Tuesday, December 30

With the help of favourite and new characters, security guard Larry Daley travels to London to unlock the true secret that brings the museum to life. It’s a thrilling race against time to restore the tablet’s power, before it’s gone forever.

Watched Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb with Jiewei earlier on. Personally, the story was simple and light-hearted though it could have been more refined. This film somewhat reminded me of Toy Story. Nice seeing familiar faces with the addition of new characters; that certainly make this film more appealing. 

I felt that the effort put forth for the humour element was average. Honestly, some appeared rather lame to me. However, I still do have a good laugh at certain scenes. While watching, it also educated me the importance of teamwork and kinship.

Though the finale lack certain substance, I felt that its magical adventure and historical background was nicely injected. Though a show suitable for the old and young, it will certainly appeal more to a teenager.

Ratings: 3.3/5

An out of luck writer, Sun Zhen (Ella Chen) accidentally discovered a recluse famous writer who died at home. At first, she used his identity and finished his book for money. But as she continued her presence, she becomes addicted to the money, fame, power and most importantly, respect and worship her new identity brings. She is unable to pull herself out.

When she realizes none of it actually belongs to her, she starts to destroy the reputation of the writer. But as she deliberately writes poorly, her books surprisingly sold more.

Just completed watching 謊言遊戲. Honestly, this Taiwan drama reminded me of the american series - The Lying game. Coincidentally, Both drama are based on novels, carrying same English title. 

Personally, I felt that the plot was decent and quite refreshing. The initial episode of this series was interesting and well crafted. In each episode, I got to see how the characters lie, for their own advantages. When a lie occurs, there will sure be more to hide and cover. With that, it kept me in good suspense what could happen to each character that was affected. 

As the story continues, it appear slightly draggy but it was still watchable. Many hidden truth began to piece up even when the lying game continues. The emotions put forth was awesome too. Even for the finale, the lying mechanism was nicely injected. As usual, for this genre of drama, the ending was left open-ended for the audience.

Ratings: 3.55/5

Saturday, December 27

McDonald’s is organising its first breakfast pyjama party tomorrow and offering complimentary breakfast options from 12pm to 5pm at Bishan Park McDonald’s. This party previews McDonald’s All Day Breakfast, which will take place from 1 to 4 January 2015 to bring New Year joy to McDonald’s breakfast-lovers.

At the breakfast pyjama party, customers will be treated to delicious breakfast options in the comfort of customised bedroom areas themed after some of the all-time favourite McDonald’s breakfast items. To join the party, customers simply have to:

1. Snap a selfie or wefie in pyjamas and upload it on Instagram with the hashtag #McDPJPARTY.

2. Come dressed in pyjamas and show your Instagram photo to receive a breakfast coupon at the event entrance on 28 December from 12pm to 5 pm.

Please be advised that breakfast coupons will be given out to the first 200 customers who fulfill the entry conditions. Free breakfast meals can only be redeemed at the event and are not for valid for takeaway.

To help customers dress in theme for the party, complimentary sleep accessories will be provided.

Participants can also choose to make donations to Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) Singapore at the event to bring love and support to seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families. All proceeds will go to the charity’s initiatives including its “home-away-from-home” programme in which families with children who are hospitalised can stay close together.

All Day Breakfasts is available from 1 to 4 January 2015 till 5pm for all breakfast-lovers. You can purchase your favourite breakfast set - Hotcakes Meal, Hotcakes with Sausage Meal and Breakfast Deluxe Meal over the four days at McDonald’s restaurants in Singapore.

Please do take note that All Day Breakfast is available in all restaurants except Nanyang Polytechnic, Lido, Clifford Centre, KK Hospital, Tampines Kiosk, Singapore Science Centre, National University of Singapore and Singapore Polytechnic 2.

McDonald’s will also be creating its first All Day Sunrise video. Celebrate new beginnings as we welcome 2015 with the All Day Sunrise at getupandgo.sg

Thursday, December 25

Got this red yeast pork bento at Taiwan Railway Bento 湾铁路便当 for lunch few months ago. Personally, I thought that the meat was tender and well-marinated; tasted not too flavourful for my taste bud. The preserved vegetables texture was crunchy, soft yet not too wet. However, the beancurd and egg were kinda dry that loses its flavour.   

I have to agree that the they put effort in the packaging as it was appealing. One factor that would draw the attention of crowd. 

International Plaza 
10 Anson Road 
Singapore 079904 

Opens Weekdays Only (Close on PH)
11am - 3pm
(65) 6220 0017

Saturday, December 20

Chock Full of Beans with Trois back then. The beverages we ordered - Iced Rose Latte, Rose Latte and Ice Caramel Macchiato. 

The drink I ordered was Rose Latte. Honestly, I thought it tasted pretty good. It was quite unique and classic on its own. The rose flavour was not too strong and goes rather well with the coffee. I could smell the rose fragrance while sipping my coffee. The other beverages tasted pretty good as well.

I requested for a Tigger latte art in my cuppa rose latte and they managed to do a pretty decent! Many patronizer visited this cafe because they are able to produce decent latte arts and coffee!

I heard their food was pretty tasty as well! Shall try out if I have the chance! (:

Blk 4 Changi village road 
Singapore 500004

Saturday, December 13

Pie Face Media Tasting at Bugis Village

Australia’s Pie Face has finally arrived in Singapore! It is the largest pie chain from Australia with about 75 stores across the country. Established in 2003, this Sydney-based bakery café is best known for baking its warm and delicious pies from scratch. Encased within the flaky crust are different types of freshly prepared fillings created by the chain’s chief pie baker – Mr Francois Galland.

