Saturday, July 23

[Media Invitation] Miam Miam New Soup & Hot Pan Baked Roll

Miam Miam has expanded its line-up of offerings with the launch of its Hot Pan Baked Rolls. These offerings are the sustenance that will fuel Singaporeans throughout the day! There are three options to choose from: Alaskan King Crab; Sautéed Miso Chicken; and Grilled Shogayaki Pork. The rolls are baked and served piping hot in a hot pan from the oven to your table upon every order. Crispy on the edges and super delicious all around, they are bound to delight local gourmands.

 Alaskan King Crab

A French bread roll stuffed with crab chunks, fresh Australian spinach and king oyster mushrooms. 

 Sautéed Miso Chicken

Boasting Japanese sensibilities, the Sautéed Miso Chicken showcases sautéed chicken breast slices, zucchini and carrots. The miso sauce is flavourful which adds punch to this dish!

Grilled Shogayaki Pork

Equally pleasing is the Grilled Shogayaki Pork, which houses succulent pork fillet, juicy cherry tomatoes and crunchy asparagus. Enlivening all three baked rolls is homemade gratin sauce, which has a creamy consistency. 

 Onsen Egg Mushroom Soup

The Onsen Egg Mushroom Soup is a rich and earthy soup filled with button and shiitake mushroom chunks. An enticing onsen egg of wonderfully smooth texture floats on it. 

 French Chicken Soup

The French Chicken Soup is a bowl of nourishment. Oven-roasted chicken chunks impart a mild smoky flavour. Refried pinto beans are added as well, and they are a great source of protein.

Miam Miam
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Saturday, July 16

[Media Invitation] Steam Box Brings Hong Kong’s hottest food trend “Steam-Potting” to Singapore

Steam Box is a brand-new steam hot pot specialist that is Hong Kong's hottest food trend "SteamPotting". This is a new way of enjoying steamboat in Singapore. Nestled in Serangoon Garden, this restaurant embraces high-speed steaming, a new-edge  dining experience that is loved by many celebrities in Hong Kong. It takes about two to six minutes for a dish to be cooked.

The restaurant uses a high-speed steaming technology to cook a wide array of ingredients, from seafood to meat and dim sum. This sophisticated innovation has cut a swath in the food industry, and is a trusted tool for many top chefs in Hong Kong. The steaming process locks in the natural juices and nutrients of the ingredients, accentuating the final flavour of the dish. Delicate and gratifying, each dish excites with a light yet robust taste.

There are also different condiments for you to mix and match and create your own dipping sauce. This includes Sambal Sauce, Seafood Spicy & Sour  Sauce and Black Pepper Meat Sauce, all of  which are specially prepared by the chefs at Steam Box. 

Similar to a hot pot experience,  all the ingredients are brought to the table raw. They are then freshly steamed - not  boiled - before your eyes using the innovative culinary technique of high-speed steaming. Traditional steamboats tend to leave an unctuous layer of fat and scum after protracted cooking - there is none of that at Steam Box.

Using steam cooking ensures that all the natural juices and nutrients of the ingredients are sealed in. In turn, the dishes boast a light yet robust flavour. With this cooking technique, the restaurant promises a healthy indulgence. The essence and juices of these fresh ingredients are all collected below the steaming plate to cook the accompanying congee, which caps off the hearty meal.

You can also enjoy innovative dim sum dishes that are steamed upon order at your table! Tuck into interesting choices of dim sum dishes such as Chicken Bundle with Yam & Carrot, Pumpkin Crystal Dumpling and Otah Siew Mai. The Creamy Egg Custard Bun,with its luscious molten liquid, is bound to delight.

Steam Box
68 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555964

Sunday, July 10


Miss Liang's car broke down after work in a rainy night. The coffee shop owner helps her and invites her to his shop named Café 6. When he knows Miss Liang has a fight with her boyfriend that is overseas, he shares the story that happened in the summer of 1996. At that time, Guan Min-lü and his good friend Xiao Bo-zhi always hang out together. Min-lü is secretly in love with Li Xin-rui. And Bo-zhi likes Xin-rui's best friend, Cai Xin-yi. They share the shining young days together. However, they need to face reality, can they maintain their friendship after their high school graduation? 

