Thursday, March 31

Wow! Action, Suspense and Thriller I like!

Thanks GV for the tickets!

Cant wait to catch the part 2 of this show!

Ratings: 3/5

Wednesday, March 30

Just feel that the promoting of this drama was rather over-rated.

I mean this is such a good drama and I do not
see the point doing that.

Anyway, got many positive response and many
love this drama loads.

One great drama! Nice storyline!
Great acting ability from various artistes.
Kudos to Jesseca Liu, Thomas Ong and Christopher Lee.

‎Secrets For Sale 拍。卖 赞!

For those who missed this drama, you can either watch it via xinmsn
or the repeat telecast from 9 April every sat & sun - 5pm - 7pm.

Highly recommended! (:

Ratings: 3.5/5

Tuesday, March 29

Was happy that SK, Yan Shan and Shuxin came to service last week!

They actually initiated to come for service! (:

Glad to get positive response from them!!

Pray that God will continue to speak to them, soften their hearts!

After which, went to a jap restaurant to celebrate David's bday! (:

Have lots of fun and laughter!!

Was not prepared at all but still I join in the fun!!

Enjoyed the company!

Sunday, March 27

Went Underwater world Singapore! (:

Get to know more about Joe at the same time!

Amazing time with LG!

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