Tuesday, November 30

Things I have won the passed few days:

1. A pair of movie vouchers (Freshgrads.sg)
2. X-mini HAPPY speakers (Youth.sg)
3. A pair of tickets to Celebrate 2011 @The floating platform (MYCA)

Always did like to have a X-mini HAPPY speakers and I won it! Participated a contest in Youth.sg, and was required to think of an interesting anti-drug slogan. Was glad that my slogan was being selected! Praise God!

This is my slogan for it - Choose Life, kNOw Drugs!

Sunday, November 28

My photography on star search event!
Had enjoyable and fun time!
Realize that they are rather fun-loving people especially
while playing games!

Walked around and photo-taking with JW.
Then, treated JW for dinner.

Saturday, November 27

Sometimes its just not worth being the MR nice.

Friday, November 26

Just ended my exam! Felt that the paper was really tough and tested my understanding. What I studied did not came out alot. I do not know how will I fare but I guess it will be pretty bad. :( Not to worry and think so much but just to pray, pray and pray!

Results for my report writing is out! Surprisingly, the marker commented that I did pretty well but I do not see it on my final marks given. Anyway, I am contented with it because I just want to pass my modules and that's enough.. (:

Monday, November 22

These days, there have been updates on Selina accident burnt news. Latest update was that her condition has been on and off. When I watched her in Guess 3, I feel kinda upset for her. She was once healthy and cheerful. Not to forget the hero - yu hao ming who protected Selina! Indeed, we will not know what will happen the next moment. Thus, do not boast.

Think about it, sometimes when we fall or have a small cut, we already grumble and complain. What about them who was burnt and suffer?

Sincerely, pray for their speedy recovery.

Sunday, November 14

My photography at Harvey Norman roadshow!

Kym Ng and Paige Chua! (:

摄影比赛参赛作品 Photo Contest Entries

And yeps. Congrats Hu Wei and Darryl Yong for making it to the star search finals!

Credits: Hu Wei & Darryl photo from xinmsn

Saturday, November 13

Today church service was great! Once again, the sermon discuss really relates to one's heart closely. Seek God's face instead of his hand. We should learn to communicate with God more and not only seek him only when in need. I think its true that we should share not only our troubles but also our happiness. Thank God for loving and accepting who we are. Thus, we should do the same for the others as well. Since our loving God can do it so we should also try to be more and more like him!

Then, went to have dinner at ibis hotel - TASTE Restaurant, the one which I won few months ago. The voucher entitles me to bring 10 guests for the dinner. I invited my family and relative there. At the same time, early birthday celebration for my brother. The food there tasted reasonably well with friendly waiters. Had great time!

Thanks Ibis Hotel for the treat! (:

Friday, November 12

吳克群 絕對不放

Nice song and MV with fantastic lyrics! (:

Monday, November 8

Do you know who this person is?
I guess some of you might have seen/heard of him before?
For radio listeners & online readers, I guess he is not unfamiliar to you.

He is no other than
Elson Soh - 苏奕铨

In year 2008, Elson was one of the participant in "Most kissable guy" and that's when I first saw his photo entry for the contest. Now and then, I would see the votes because I'm one of the participant. And guess what!? He managed to get the alot of votes though his entry was new! That's when I begin and started to notice this guy! And yeps, he was the champion of the most kissable guy!

From his blog, I can see that music is his passion! Not only he sings but also compose his own music. A talented guy who appreciate music alot! In any events/promos, you will see his friendly and cheerful smile! He's willing to take photos with everyone out there!

Here's some pictures for your pleasure:

Here's one of Elson own creation:

Wow! Can't wait to hear more of his songs?
Search "苏奕铨" in youtube for more of his music.

Elson debut album - 我是帅气宅男 is already out for sale!! Do show him your support!

Want to know more about this humble and multi-talented guy?

Visit his twitter: http://twitter.com/elsonsoh

Support Singapore talent!!