Other than the usual favorites such as Chunky Steak Pie and Chicken & Mushroom Pie, you will be amongst the first to enjoy a sneak preview of its first-ever flavors launched exclusively at the Singapore store – Chicken & Peppercorn pie and Creamy Vegetables pie. Other sweet offerings include their signature mini lemon pie and mini butterscotch pie are the must-trys too.


Was invited to a media tasting: Pie Face Media Tasting at Bugis Village yesterday evening! The restaurant have good ambiance with warm lighting. A good hangout place to have your coffee and pastries with loved ones.

Before my review on the pastries, I shall first share about the Hot cappuccino I ordered. It tasted quite good. It was milky, smooth and tasted neither too bitter or acidic for me.

Then, the pies arrived! As you can see, different cute emoticons are printed on each pie; the emoticon actually represented different flavours. You may wish to know that these savoury pies come in both regular and mini sizes. 

The flavours Pie Face offer for regular sizes are: Chunky Steak, Chicken + Mushroom, Chicken + Peppercorn, Thai Green Curry Chicken and Tandoori Vegetable. The mentioned flavours are also available in mini pies but it has 3 additional flavours: Steak + Peppercorn, Chili Chicken + Corn and creamy vegetable. 

I thought the texture of the pasties was nicely done. The crust was crispy and quite flaky. The amount of filling inserted was rather generous as well. My personal favourite flavours are: Thai Green Curry Chicken and Chicken + Mushroom. I thought that some pies tasted slightly flavourful for me. Nevertheless, each has its own classic taste that cater to different individual. 

For additional $2, you can add the gravy mashed and peas to your pie! And yup, I felt that the idea was creative and indeed it tasted pretty awesome! 

Here comes the Chicken + Cheese Sausage, Chicken sausage roll, Almond and Cheese Stick! My personal favourites are: Cheese Stick and Chicken + Cheese Sausage! 

The Chicken + Cheese Sausage goes well with the good texture crust. However, the texture of the sausage could have been slightly better. The Cheese Stick tasted pretty good! It was crispy, flaky and the cheese was not too strong for my taste bud. One of the best I have indulge. 

Next, the sweet desserts! Mini Pecan Pie, Butterscotch pie, Lemon Pie, Chocolate Pie, Raspberry pie, Apple crumble pie, Green Tea w Red Bean Pie, Coffee Mousse Pie, Chocolate Mousse cake, Banana Bread and Carrot Cake!

My personal favourites are: Raspberry pie, Coffee Mousse Pie, Chocolate Mousse cake and Banana Bread! The others tasted reasonably tasty too. As it was freshly made, it certainly depends on your individual flavour preferences to decide your favourite ones.

Great to see familiar faces (bloggers) there! Nice to mingle and make new friends too. Grateful for this opportunity to be invited for this media tasting. Thanks Jaslyn Low & Pie Face Singapore for the host and invitation! (;

245 Victoria Street
Singapore 188034
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm daily

Thursday, December 11

Had this lemongrass curry brown rice set at Suntec City - Loving Hut with my church pals way some time ago. Please take note that they have shifted to Joo Chiat. 

Personally, I like the curry as it was thick yet not too flavourful for my taste bud. It blended well with the good texture mock meat as well. It could have been better if more chunks were provided to satisfy a person meal. Nevertheless, a decent and healthy dish to indulge as brown rice was served. 

Loving Hut
229 Joo Chiat Road #01-01
Open daily : 11am – 2.30pm | 5.30pm – 9.30pm
Tel: 6348 6318

Sunday, December 7


Watched 《幸福快遞》Love Transplantation earlier this afternoon. Both my favourite celebrities - Genie Chuo and Enson Chang are the leading cast thus I decided to catch this film. Been looking forward to this show since the released in year 2013. Finally I watched it online!

Personally, I felt that the plot was simple and heart-warming. A fast-pace film that requires my observation in order to catch the entire plot. The flow could have been better with its stitching from scenes to scenes. In this romance show, I could see many emotions being put forth that portrayed the value and importance of kinship. Also, it injected certain humour elements which lighten this heavy hearted show a little. 

Overall, a decent and touching romance film to catch!

Ratings: 3.15/5

卓文萱 - 期待,愛

Ending with this movie theme song which was closely related to this film! 

Saturday, December 6



Finished reading 打噴嚏 A Choo novel by 九把刀. Previously, I read cafe waiting love 等一个人咖啡 and I thought it was pretty good! Thus, decided to read this book written by the same author.

Personally, I felt that this novel was rather interesting and heart-warming. The story plot was simple and classic on its own. It revolved only a few characters; each has its own ambition and all worked equally hard to achieve them. 

The main characters are 義智,心心, 建漢 and 可洛. The most aspiring character will be 義智. As his love life may not appear positive, He still carry on with his dreams and persevere on. It depict how He yearn to be a hero to win a girl's heart. While reading, many boxing choreography were introduced about its practice and strategies. I thought it was refreshing with imagination only through words. 

An unexpected ending as I did not expect this to happen 義智. However, I thought the love He has given to 心心 will always be greatly appreciated by her.

A good romance fiction story that revolved about superhero and its power. It most likely will appeal to guys as it involved boxing and superheros. Am looking forward watching this film soon! Hope it will be screened in Singapore!

Ratings: 3.85/5

Wednesday, December 3

Trying out Nene Chicken and it turned out pretty good for me. The battered chicken was crispy yet not too crunchy. If you prefer a more crunchier texture, this may appeal lesser to you. The curly fries was nicely fried with good texture. Only thing to take note, you cannot choose your desire chicken parts as it is fixed to a set meal. 

Nene Chicken
Bedok Mall