapped in a 10-year-old’s body, Satoru is convinced that the two murders are linked to the same perpetrator, and begins his investigation.

Watched Erased 只有我不存在的城市 with church pals last night! Decided to catch this film because it was adapted based on bestselling award-winning manga and anime! My favourite lead actor - Tatsuya Fujiwara 藤原竜也 was in it as well!

Personally, this film had a refreshing plot which keep me in good suspense. Though it may appear rather slow-paced, the build up and progression of each scenes are nicely depicted.

With an inexplicable ability, Satoru is able to travel back and forth between present and past, gathering clues each time in order to make things right. It seems confusing but actually it's not if you are observant enough.

This movie had an unexpected turn-out towards the finale. Honestly, it never come across my mind that such tragic will happen. The movie title says it all "Erased 只有我不存在的城市" and that came to my realisation on its finale - He is actually there to stop the murders and save the people He loves.

Oh well, should I watch the anime?

Ratings: 3.6 / 5

Tuesday, August 9

[Media Invite] Andsoforth presents - The Spy, The Thug, His Wife & Her lover

ANDSOFORTH is a nomadic theatre group which creates pop-up theatrical feasts immersed around stories, drama and secrets. Influenced by the underground dining sub-culture in London, founders Stuart Wee and Emily Png draw inspiration from art forms, culture and collaboration to create the ultimate in interactive dining experiences, the first of its kind in Singapore!

This August, And So Forth returns with their thrilling interactive dining experience, “The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover” in a secret location which is happening till 18 September 2016. You may wish to book your tickets here.

The location is kept secret and will only be revealed on that day of the feast via SMS. You just got to follow the instructions provided and you are on the way there.

Upon arrival, someone will welcome you with a mission kit. Do make reference as it help you better understand the characters.

Your journey begins once you enter the first room, which is a bar. As you can see, the ambience look pretty much like one. You get to see bartender and bar ladies there to keep you entertain, while receiving the instruction to your mission from the agent.

You can choose to purchase a cocktail, wine and beer there as well. 

Next, we are in the cell with our jail costume. This is where the adventure begin where diners get involved in the mission. There are many interaction going on and everyone was amused by Mrs S. We are tasked as a spy to assist in the revenge for Mrs S.

Then, we are in a casino room to be a spy and carry out our mission! 2 of us has a role to play (I shall not reveal any further to keep you in suspense). I enjoyed this room the most because the story flows in accordance to our reaction. It feels like we are starring as one of the cast, anticipating what will happen next.

We are on our way to escape in the plane! As usual, we were pretty much entertained by the cabin crew with jokes and dance moves! 

And yup, a sweet note to our way out! We managed to accomplished it!

The food was alright but it is not the main highlight. It was the refreshing concept, professional acting and decor setting that was memorable and fun!
The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover
Ticket price: $88 per person

Sunday, August 7

[Campaign] 313@Somerset - We Know It’s Too Good To Share

313@Somerset is currently having a Food Festival till 21 August 2016! Download and sign up for the #Tring313 app to enjoy exclusive food deals. Psst.. New users get to enjoy a surprise welcome treat!

The Tring 313 App offers exclusive food deals of up to 50% off with participating tenants such as Bao Today, Duke Bakery, Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, Honey Creme, ISEE iSEE, O’ma Spoon, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, Sumo Salad, TSUJIRI Tea House and many more!

Look what I've got for myself from the app! Oyster mee sua at only $2.50 & ISEE iSEE ice pop at only $3.50! 


Share your photos to WIN shopping vouchers today. Follow @313somerset on Instagram and upload your food photo & hashtag #313Foodie! This contest ends on 21 August 2016.

Saturday, August 6

[Media Invitation] Preview Tasting of the Singapore Food Story with STREET50


Simply named after the address of Bay Hotel Singapore and its street level access, STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar not only celebrates Singapore’s multi-ethnic culture, but brings new meaning to its name through a plethora of local street fare from 9 August 2016. The story of Singapore is rich with flavours, literally, with the early debut of an all-new weekend buffet lunch on National Day itself, boasting comfort foods of yesteryear to perennial local favourites.

The BBQ Station, chef-manned, now lights up STREET 50’s weekend buffet lunch with a sizzling selection of otah, chicken, beef, squid, prawn, corn on the cob including the must-have chicken and mutton satay.

Swing over to the nearby Carving Station and drool at the rare sight of juicy chicken char siew shawarma that glistens tantalisingly as the deftly crafted kebabs takes a ‘local’ spin in the shawarma machine.

