Monday, November 8

Do you know who this person is?
I guess some of you might have seen/heard of him before?
For radio listeners & online readers, I guess he is not unfamiliar to you.

He is no other than
Elson Soh - 苏奕铨

In year 2008, Elson was one of the participant in "Most kissable guy" and that's when I first saw his photo entry for the contest. Now and then, I would see the votes because I'm one of the participant. And guess what!? He managed to get the alot of votes though his entry was new! That's when I begin and started to notice this guy! And yeps, he was the champion of the most kissable guy!

From his blog, I can see that music is his passion! Not only he sings but also compose his own music. A talented guy who appreciate music alot! In any events/promos, you will see his friendly and cheerful smile! He's willing to take photos with everyone out there!

Here's some pictures for your pleasure:

Here's one of Elson own creation:

Wow! Can't wait to hear more of his songs?
Search "苏奕铨" in youtube for more of his music.

Elson debut album - 我是帅气宅男 is already out for sale!! Do show him your support!

Want to know more about this humble and multi-talented guy?

Visit his twitter:

Support Singapore talent!!