Sunday, May 11

- 我的守护天使 -

Will be in one of the episode for this show. This is a real person story where my brother and I will be acting in it. My brother will be more of the leading cast whereas I will be the supporting one. My brother acts as the main character of the guy while I act as his brother. Obviously, my brother has more scenes than me. It will be shown on ch U.

The experience was quite fun. And guess what, I acted as a blind person. I find it quite challenging though not many scenes. As usual, just do not like the waiting time. Today was still okay. Sometimes, the waiting time can be pretty long.

Ate Subway for dinner, first time eating that, and it tasted so-so and not filling for me. Get to chat to my bro about army stuff. Know alot of issues as I bomb lotsa questions regarding it. Realised that I get to learn certain issues when I am out with my brother.