Thursday, March 24

Share your ideas with either photos or even videos (not more than 1 min) that captures the essence of the story: "That should have been a post it Super Sticky Note!"

There will only be one winner for each category submission:
1) Video submission: $500 cash
2) Photo submission: $300 cash

Remember to garner votes from your friends because
the most 'like' for each category will be the winners!

Lack of ideas?
Do not know where and how to get started?
Worry not!?

Here's an example for you:

Required more ideas?

Check the other examples and entries uploaded from other participants at

It's just that simple to start submitting your entry for this contest.

1) 'LIKE' Post-it Singapore
2) Click on the Super Sticky tab on the left navigation
3) Click on the submit now to submit your entry
4) Garner as many votes as you can!

For more information on the contest, terms and conditions:

That's not all! You can also get a mystery gift if you are able to spot these on the trains.

What are you waiting for?

Start searching and capturing your way for cash! (: