Wednesday, May 30

Be it good or bad, life goes on. Never ever ponder about it till yesterday. Encounter something good and bad together. Imagine knowing a person passed on yet having a friend birthday drawing near? Had mixed feelings over it. Life still goes on. Treasure the one around you and live life to the fullest! Most importantly, live for yourself not for others!

Tuesday, May 29



Had a dinner gathering with E35D pals last friday! Its been about 2 years since we meet up! We had our dinner at xian de lai. Its a steamboat restaurant where one get to choose either a set meal or buffet.

The ambiance is good and rather cosy. The food there tasted normal. I find that the fish is not really fresh. The service there is kinda bad too. The waiter should have better attitude while attending the customers. The only thing that is unique will be the different sauces they had for the dishes. Each set meal cost $18.80++. I think its rather expensive. Luckily, 2 shared a set so its not so costly.

Missed those days during poly! Had most updates with Wai Tong! One of my closest buddy in E35D. Happy to know that he is going to marry soon! Through this dinner session, we know our likes and dislikes of food as well! Had a great evening! (:

Monday, May 28

Time passes fast, I've been working in CPF for 6 months! Thank God that I have a good supervisor who is approachable and nice. The working environment there was pretty good too. Had good colleagues who is willing to guide me along as well. And yup! I got my confirmation letter today! Pray that I will be able to continue producing good work and at the same time be a salt and light in the company!

Monday, May 21

Hope conference was great! Felt the presence of God while praising and worshipping him. Great sermon which keep me reminded of his love! At the same time to outreach and share the gospel out there! Though the conference ended, our work here is not yet done. Have to persevere and continue this journey to walk with the lord.

And yup! The following are some of my favourite songs sang during the conference! woo!

A picture with the brothers!


Am really touched by his unfailing love! Renewed & Refreshed! Thank God! <3

Wednesday, May 16

Finished watching The Fierce Wife [犀利人妻]! This is yet another great show I will recommend after autumn's concerto [下一站, 幸福]!

I know I'm kinda slow as [犀利人妻] released last year. Decided to watch it since it telecast on TV. Though I did not managed to follow every episode, I find that the story plot is good which educates the viewers to treasure their loved ones and not take it for granted. Both shows are of the same genre which surrounds on family issues. This show is suitable not only the young but old.

I was rather disappointed on the ending because its a guess for the viewers whether Lan Tian Wei & Xie An Zhen are together. Oh well.

Wen Rui Fan Xie An Zhen
Lai Wei En Lan Tian Wei

Kudos to the actors/actresses! I think they did well! Their acting were terrific with their strong emotions expression. I was rather impressed and felt angry, touched at certain scenes! Now I understand why most viewers feel Sonia Sui & James Wen should win the best actor/actress award. Nevertheless, I think Wilber Pan did a good job as well.

I heart the songs too! Nice! The following above showcase the scenes of this amazing drama! Catch it if you have not watch. (:

Ratings: 4/5

Monday, May 14

Spent the whole day with mum on mother's day! Went for lunch at NEX. After which, went to visit my grandmother. Though most of the time she is sleeping, I believe she knows that her close ones
visited her. Then, dinner at Wan Chai HK tea room! Had cereal prawn, beancurd with pork floss & vegether. The food tasted reasonably good! (:

Had a great time with my mom!

God, We thank you for the mothers, biological and fill ins, for their love and support!

Monday, May 7

These are some of my design art-piece that I did recently.




Sunday, May 6

I was invited to panasonic e-symphony bloggers event @ the screening room! The highlights of the event are indicated below.


A brief background:
This mini-event is part of a larger campaign that Panasonic is doing. Through this event, there was a release of an educationally driven game that contributes to an environmental friendly cause.

After the introduction, I get to try creating my own eco tune! However, due to poor connectivity, this became an assignment for us. Anyway, had already submitted my own eco-tune earlier! Am rather satisfied with the tune. Hope to get the judges recognition. oh ya, breakfast was provided. (:

Then, it was lunch!




Am glad that both of Jing's friend - szeki and katelyn attended the event as well. Get to mingle with them and glad to see familiar bloggers there too!




It was my first time to the screening room. The food there was not very tasty but the ambiance was rather classy and cosy. The soup tasted like roti prata curry and the chicken was normal yet salty. The dessert tasted the best! The whip cream blends well with the ice-cream. I think the bloggers would agree with me.

Ambience: 4/5
Food: 2/5
Service: 3/5


Then, we had a trivia session. 2 questions were posed and I got 1 of it correct! Anyway, its just a wild guess. Thus, received one of the card clue to unlock the game content features.


A group photo before heading up for game!



Ecopoly was fun! Had lotsa fun and laughter while playing! Through the game, collected quite a number of game clue cards too!

Want to stand a change to WIN fantastic prizes!? Here is your chance! Create your own eco-tunes, mix and re-mix like a DJ and create your own music your style! Register yourself here: and you are ready to create your very own eco-tunes!

Wondering how the other eco-tunes sounds like? Here are the game clue cards that I have collected which could be useful for you!




Had a wonderful time with the bloggers! Thank you F5DIGITAL & Panasonic for the invitation to the event! Am grateful for the opportunity given to blog for the event and hope this campaign will be a success!

Tuesday, May 1

 Lockout is from the producers of the film "Taken". I enjoyed watching that show in year 2008! Maggie Grace was one of the actress in the show too. I think she grown mature and prettier now. 

I think this is one good fast-paced action film though the plot can be better. Certain scenes are rather humorous which entertain the viewers. Kudos to Guy Pearce & Maggie Grace acting, think they had good chemistry! An entertaining action film!

I like this genre of films! And yup! Looking forward to Taken 2!

Ratings: 3/5


A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espoionage against the US is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president's daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.