Tuesday, March 31

- Just being random -

Finally, it's done!
Submitted my unisim application at last.
Now, it's time to chill and wait for the result.
Hopefully, can get in!

The Clue Collector and Invincible Shan Bao Mei .
Next 2 taiwan dramas to watch!
Ep1 of The Clue Collector is great! =D

Sunday, March 29

- Live It Up Without Lighting Up
T-shirt Contest -

Like my design?
Vote for me. =D

Friday, March 27

- Just another day -

Work as usual.
Nothing much to say nither to complain.
PNS cum store cum logs cum HMP cum registry.
Maybe there's more cum to come.
I really learnt alot! =)

Reached home.
Rushed on my Uni application.

Out to meet Bernard.
Nearly was a wasted trip but lucky its not!
One of my closer friend in poly.
Great chill out session with him. =D

Wednesday, March 25

- Miss No Good -

Finally, finished watching this tw idol drama.
A great show I must say.
Great casts with fantasic acting!
The storyline is just right.
Though it's kinda dragging at the back.
Wilber Pan & Raine Yang acting is good!
2 thumbs up!

Watch it!
I highly recommend you to watch! =D

- Campus Superstar 2009
Caught on cam contest -

click to view close-up

Yeah!! Won another contest! Woohooo!!

The center picture was the one I took!

Peeps out there should know

I love photography!!

Thus, went there to snap pictures. =D

The theme was I support campus superstar singing roadshow!

View my other submission here:


It's at page 2 =D

Monday, March 23

- Faceof2009 -

Happen to come across this website.
T & C only states 10 finalists will be selected for fashion finale.
Thus, Join it for fun.
However, was shock to received 2 emails regarding auditions.
I never attend either one.
Thinking that I will not be in the lists.
After few days, I saw my picture up in the list.

Vote for me if you think I deserve it.
M14. =D

Since I nvr go for the audits. I guess I will not have the chance. =)

Sunday, March 22

- A day @ ECP -

Spent the noon with NS church pals.

Though I'm new but felt welcomed. =)

Ice-Breaking session was kinda fun!

You really get to break the ICE!!

Imagine that. LOL!

After which, chit-chatting cum eating session!

Took pictures today! View @ my photography session

Initially, my cam working perfectly fine

BUT. . .

It turns out weird shortly.

Resulting not taking candid shots of peeps. =(

Hope it retain as usual after resting.

ELSE . . .

Have to make my way to the service centre.

Friendly company I met once again. =D

Saturday, March 21

- Updates -


Went to watch -Coming Soon- with church pals.
The show is great and "powderful" I must say.
Great twist and storyline there.
The after effect makes you realised the impact of horror.
Like horror films? try this!!


Work as usual, nothing special.
Window shopping @ funan IT mall with working pal.=D
Met up with primary school pal for dinner.
Rather disappointing one.
At least we met up. Something to make me feel better.


Went to see FIONA XIE!!
HOT!! :p
After which, to buy my lenovo!!

Tomorrow will be meeting my church pals again. =D
Hopefully, will have the time to update!!

Saturday, March 14

- Another Fine Day -

Met up with Brandon to watch this fantastic dance performance held by his church service. Before that, there were singing of songs which made the place get pretty warmed up. I never felt that relaxed and peace within me. The preach presented was good as well. It relates to the society we living at this era. Most wants to be the BEST in everything despite there's a limit in one's ability. Learning to be contented and living life fullest will certainly makes your day!

Nice and friendly company I met. =)
- Da mouth
campus concert -

Yeah!! Came back from Da mouth campus concert!!
Watch it with Gary.
Initially, was excited about it
- can take pictures.
However, was damn upset as
photo taking is not allowed.
WTF!! I still took short videos la.
Despite being warned like 2 times. Hiz.

Talking something good now. . .
The performance was damn great!
Nice dance moves and songs!!
I think they got the potential!

Ai Sa = sexy!! Weewee!! =p

After which, makan and talk cock with buddy. =)

Dirty tables we seated.
Slow/poor service with only 1 person at food counter.
Poor organizer with my name spelled wrongly. -_-"
And worst no photo taking!!! =(
What a campus right?! haha.

Tuesday, March 10

告诉我 - 唐禹哲










Sunday, March 8

- Another Fine Day -

Yesterday, spent my afternoon singing
with my KBOX kaki.
After so many k-ing session,
I realised . . .
Live singing is not easy.
Not only using your diaphragm
but to take note of the pitch
to balance it out.
If not, it sounds like shouting, neglecting
the feeling one has to put forth.
Not to forget, it has to be key up/down
to suit your voice range.

After which, went for my cousin wedding.
As expected, the food served is always the same.
Though rarely meet up, I still do feel happy for him.

To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.

Pictures will be up soon.
- Dinner @ Sakura -

Went sakura for dinner on friday evening after work!
After months, we met up again.
Crapping . Laughter. =p
There were many varieties.
To the extent, chef will cooked and food served to you.
Though tasted so-so.

Great ambiance and company! :)

More pictures @ my facebook album!!