Combining the two iconic Rojak in one buffet line, you will get to enjoy the best of both worlds, be it the Exotic Tropical Fruit Rojak featuring the freshest tasting salad of green guava, raw mango, rose apple, starfruit and pineapple tossed with condiments, homemade dressing and grated peanuts or the Indian Rojak comprising fish cake, tempeh, boiled egg, boiled potato, prawn fritters, coconut fritters and plain fritters.

There is the Signature Hot Dishes such as the beef rendang, ayam lemak cili padi, sambal mussels, sugarcane prawn skewers, butter chicken, fish curry which is best paired with basmati rice, garlic naan or plain naan and seafood hong kong noodle that is the staple on all zichar menus. But the limelight will not be stolen from the Signature Laksa Station which never fails to satiate our local cravings. 

Savour local desserts like pulut hitam with coconut cream and assorted nyonya kueh as you take a walk down memory lane with syrup bandung and Teh or Kopi Tarik which have been popular since the early days of Singapore. After all, one of the most powerful ways to tell the Singapore story is through food and culture, and not forgetting free flow of draught beer, wines & juices at the buffet! 

‘SINGAPORE FOOD STORY’ Weekend Buffet Lunch
Every Saturday & Sunday, 12pm to 3pm
(After the special debut on National Day, 9 Aug 2016, 12pm to 3pm)
Adult: $42 ++, Child (6yrs to 12yrs): $20 ++ 
(Children below 6 yrs dine for free with every paying adult, subject to maximum of 2 children per table) 

• Entertainer App ‘1 for 1’ Adult Weekend Buffet Lunch
• ^DBS Credit / Debit Cards 15% off Adult Weekend Buffet Lunch
• ^Free Flow Draught Beer, Wines & Juices @ $28++ per Adult
• ^UOB Dining Treats: ‘1 for 1’ Free Flow Draught Beer, Wines & Juices with Adult Weekend Buffet Lunch purchase

Reservations can be made at 6818 6681.
Open from 6am to 3am daily.
Weekend (Sat & Sun) & National Day Buffet Lunch from 12 to 3pm.

Bay Hotel Singapore (opposite VivoCity)
50 Telok Blangah Road 
Singapore 098828

Monday, August 1

[Media Invite] UNA @ One Rochester for delicioso Spanish creations

UNA (, the Spanish restaurant housed at the iconic One Rochester, opened its doors on 12 April 2014, and has been credited with setting new al fresco dining standards. UNA presents fresh authentic Spanish tapas and parrilla (Spanish for ‘grill’) in a cosy, breezy al fresco garden setting.

Spanish restaurant UNA celebrates its refreshed menu curated by its new Executive Chef – Antonio Oviedo, one of the youngest, and yet also one of the most promising chefs in the Singapore culinary scene. Using only fresh, seasonal 4 ingredients, the team of dedicated chefs led by Executive Chef Antonio Oviedo present Spanish cuisine through contemporary creations; offering real, unpretentious food that is robust, wholesome and full of flavours.

Chef Oviedo’s revamped menu at UNA features several new items with premium ingredients sourced from Singapore and the other regions of Australasia, taking seasonal produce from the different countries into account to achieve maximum freshness, nutritional value and taste. The menu also features exciting Spanish delicacies that can be paired with a drinks list featuring an extensive range of wines and cocktails offered at the restaurant.

 Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes Salad | Creamy Iberico Ham Croquettes
Luvin' the Creamy Iberico Ham Croquettes! It was nicely prepared. Smooth and creamy on the inside, with a crispy layer on the outside.

Spanish Caesar Salad

Gambas Al Ajillo

Fresh tiger prawns sauteed in olive oil, with garlic, chilli and parsley. A pretty decent Spanish tapas dish that was flavourful and pleasing to me.

 Pulpo A La Parrilla Con Papas Arrugadas Y Mojo

Smoky grilled octopus with baby potatoes, coriander and paprika sauce. It was nicely prepared with a rather chewy, crusty and smokey texture. 

Fideua De Calamares 

Squid Ink Spanish Noodles Paella with Crispy Calamari. This is probably the best delicacy for the night!

Pluma Iberica

Grilled Pluma Iberico Pork with Padron Peppers and creamy pumpkin. I adore the tenderness of the meat which goes well with the creamy pumpkin. This is probably my next favourite dish.

Arroz Negro

Squid Ink Paella with fresh cuttlefish, clams and prawns, served with aioli. 

Paella De Chorizo Y Habitas

The Spanish chorizo is perfection and full of taste, with the tender and sweet fava beans adding a hint of sweetness all cooked in rich broth with the subtle flavours and aroma of the saffron.

One of the dessert listed above - Fresh cheese mousse, roasted pumpkin ice cream, quince and walnut! A rather unique dessert combining creamy, full-flavoured fresh cheese and a pumpkin ice cream that is natural and light

UNA @ One Rochester
1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212