Tuesday, August 9

[Media Invite] Andsoforth presents - The Spy, The Thug, His Wife & Her lover

ANDSOFORTH is a nomadic theatre group which creates pop-up theatrical feasts immersed around stories, drama and secrets. Influenced by the underground dining sub-culture in London, founders Stuart Wee and Emily Png draw inspiration from art forms, culture and collaboration to create the ultimate in interactive dining experiences, the first of its kind in Singapore!

This August, And So Forth returns with their thrilling interactive dining experience, “The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover” in a secret location which is happening till 18 September 2016. You may wish to book your tickets here.

The location is kept secret and will only be revealed on that day of the feast via SMS. You just got to follow the instructions provided and you are on the way there.

Upon arrival, someone will welcome you with a mission kit. Do make reference as it help you better understand the characters.

Your journey begins once you enter the first room, which is a bar. As you can see, the ambience look pretty much like one. You get to see bartender and bar ladies there to keep you entertain, while receiving the instruction to your mission from the agent.

You can choose to purchase a cocktail, wine and beer there as well. 

Next, we are in the cell with our jail costume. This is where the adventure begin where diners get involved in the mission. There are many interaction going on and everyone was amused by Mrs S. We are tasked as a spy to assist in the revenge for Mrs S.

Then, we are in a casino room to be a spy and carry out our mission! 2 of us has a role to play (I shall not reveal any further to keep you in suspense). I enjoyed this room the most because the story flows in accordance to our reaction. It feels like we are starring as one of the cast, anticipating what will happen next.

We are on our way to escape in the plane! As usual, we were pretty much entertained by the cabin crew with jokes and dance moves! 

And yup, a sweet note to our way out! We managed to accomplished it!

The food was alright but it is not the main highlight. It was the refreshing concept, professional acting and decor setting that was memorable and fun!
The Spy, The Thug, His Wife and Her Lover
Ticket price: $88 per person