Monday, March 31

- 为你写诗 -

Kenji's lastest album is great! Ever since his 2nd album, his songs did not disappoint me. He composed many lovely songs which are catchy and memorable. I admired his talent loads! I am sure he could make it big one day! Hope to hear more songs compose from him in near future. Nice album!

Wednesday, March 26

- Just some thoughts -

Just shifted to my grandma's place. Would be staying here long term to look after her because she fell down twice at home even with maid around. Could see she felt happy and secured with more people around. However, some of my relatives just think for themselves. They had so many words but not much actions were seen. Some only complained instead of appreciating the things we done. Anyway, I think we made a right decision. Hope with us around, grandma would be better. =)

Friday, March 21

- Workplace -

Have not been updating my blog.
As I've been busy working, working and working.

Meet new faces whenever I was ask to work at different outlets. Initially, I do not really like it because when I got used to that working outlet, they would post me to other outlets where staff were needed. However, after thinking, I thought that it's good because it allows me knowing new friends and learn more new things from different staff. Went to 4 outlets and I adored HG the most as compared to the rest. Their enthu really drive me to put in extra effort in my work. The other outlets were not too bad as well.

There were many politics and I heard some complains about me and I knew that would happen as I was rude to one of my supervisor. At times, I cannot stand her, it seems she love finding faults on me and being favourtisim to one of the new staff. She do not even dare to nag at him and ask me to tell him to be more efficient in his work. That's weird!

Actually, I do not mind about the low pay, running different outlets and long working hours as long they appreciate the effort I put forth. It's not as bad as I get to borrow movies/CDs for free and most importantly, the experience gain could let me find a better job. Working till end of the month. Heard that many staff are quitting due to the low pay. Till then, tata MJ.

A day with nice staff: Biqi, E.C and Pei pei. =)

Whom I get along pretty well: Mulian, Jude Xiao jiahui, Danny, Mei jun, Rico, Siew mei, Jie wen, Da jiahui and Jia wen. =)

Friday, March 14

- Taiwan Idol drama -

Just finished watching Yin Ye 3 + 1 and Dou Niu Yao Bu Yao few days ago. Preferred Yin Ye though Dou Niu has my idol (Hebe).

The story plot and video framing for Yin Ye was way much better. Their acting was natural which enables me to feel touched. Especially Ah Jiang and Xia Tian! Worth watching!

Dou Niu was alright but one could guess the outcome of the show easily. The character that I like was Zi Cong in the beginning of the show, he took really good care of Sheng Xue. As the show goes by, it's rather draggy and I expected more from it. However, I get to learn certain aspects of life through it. Can consider to watch..

Friday, March 7

- Random Entry -

Been working at MJ. By now, I think I get use to the working process. The way things are being done. Run quite a number of places which is something good because I get to work with different people and adapt to different working environment.

Felt that RP system gain allows me to apply to my workplace wisely and bad because I need to remember different sections of CDs were place and the things were kept. Get to experience working with different people which allows me to meet new friends as well.

Oh ya! Sincerely thanks those who voted for me in simply gorgeous. Especially to one of my aunt who kept asking people to vote for me. Currently in 3rd place. Continue voting for me till end of march! =)

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