I was invited as a blogger to catch At Cafe 6  《六弄咖啡館》 gala premiere screening.

Personally, I feel that the film had a well-developed story-line. The story flow rather well though its introductory could have been refined. You may see similarities in shows such as Our Times 《我的少女时代》 or Cafe waiting love 等一個人咖啡. However, each had a story to tell.

This show will trigger those good old memories you had during high school as a student. It focused more on these 2 characters - 關閔綠 Guan Min-lü  and 李心蕊 Li Xin-rui about their long distance romance after graduation. The humorous and touching scenes were nicely injected as well.

I could see the effort put forth for the guy to maintain this relationship. It was never easy but He never take it lightly. I was touched by that gesture. As times goes by, people grew to be mature in their thinking and that's how memories fade and feelings change.

There was an unexpected twist towards the finale which was sad. On the other hand, it portrayed what true love is about by fulfilling a dream of his love one.  

Ratings: 3.8 / 5

孫燕姿 : 半句再见

Saturday, July 2

[Media Invite] Froth reopens at Ascott Raffles Place with new menu

Nestled in Ascott Raffles Place Singapore, Froth promises originality and delights customers with its array of interesting dishes. Chef Derrick Ow helms the modern Asian fusion concept kitchen, and he brings to the table a playful flair. Expect bold and imaginative pairings of ingredients that come together for a winning taste.  

The newly revamped Froth is now nestled in Ascott Raffles Place Singapore. Just a stone’s throw away from Raffles Place MRT station, the 140-seater restaurant exudes a minimalist vibe and opts for the dichotomy of black and white as its colour scheme.

With a penchant for using unconventional culinary techniques, the chef  playfully imbues western classics with a local flair. The eclectic menu will feature both brand-new dishes as well as all-time favourites.

 Hot & Cold Foie Gras 

The  hot:  Irresistible  pan-seared  foie  gras is perched on toasted butter brioche with pomegranate  and truffle honey apple reduction. Then, savour the cold: Cut through the chilled foie gras to find a liquid centre of apple and kiwi puree. Crushed sable, crunchy celery and Granny Smith slaw add to its textures.

Lobster Jelly 

Chilled  lobster chunks are housed in a wobbly tomato jelly made from scratch. Marinated vine cherry tomatoes, edible flowers and cresses impart flavours to the dish as well. Finally, wasabi and ginger powder lend Japanese sensibilities, and recall the traditional maki. They are not stingy on the lobster chunks!

Five Spice Wagyu Patty Burger 

Think the traditional ngoh hiang, but with a wagyu twist.The patty is wrapped in crispy beancurd skin and then deep fried. Completing the towering burger are baby arugula, tomatoes and soft brioche burger buns.

SioBak Aglio

Homemade slow roasted tender pork belly with delightfully crisp crackling is the perfect combination with bak-gua inspired honey pork bacon. It’s served alongside with chilli linguine, which kicks up a notch in flavor throughout the entire dish.

Seafood Tom Yum Risotto

Seafood lovers must not miss this comforting mainstay. Grilled tiger prawns, flower clams and squid  all swim in a fragrant and velvety risotto that boasts spicy and tangy notes. 

Ponzu Soya Cod 

This features a cod fillet cooked using the sous vide technique. The fish is placed in a 45-degree-Celsius water bath for 50 minutes, and then paired with ponzu and sesame soya  glaze. The skin
is then charred to achieve a crispy crackling. Wasabi edamame puree, smoked mash, baby peaches and bok choy round out the dish. My favourite dish of the night!

French Toast Waffle 

These waffles are first half-cooked in the waffle iron, then coated with in-house  French  toast batter,  and  deep  fried to  perfection. Drizzled with condensed milk and topped off with cereal flakes and a scoop of gourmet ice-cream, this is no doubt the best way to cap off a wonderful dining experience at Froth. 

Taro Waffle

Who can resist such a good and fluffy waffle? The taro is thick yet not overly sweet!

No. 2 Finlayson Green
Ascott Raffles Place
Singapore 049247