Monday, February 26

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My Fav Shot!

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Monday, February 19

Chinese New Year!

On New Year Eve, had steamboat for reunion dinner with my family.. It was a good one.. Everyone enjoyed eating and chatting..

Yesterday went to my grandma's house for new year visiting.. It seems more quiet this year compared to previous years. Received quite a number of red packets.. One of the red packets or should I say gold packet was special with ultraman design.. Too bad, my mum has thrown it away else I would post it..

In my mind, I have been thinking that if there is no such occasions, would people bother to gather together as a family or pay visit to relative house? Or maybe I should say that everyday can also be a special occasion whereby everyone gets to gather and pay visit.. It sounds quite contradicting but it's just some of my thoughts..

Today went KbOx with my brother.. He suggested to go k-ing yesterday night.. I was kinda surprised because it was quite sudden.. We sang quite a number of songs.. First time, I get to listened to my brother singing more formally.. I think it was quite ok.. Some songs he seems to be shouting instead of singing.. haha.. Maybe that's his style..

Enjoyed ourselves with the food and singing.. =D

Wednesday, February 14

- E25F outing -

What's on Jackson? haha..

ME & Andy

BenJi, Nat, ME

Yesterday, went seoul garden to have dinner with my classmates.. Meeting area was at city hall control station at about 5pm.. However, I meet Andy earlier at 3pm because he wanted to shop for his clothings near the area there.. Went various shop searching for clothings.. Having lots of choices in his mind, he was blur on what he wants.. James called me and he came to look for us.. Thus, three of us browse clothings together.. Felt that we have different views on clothings.. Finally, they decided buying t-shirt from a store.. Those clothes that I liked do not have my size.. =(

Time passes fast and its time for dinner! Meet the rest at seoul garden about 5 plus.. Everyone was enjoying the food and there was much of laugher with Jackson.. I think he is the one who always liven up the class.. Fizzy also brought her videocam to take video and pictures of us.. Our faci, Julian was together there too.. It's Deshun birthday, we bought a cake and sang a birthday for him...


After which, went to a place that I never been before. Obliged them to the place especially since it was someone birthday.. Get to experience the feeling of the place.. Did not really feel that right but it was still quite acceptable for me.. Sitting there seeing them enjoying themselves.. At the moment, I just felt that I was entertained by them.. I may seems boring and quiet but I am not.. When I went in, I already decided to stay till everyone left..

Everything was alright until I heard some comments which maybe just a joke but I just naturally felt a little upset.. I do not know why too.. Anyway, I felt the natural uncomfortableness being with that small bunch of them or even my relatives.. I would just be so quiet there.. Resulting being said that I am proud which is truly not...

Monday, February 12

- A day outside -

Today was basically the last day of lesson in E25F.. Everyone was slacking playing games without doing much of the work.. My faci treated us pizza.. That's very nice of him!! Can see that everyone enjoyed it! I treasure the time I have with the class.. Tomorrow, there would be a outing with them.. Hope it would be a good one.. :D

Birthday cake!

Birthday gal

Making wish . . .

ME & Birthday gal

WT, Sherman, ling


Designed by Bday gal!

After lesson, went to causeway point with ling and carmen to meet the others for celebrations of carmen's birthday! Alright.. I have to eat pizza once again since they have already planned for it.. It's been quite a while having a good chat with them ( E35D gang) .. Thus, we have spent time talking random topics while waiting for the food... We suprised the birthday girl with a cake after our dinner.. Took some pictures as well.. I believe everyone enjoyed ourselves..

Happy Birthday Carmen!! May all your wishes come true!! =D

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(E35D Carmen's Birthday)

Friday, February 9

Recently. . .

Has been slacking for the last week lessons... Did not put in much effort doing research and completing the assignments because I am in a holiday mood... Holiday is drawing near soon! Hoooray! Kinda happy because I can have a long break yet excited as soon I would be a year 3 student!

Alot of things yet to be completed such as PP, CE and FYP... -_-". Have been chionging for talks and did some planning for my PP... Hopefully, I get to done it during my long break...

Thus far, my daily and UT grades was average.. The best modules would be Java and Web application with a better overall grades..

Getting along pretty well with E25F.. Took a class photo after lesson today as well.. After which, Went to arcade with a small group of them... Funny incident happens which made us laugh and enjoyed ourselves..

Tuesday, February 6

- Self-designed T-shirt -

Lately, it seems that my elder brother has interest in designing his accessories, shirt and even jeans... To the extent, he even suggested to design a t-shirt for me.. He bought a plain t-shirt from Giordano and started designing.. The design was actually one of his past design on a cap.. That is why he manage to get it done quite fast... Simple yet nice.. :D

Saturday, February 3

- Memorial Service -

Attended my cousin memorial service yesterday night.. Get to finish my RJ and other stuff before going back home.. I thought of going there straight but it's quite troublesome taking my lappy there.. It's kinda rush because I have to finish my dinner and get things ready ASAP.. Reached home at about 6.10pm.. Taken my dinner and went straight to newton with mum to meet my bro.. We needed to be there early as we were there to help out..

The service started at about 8pm starting with singing of songs.. After which, it was time for paying tribute giving speech talking about my cousin.. Some of it was quite touching and has kinda touched me.. Then, it was singing of song again.. But.. This time was with a slide show of my cousin pictures.. It was really sad to see her passed away such a young age.. Controlled my tears because I believe she is with the lord... Next, it was the service...

Life is really short, you do not know what would happen to you the next moment.. I am glad that she has enjoy and live life to the fullest before her death..

Thursday, February 1

- CNY Clothes -

Yesterday, went out with Moses and Andy to hunt for new year clothing. Besides that, we do some window shopping as well. This was first outing with E25F gang.. Though it was quite patheic having only 3 person but I thought it was quite a good one..

Meeting place was at Far East Plaza.. However, I meet Andy at orchard MRT control station.. On the way there, we kinda lost.. I have to admit that my direction sense was not that good.. Maybe same to Andy as well.. wahaha.. Anyway, we get to find our way there..

Moses suggested fast food. At that moment, I do not really feel like eating fast food because I have been eating recently.. Kinda get sick of it.. However, it seems that both of them wanted to have fast food for lunch I suppose.. Moses also mention that there is no foodcourt there.. Thus, we have lunch at Burger King..

I enjoyed eating with them.. There's so much talking about their past class incident which was pretty funny.. FYI, they were in the same class in the past.. Moses kept on teasing Andy which made me laugh more...

Next, it was shopping around for clothings.. I hardly find any clothes that attract me.. Decided to go bugis for more clothes hunting.. More variety of clothes were found there.. Saw a shirt which really caught my attention. However, it was quite costly.. Moses mention that its not worth buying a shirt as one do not get to wear it often.. I agree with him and decided not to buy that..

Finally, I decided to buy S & K clothes.. OMG! I think I am so into S & K.. Have been buying clothes from the store.. Andy mentioned that I bought it because of S.H.E.. I was like -_-"...

I am glad that three of us got what we wanted.. Though it was quite tiring shopping from 1plus to 7plus but I enjoyed it.. =D