Saturday, March 5

Wooohooo!! I was selected and invited as one of the U blogger to cover Secrets For Sale private screening yesterday evening!! How cool was that!?

The event was held at carlton hotel!!!
Drinks were served before the screening! (:

Wow! Secrets For Sale poster with Christopher Lee &
Jesseca Liu signature in it! (:

Lee teng interviewing the talent behind the camera to
know more about this cool drama!

Jesseca Liu and Christopher Lee telling us their roles and thoughts
about the Secrets For Sale!

See Christopher Lee funny moves while he tell us about
his drama experience!

Lee Teng, the host!

Alright!! Then, it was the Secrets For Sale screening time!!

Secrets For Sale Launch 1

As a whole, I feel that this drama was great! It was rather fast-pace, mysterious and certain scenes were humorous! It is a private investigator series which uses camera to find evidence for various cases! Fantastic acting from the 2 lead artistes!! I think they did a good job in their individual roles!!

Seriously, I pondered why the first episode of this drama ended so fast!? Seems that I am engaged and too focus while watching it. Wow!! Can't wait to catch the following episode to know what will happen next?!

Overall, I think this drama is cool which make use of camera as one of the gadget in the entire series! Nice!! I am sure to continue and follow up this entire series!! (:

Secrets For Sale Teaser 1

Remember to catch Secrets For Sales 14 March (Monday) 10pm on Channel U!!

And wait a minute, the event was not over yet!!!

Artistes enjoying their time on the stage! (:

Then, It was picture-taking time!!! Wow!!! Pretty Jesseca Liu!!! (:

Had a great and enjoyable evening!!

Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening
and drama a successful one!

Thank you CH U for giving me the opportunity to be one of the U
blogger to cover secrets for sale!!!

Hope there will be another one in near future!! Cheers! (: