Friday, May 30

- A Day Out -

Headed out to meet Ah Wei at airport as he suggested going there. The place was pretty cold. Went different terminals walking around and taking pictures. He was influenced by me. I kept on taking pictures. That's my interest! The pictures I took appear not really nice due to my hp quality. Thinking of buying a digital camera when I saved up more cash. After which, we went to tampines shop, eat and play. =)

View the pics I took at:
- Nicholas Teo's Concert Contest -

WoooHooo! Received a sms from incinemas indicating that I won tickets for his concert tomorrow! I just answer one simple question for it. Was happy and excited because I never been to a concert before. Could say that I was lucky because only 5 pairs to be won. Already looking forward for his live singing and dancing! =D

Thanks incinemas and scorpio east production for the tickets!

Thursday, May 29

- Friendship -

I wonder and ponder.
Is there forever friends?
How do one actually define friendship?
Is it someone you can get along with or make use of?

For me, I feel that it depends on the relationship within them; how close and the feeling being with them.

I remembered those wonderful days with my 3 primary buddies. The times I had in secondary, being together with close friends and try making more friends. Think I made quite a number of friends in secondary. RP friends where we work together in team and solve different problems everyday.

Think close friends will sure make use of one another and at the same time shower care and concern. However, human tend to be jealous thus friends may hurt you in one or another way or not being so helpful to you.

Those days were memorable. But now, we seldom contact already. Usually, I was the one who initiated the outing for cyber scholars and primary buddies? Kinda tired doing that for the time-being.

Sunday, May 25


To all beloved friends. If you receive a call with long numbers, such as +62852731520946, in red, do not pick it up, as there is currently a group of Indonesian students, who are also black magic practitioners, testing their power via handphones.

Whoever answers the call will start to foam in the mouth and die shortly afterwards. In Indonesia, there are already nine deaths,and last night, two more died in Puchong. These incidents happened.


Police advised the public to ignore a Short Messaging Service (SMS) text involving a so-called group of black magic followers from Indonesia trying their witchcraft through the telecommunication network.

The text told people not to pick up their mobile phone if the colour of the caller number flashing on the phone was in red, claiming the black magic followers were trying their ilmu (knowledge) through phone. It also claimed that if people answered the call they would die.

Please pass this message around!

Saturday, May 24

- Random entry -

Weather has been pretty hot lately. Most likely it is the cause of global warming. Getting slight headaches almost every day. Seems that I am addicted looking and joining online contests recently. If those that interest me, I would just take part for fun! Hoping to win something as well. Think I took part in quite a number of contests already. There's actually quite alot of online contests out there. Will not post it here since I do not know what interest you. Go google around and have fun! :p

Grandma put on weight which make her look better however her diabetics went up due to her eating diet. For her own good, it's best to control her diet but whenever she ask for food, I tend to let her eat some. Since she's already old.

God create human with different looks, features, character, thoughts, strengths and weaknesses. Thus, be happy who you are. That's uniquely you!

Thursday, May 22

- Singapore Red Cross China Earthquake Appeal -

Hi! Please do your part!

If you would like to contribute to relief efforts in China, you can make your donations through the following:

1) Walk-in cash/cheque donations
Singapore Red Cross, 15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486.
Collection hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9:30am-5:45pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am-5:00pm

2) Cheque donations
Cheque to be made payable to the “Singapore Red Cross Society”.
Please indicate at the back of the cheque name of donor/organisation (if applicable), mailing address and contact numbers and “Red Cross China Earthquake”
Cheques should then be sent to Singapore Red Cross, 15 Penang Lane, Singapore 238486. Once the cheque/s are received, an official non-tax deductible receipt will be issued.

3) UOB
Members of the public can donate via the Bank’s banking channels, i.e. the cheque drops, internet banking and donation tins.
Since the tragedy on 13 May, the SRC has been monitoring the situation closely with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC).

For more information on the SRC and the IFRC’s relief assistance, the public may log on to or call the SRC at 6334-9152/53

Spread the love!

Credits to Qi YuWu for the info.

Wednesday, May 21

- Just another day -

Morning was pretty noisy as renovations were going on above our level. Weather was also hot like shit causing me having slight headache. Nevertheless, still went out with sun as he wanted me to accompany him collect pay. In the end, he collected it himself because I was there late. Walk around and chatted randomly. He wanted to buy clothes for his relative birthday thus we headed to bugis street. No clothes attracted him thus we went to grab something to eat. Think we may catch a movie next week. Hope this time round he can ask huan along as well. Hiz. All going NS soon.

