Saturday, February 27

Did my very first quiz. I must say that layout and format of the quiz was created in a way that you must be able to plan your time very well. You can only do one question at a time and once you save and go on to the next question, you are not able to go back. It means that you die-die must complete the question before going to the next one. The questions are pretty tricky. Almost all can be the correct answers. Seriously, I thought I will flunk. To my surprise, I pass but not a fantastic one.

I seems to have ever-ending assignment due on march! -_-"

Tuesday, February 16

Went to watch this show together with brother and mum yesterday evening. Have to say that the storyline was rather messy yet entertaining. Main reason to watch it because there were many celebrities in it! It's not really a good choice of show to watch in the theater. But, since its new year, watching this type of genre is still quite okay. And little to I expect that Zeng Zhiwei is the director of the show. Overall, its a light-hearted comedy show for old and young.

Stephy Tang was one of the main cast! (:

Humor elements: 3/5
Storyline: 2.5/5

Sunday, February 14

Thursday, February 11

Sunday, February 7

Yesterday, after lesson, went to meet church pals for dinner cum Jon's farewell cum Sathya's belated. However, did not manage to celebrate Sathya birthday because he was sick. Pray that he will recover soon! Dinner was at curry wok! Think the food tasted quite alright but the portion not really enough for all I guess.

After which, we affirm Jon about the values each sees in him. I think I'm not really good at words thus I did not do a good one. To make it up, I want to add on that Jon is a sincere guy who loves God and put others before self. Thank you for being you, your true self! I pray that you will do well in studies, SIM group and continue to shine.


Went for the family service today, it was a interesting topic singles out there. Think its a good guide for me in the near future. Praise God for Pastor Jeff! Making the sermon a interesting yet enlightening one.

Friday, February 5

Alright. Went for 2 lesson in uniSIM, I feel that the learning is very individual. It depends whether you wanna take the extra effort to learn and understand the topic. I realised that most of my classmate were rather passive. Think about it, maybe its the first lesson of each. Have a number of assignments to meet. Hopefully, I could complete in time. Planning and managing of time is the key. Feel that with or without a lecturer do not make a very big difference but in certain extent, it helps. Its the beginning and I believe there's more to come. Pray that I could cope and balance well with family, work, school and friends.