Sunday, May 18

- A Day Out -

Went K-ing with Jiewei today. As usual, I got high while singing some of the songs. However, Jiewei was quite upset when he cannot hit the note of the songs he chosen. Thus, he said I was the only one who was singing when I ask him to sing along with me. I mean he cannot blame me if he do not know alot of songs and cannot sing that well. I feel that the most important is the company and process. Anyway, who do not wish to be good and perfect in everything? If i am in his shoe, I might think this way too?

Settle our dinner at Xing Wang HK cafe. The best food will be the french toast. I think most went there it. The other stuff were normal to me. Then, went walking around funan mall browsing the IT gadgets.

Friday, May 16

- 林俊傑: 愛與希望 (512 四川大地震 公益歌曲) -

大地被摇晃著 天空突然黑了

我的心也被震碎了 下一秒瓦解了

泪堆积成了河 但明天是好的

我们要坚定著 爱 让我们不放弃活著

还要继续和大自然拔河 当爱与希望

投射炙热的太阳 昨日泪光

会随时间都蒸发 别轻易放弃

明天要许更多愿望 装满了勇气

就更有力量 当爱与希望

倒映暖暖的月亮 再回头望

又是筑好的家乡 我知道未来还有好多路要闯

我打开了窗 看见了晴朗

A song where JJ Lin sing for the recent earthquake at Sichuan, China. The lyrics are meaningful and touching. Glad to know that many singers willing to fork out money to help out. My favourite singers, Elva Hsiao donated quite a big sum. S.H.E and the others donated too. Cyclone Nargis hits Myanmar was another disaster which cause deaths and missing people as well. Where will the major disaster strike next? Hopefully not! World peace.

Is this the sign of the second coming of christ (End of the World)?

Tuesday, May 13

- Singapore Blog Awards -

Nominate your favourite blogs now!

If you are blogger yourself, you can register directly as a nominee!

I registered for it already.

What are you waiting for?

Closing date: 1/6/08 8/6/08

Sunday, May 11

- 我的守护天使 -

Will be in one of the episode for this show. This is a real person story where my brother and I will be acting in it. My brother will be more of the leading cast whereas I will be the supporting one. My brother acts as the main character of the guy while I act as his brother. Obviously, my brother has more scenes than me. It will be shown on ch U.

The experience was quite fun. And guess what, I acted as a blind person. I find it quite challenging though not many scenes. As usual, just do not like the waiting time. Today was still okay. Sometimes, the waiting time can be pretty long.

Ate Subway for dinner, first time eating that, and it tasted so-so and not filling for me. Get to chat to my bro about army stuff. Know alot of issues as I bomb lotsa questions regarding it. Realised that I get to learn certain issues when I am out with my brother.

Thursday, May 8

- Simply Gorgeous Results -

The results out!
Did not managed to be either the winner or the runner-up.
Not really la. LoL!
At least I was the top 12 finalists! Something to be proud about. =)
Kind of expected since I told them honestly that
I never use their simple product.
And they asked?
So why do you join the contest without using simple product?
In my heart, I ponder. The rules did not state
that only users of simple can join what.
But this was how I answered
I joined to challenge myself!
Any ya! Even if I get to be the winner, I will not have the
chance to use their products. (Maybe trying using it?)
I think the 4 winners claim to have use their product
in order to have better chances of winning.
I bet some claim to use their product was a lie.

The prizes I am walking away will be:
1 Simple hamper (retail value worth $100)
4 Movie Passes
1 $20 Shopping Voucher

The top 12 finalists will receive the prizes stated above. =)

I just wanted to be myself thus I did not give perfect answers at all!
(If you guys know what I meant)

Tuesday, May 6

- Second Coming Of Christ -

Anyone heard of it?
Get to do research and read more information about it.
As a christian, I know that it will be soon.
Many well-known people made predictions on the year, date and time.
However, only God the Father knows when it will be.
Knowing that, many christians are still being hatred, jealously, selfish
and boastful towards others. Human nature
causes one to react naturally this way.
Thus, this do not only applies to christianity.
How nice if life can be more simple and carefree without any obstacles.
Think about it?
Without obstacles face, do one really get to learn and gain something from it?

"No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." "Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with the hand mill; one will be taken and the other left." "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come." (Matthew 24:36, 40 & 42)

Thursday, May 1

- 原來我不帥 -

From the look at it, you can tell that this taiwan idol drama is funny and lame. For me, I feel that it was more towards LAME! The story and plot was not up to my expectation. Certain scenes were draggy. At least, the story did not go out of track. Xiao Zhuang was very 'chi qing' and 'fu chu' alot for Cindy. At last, she was touched by what he done for her. One will easily know who, each character will ended up with, however, they were able to produce the love within one another.

Though appearance is important but inner beauty within a person makes one likeable and popular among others.